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Such tackle as a net is actively used either during professional fishing on an industrial scale, or by poachers. Casting networks are a small exception to the generally accepted rule. Catching underwater inhabitants with its help in most cases is classified as a sport type of fishing. This is due to the fact that the casting net, in comparison with ordinary tackle of this type, does not provide for a stationary installation on a pond. Also, it does not need to be moved around the reservoir using a boat or other floating means.

Fishing with such gear is done manually. In addition, their use provides for an active, constant search for places where fish accumulate. It should be noted that the use of such gear requires constant activity and movement across the reservoir, so they will not leave indifferent any angler. The editors of the site "" have prepared for your attention, taking into account the advice and recommendations of the overwhelming number of users, a rating of some of the best new products, high-quality popular models of casting networks for 2020.

Tackle description

Fishing with casting nets, often called parachutes or capes, is a traditional fishing method in countries located in Asia and South America. This method of catching fish is not widespread and widespread among domestic fishermen. Recently, however, due to its high catchability and ease of use, this tackle is gaining more and more popularity.

How to use and cast

The use of capes is a very laborious and also a very painstaking process. However, with great diligence and desire to master the technique of casting such a rig, almost every user will be able to. The technique for fishing with such a tackle is as follows:

  • A fisherman, using a special technique, winds the net around his hand, and then throws it into a predetermined place on the reservoir.
  • After the throw, the parachute fully unfolds, thereby covering a certain area in the water area.
  • After full immersion to the bottom of the loaded part of the rig, it forms a dome.
  • After a successful cast, after a couple of seconds, the fisherman sharply pulls the rope, which is tied at the base of the rig. This tightens the hinge and closes the dome.
  • After the dome is closed, the fish that was in the casting area gets into the bag and cannot get out of it. At the final stage, the cape rises from the reservoir to the surface and the catch is removed from it.

What are they? Casting nets are divided into 2 types, differing from each other in both design features and application technique, fishing method.Such equipment is of American (American) and Spanish (Spanish) types.

Overview of American type tooling

Casting nets of the American type, or as they are also called - American women, are a round tackle, along the outer edges of which a cord made of nylon is threaded. Special weights made of lead are additionally attached to the cord. In the central part of the circle, a special hole is made, equipped with a ring.

The central ring is connected to the outer circle using special slings. In the upper part, the slings go through the hole itself and are attached to the surface of the ring. Thanks to a special swivel, the ring attaches to the traction cord. This line is used to throw the rig into the water, as well as to pull it ashore. There are 2 varieties of American women, which differ in the size of the rings (with large and small).

When fishing for tackle, the traction rope, with the help of the installed slings, begins to pull the lace equipped with a load to the center. Due to this, the parachute is tightly tightened, and a dense, impenetrable bag is formed in its center, which does not allow prey to get out of the gear.

Using the American woman with a big ring

American-style casting nets are equipped with large rings (also called "Frisbees"). As a rule, such tackle is completed with rings consisting of 3 rows. In addition, rigs equipped with one large double ring are often found.

It is worth noting that American women, in comparison with other gear of this class, are much more convenient to use. It is easier to throw them into the water, as well as pull them to the surface. During casting, they will not open ahead of time, and their lines, with active use and fishing, will not get tangled, which greatly simplifies the fishing process.

Small Ring American Style Casting Nets

American women, which are equipped with small rings, vaguely resemble Spanish-style capes in their design. When pulling such a rig ashore, the ring gradually tightens the parachute and tightly presses it to the rope. It should be noted that such a cape is usually used in reservoirs with difficult fishing conditions.

The American, equipped with small rings, unlike other types of tackle, is suitable for fishing even in strong gusts of wind. Selecting an American-style cape equipped with small rings, first of all, should take into account the growth indicators of the angler who will use it. The selection criteria for such gear are as follows:

  • If the height of the angler is less than 145 cm, then it is recommended to select tackle, the diameter of which does not exceed 3 meters.
  • Users who are up to 170 cm in height should select such equipment with a diameter of up to 3.5 m.
  • For people whose height exceeds the 180 cm mark, rigs of any diameter are suitable.

Description of Spanish type casting networks

By design, Spanish women have some differences compared to American women. The design features of the Spanish woman include criteria such as:

  • lack of slings;
  • traction cord attached to the center;
  • the sinkers are located at a short distance from the edges.

Due to such differences in design, during casting into the water, the Spaniard does not behave like an American-type casting net. During its fishing and pulling ashore, the sinkers begin to gather in the central part. Thanks to this, all the outlets of the fish caught in the pocket formed along its perimeter during the casting into the water are blocked.

Manufacturing material

In the manufacture of casting gear, materials such as fishing line and nylon thread are used. It is worth noting that these materials have long proven themselves in the fishing industry on the positive side, but they have some differences. For example, if you plan to use a small cape in a dirty or cluttered pond, then in this case it is better to buy a rig made of strong nylon threads.

For fishing in clean waters, it is recommended to buy products made with a light line. In addition, the line, in contrast to the nylon, has the best tensile strength.

