Gift ideas for the New Year for a child 7-8 years old


Each New Year brings a flurry of positive emotions, softening even callous hearts. During this magical interval, people give gifts to loved ones and children. If guessing with a gift for friends and relatives does not cause difficulties, then the question of what to give to children puts parents in a stupor. After all, he wants every toy or device, so the circle of gifts expands, and it becomes harder to get to the point.

Guessing the gift

In a period of 7-8 years, the preferences and hobbies of a young talent change monthly, if not more often. First, he likes technology, and after watching a cartoon with dozens of characters, he wants a toy collection. Therefore, the main task of parents is to find his secret desire. There are three effective ways:

  1. An effective method is to write a letter to Santa Claus. In 70% of cases, a girl or boy will indicate a cherished dream and then the parents will delight their child by fulfilling the desire and preserving the magical atmosphere.
  2. Go to the store and observe the selection. Children love toys, because they are bright, attractive and unique. Therefore, if the first method turned out to be too expensive to fulfill the desire (for example, if it is a complex device), then a trip to the store will play a decisive role. Adults need to carefully study the choice of the child, since there are many items in the store that he will like, but few that will make him happy. More often this is understood by the way he behaves with them. If 90% of toys are not deprived of attention, then they will spend the rest of the time in the store with the coveted item. This method is used by some people and, as they say, for them it is the main beacon in the labyrinth of desires.
  3. Ask. It is easy, only then a young lady or a gentleman will know in advance what he or she will be given. However, if you combine the 3 methods, you get a gift from Santa Claus specified in the letter, as well as from a loving mom and dad.

By following these methods, adults will make their dreams come true without any problems and will not only present another toy, but also preserve the New Year's magic.

Mistakes when choosing a gift

Some parents give their children themed gifts with the image of zodiac characters, but this option is suitable as an addition, so it is not recommended to do it in the main.

Buying a present according to the principle "grow up - it will come in handy" is an unsuccessful idea, it is better to focus on current desires, gender, age characteristics. Because a gift bought for the future often speaks of the ignorance of the parents of their own son or daughter. Of course, after buying a guitar or synthesizer, it will have a positive effect on your creativity in the future. However, what if this tendency manifests itself only at this age, and later you like sports or astronomy, then these tools will lie on the shelf waiting for their hour, which will not come.

A common mistake of parents is to postpone the purchase indefinitely, and then it turns out that the desired gift is no longer there or is completely forgotten in the pre-holiday bustle. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a gift a maximum of 2-3 weeks before the New Year, even earlier is encouraged. Then parents will make their life easier and will be able to prepare for the upcoming holiday 100%.

Gift Ideas


In this gift, the main thing is to correctly assess the temperament of your little helper. On the forums, parents told about cases when, after receiving a surprise, the boy opened the package, played for a couple of minutes, and then went on to play pirates or superheroes.

The construction set is suitable for phlegmatic children who like to sit and disassemble or assemble figures of houses, helicopters, etc. They will like such a present, they will realize their creative needs with desires. Parents should also not stand aside, but help or together construct a device or room drawn in the picture. So they can not only spend time, but remember their childhood and strengthen their relationship.

When working with a constructor, children develop mathematical abilities. This was proven by a group of researchers in 1998, after which the scientist Julia Bullard conducted a similar experiment and confirmed the result. Russian scientists also did not stand still, in 2016 they conducted their own experiment, where, after the introduction of constructors in kindergarten, children became more sociable, and constructive skills improved by 12%, and these are only the results of half an hour of working with a constructor in 13 lessons.

Also, playing with constructors develops logic and independence, these two skills are useful both in school and in adulthood. Therefore, if a boy or girl is thoughtfully assembling a constructor, do not rush to scold him for becoming uncommunicative, on the contrary, adaptation in a new environment will occur faster than among peers.

Gift sets constructors


The company has taken a separate niche in the market for construction toys, children love to collect beautiful places or build space rockets, and LEGO provides them with the parts they need for this.

Construction set LEGO CITI

Kits from this company help develop creativity and communication skills. The latter develop when playing together, it doesn't even matter who it will be: a parent or peers.

Classic iron constructors

It happens that the boy is not impressed by LEGO sets, but he prefers iron construction sets. There is nothing negative in this either, when designing a car or a ship, his logical abilities increase, especially if the assembly is not carried out according to the instructions, but according to the picture.

Metallic construction set

Wooden constructors

If LEGO and metal sets will interest only children, then wooden constructors will grab the attention of even an adult. With the help of this set, parents will take a separate place in the child's life and will become not only mom and dad, but his mentors and assistants. Because nothing unites like a joint solution to a complex problem.

Wooden constructor

Board games

Some adults consider board games to be an original alternative to new gadgets. As the results show, they are right.

80% of parents complain that their children spend 4-8 hours on the phone or computer. Caring people try to protect their child from this and offer to read a book or go for a walk. As a rule, under the pressure of an adult, the child is forced to obey the instruction, otherwise other measures of influence will be taken. On this side, I feel sorry for the children, of course, the harm caused by the computer monitor cannot be disputed, but adults do not always offer the right options. If the youngster leaves to read or go for a walk, the parent will be happy and will continue to watch TV, the duty is over, the assistant is safe.However, instead of watching TV, adults may suggest spending time in a board game, which is more beneficial than the same walk. That's why:

  • Playing together brings family members together;
  • Self-esteem from winning games rises;
  • At every holiday, a boy who has a board game will show his organizational skills during games with his peers;
  • Board games make children sociable.

Also, the young leader learns to control his emotions when defeated and feel confident when winning, which will help him in some aspects of adult life.

It is not necessary to buy complex board games; even light games have a beneficial effect on children. He develops not only imagination, imaginative thinking, but also quick wits, attention. As a rule, after a few games, he begins to take an interest in previously unloved school subjects. Mathematics now looks not like an evil queen of sciences, but like a riddle, the solution of which requires maximum concentration. Science "Natural Science" is no longer a boring subject, but a journey into the unknown. In addition, some parents practice memorizing foreign words through board games and are more often satisfied with the results.

Children develop logical thinking, they learn to look ahead at 3-6 moves, and also to look for only benefit from the results obtained. Board games help a young fidget to become a purposeful person, not to get hung up on his mistakes, but only go forward. The main thing is that the game takes place in a pleasant environment, where there is support, love, understanding.

Examples of board games


In these games, parents will teach their children how to handle money and interact with people by buying or selling stocks. Mathematical abilities are developed, since there are monetary transactions.


Chess, checkers

With the help of strategic games, a young lady or a boy begins to think out of the ordinary and think over every step and its consequences. An adult should treat with understanding, and after an unsuccessful move, ask why he did exactly that and, after explaining, show another way of developing events. Then spatial thinking will begin to develop.


Maze games

This category will help children find a way out where there is none. Make the right moves and anticipate the steps of the players. Communication skills and creative thinking are also developed.

Board maze game

The gifts described above are suitable for children of both genders, so if the parent does not know what to give, then a constructor or board games are an appropriate option. Only on condition that the adult does not leave his assistant alone with the gift, but will help to deal with the rules and nuances.

New Year gifts for boys


The first toy of this category appeared in Germany at the beginning of the 19th century, and after a while it became a bestseller among the population. However, the kits were intended for collecting among adults, children were not recommended to play them.

Later, railway games appeared in the USSR and were produced for 15 years. Every pioneer in the courtyard dreamed of "Coal" or "Veterka".

According to parents' observation, the railway has become a popular gift for the holidays. After all, everyone wants to try himself as a driver and be responsible for the safety of passengers.

Brio Wooden Railroad

If parents are worried about the health of their son and do not trust plastic fakes from China, then buying a railway set made of wood will satisfy their needs.

The products are manufactured in Sweden, where only those trees that have passed safety verification tests are selected at the production stage.

Brio Wooden Railroad

The paint that covers the parts is non-toxic, so the young researcher will not be poisoned by malignant fumes. In order for the wagons to stand firmly on the surface, the fastening occurs due to magnets, even when making a sharp turn, the train will be intact.

The movement of trains is due to an electric motor, but sets without it are also provided.


On a par with the railroad, some parents buy racing car tracks as a gift.

Hotwills Track

Boys love to learn aerial and underwater engineering, but their main focus is on racing cars. Therefore, buying an auto track will make your child a famous racer who will conquer one peak after another, not forgetting to thank the parents for the gift in their interviews.

Radio Controlled Toys

The little pilot will be happy when he unpacks the box and sees a radio-controlled quadrocopter or a Monster helicopter. Boring gatherings at home will quickly bore him, then he will spend time on the street, playing with his peers.

Radio-controlled helicopter

Also, the boy will be able not only to control the toy, but to show leadership skills by organizing air races between friends.

Toy walkie-talkies

For those adults whose children play war games on the street, a toy walkie-talkie will be an irreplaceable gift. Since they always have dozens of plastic weapons, but only a few have working radios. Therefore, having presented it, the boy will be happy, because the games will take on a new shade and become more fun.

Toy radio

There are hundreds of themed walkie-talkies on the market, some of which depict comic book heroes to make your son feel like an unusual person. Another part of the market offers original walkie-talkies, watches that fit comfortably on the wrist, are resistant to light shocks with scratches, which makes them an indispensable means of detecting an enemy.

New Year gifts for girls


Every girl loves to play with dolls, of course, everything changes with age, but between 7-8 years old, they still build a relationship between Ken and Barbie. If original toys cost over a thousand rubles and not every adult sees a prospect in this, then by donating collectible dolls from Disney cartoons, the girl will be at her best with happiness.

The market offers dozens of princesses, starting with the well-known Cinderella and her shoes, ending with the brave and brave Merida from the cartoon "Brave".

Doll animator

In the case when the child has a full box of dolls, then it is worth thinking about purchasing a house, where each character over a cup of tea will tell his secrets and share interesting observations with his daughter. Also, adults can buy accessories and new dresses to decorate the main characters.

Creative sets

Nothing adorns a parent like a unique bracelet made by his own daughter. Therefore, if the girl is not fond of dolls, then it is worth giving her a set for creating beautiful jewelry. So, she can not only create bracelets for herself and her parents, but also make original jewelry for her favorite characters. In addition, her creativity will develop and in the future she will become a popular designer.

Bracelet set


Besides dolls and making accessories, every girl loves to sing songs by popular artists. Therefore, having presented her with a wireless karaoke microphone, she will be able to perform tracks with a new voice, wherever she is. The device is completely autonomous and operates on battery power. Songs are synchronized via bluetooth or memory card.

Children's karaoke


Girls love not only to sing, but to dress beautifully and sleep with stuffed toys. Therefore, there will be no limit to her surprise when she is presented with a soft toy that turns into a bright jacket. At first she will think that this is magic, but when a person makes a toy back out of the jacket and repeats it, she will thank him 3000 times and go to play.

Sweatshirt-transformer for girls


The ideas presented above can help a person make a choice, but they are not a guide. The tastes of each child cannot be guessed, because someone will be happy with a set of Lego, and for someone it is not enough. Also, it was not mentioned in the article, but in order to dilute the expectation of a gift, parents can lead an Advent calendar with their children.If you have more original ideas or have a gift described in the article, share your opinion in the comments.


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