When buying large-diameter nets made of nylon, you need to take into account the fact that such equipment becomes heavier when wet, since its mass increases significantly, as a result of which it will be much more difficult to re-cast into the water. That is why you need to know that the products, in the manufacture of which the fishing line was used, are much easier than the equipment made of nylon. For the same reason, a cape made from fishing line, even after it gets wet, is easier and easier to re-throw into the water over a long distance.

Main selection criteria

When buying a casting network, first of all, it is recommended to pay attention to the indicator of the thickness of the thread from which its canvas is made. This is due to the fact that the rig, made from a thin thread, better retains the prey during fishing.

Before buying such gear, you must familiarize yourself with such parameters as the size and sinking capacity of the material from which they are made. It is the sinking ability of the parachute that determines the indicator of its catchability. It is determined by the following criteria:

  • Cell size indicator.
  • The total weight of the rig.
  • Line diameter indicator.

The weight of the tackle directly depends on the sinkers, in the manufacture of which, as a rule, lead is used. For 1 sq. m. of canvas accounts for 1.5 kg of sinkers. When choosing a material, you should also take into account that the fishing line, unlike nylon thread, sinks faster and does not absorb moisture. However, a cape made of nylon becomes harder after the first cast, so when it is cast again, it sinks to the bottom faster than gear made of fishing line.

It will be difficult for beginner anglers who have no experience in using casting nets to use blades with a large diameter, so inexperienced users are advised to purchase blades that do not exceed 1.5 m. less depth at the intended fishing location.

Best Casting Networks for 2020

Most novice anglers ask themselves the question: "Which model of casting net is better?" No one will be able to give an unequivocal answer to such a question. The fact is that such equipment is selected depending on the purposes of its use, as well as taking into account the conditions of the reservoir.

To catch live bait, it is recommended to buy a rig with cells, the size of which does not exceed 1 cm. For fishing at sea, you should purchase an American equipped with a small ring. This is due to the fact that the Frisbee is not suitable for fishing in strong gusts of wind, which often happen at sea. To determine which tackle is better - American or Spanish - you should study their features in more detail. The advantages of an American woman are:

  • ease of operation (it is easier to throw it into the reservoir);
  • good performance indicators;
  • high indicators of strength and reliability.

The main advantage of the Spanish flu is that it can be used even in waters with difficult terrain. Such a tackle is often used in reservoirs with a heavily littered, overgrown bottom, because the Spaniard, unlike the American, is not prone to the so-called. hooks.

In the domestic market, gear from the middle price category of Russian and American production is very popular. Also, inexpensive Chinese-made models are in high demand among consumers, which are slightly inferior in quality to their American counterparts, but, at the same time, are much cheaper.

Where can I buy? You can buy such tackle, which is perfect for both beginners and experienced fishermen, in specialized online stores, for example, on AliExpress.

Rating of the most inexpensive models

KIPPIK (American type), nylon

This is an inexpensive Russian-made tooling, in the manufacture of which nylon (29x6-28 mm) was used.The bottom pick is equipped with a durable polypropylene double cord. Each lead weight is hand-stitched so it does not get tangled in the cells when thrown into the water.

The cell size of this model is 20 mm. The line is equipped with a double one-piece carabiner, thanks to which the possibility of breaks and loss of tackle during its casting is practically excluded. Additionally, the net is equipped with a one-piece Frisbee ring that does not expand when thrown into the water. After getting wet, the nylon becomes heavier, so the tackle sinks faster after a second cast, which ensures a good catch.

casting network KIPPIK


  • low price (the average cost is 900 rubles);
  • made of high quality nylon;
  • ease of use (product diameter is only 1.2 m).


  • not suitable for catching fry, live bait;
  • after the first cast, the nylon thread gets wet and becomes heavy (for a second cast, you need to apply great physical strength).

American from thread "The best catch of fish"

This model is made of durable nylon. It is perfect for both beginners and professional anglers. The network is equipped with hardwired weights. The diameter of the product is 4.2 m, and its height is 2.1 m. This parachute model allows you to quickly cover the water area of ​​up to 4 meters without the use of great physical force. The bag is tightened quickly and at the highest possible level using straps.

Thanks to the use of high quality nylon threads, this tackle is able to withstand fish weighing about 30 kg. It is suitable for catching predatory fish. The lines are equipped with a strong line with a thickness of 0.5 mm. The presence of a small ring does not allow the tackle to open up in the air when it is thrown into the water, since the lines in its structure are evenly distributed. This model is suitable for fishing, both from the shore of the reservoir and from a boat.

casting net American from thread "The best catch of fish


  • low cost (1600 rubles);
  • ease of use;
  • good strength indicators;
  • the presence of a wired load;
  • easy to throw into the water from a boat;
  • can be used in strong winds.


  • after getting wet it becomes heavy (problematic to pull out);
  • not suitable for fishing live bait.

Spanish type casting network (IM40)

This is a reliable rig, in the manufacture of which a strong white line, 0.35 mm thick, is used. Additionally, it is equipped with pockets and metal weights, which ensure its quick immersion under water after casting. The height of this tackle is 2.5 meters, and the diameter is 4 m. The mesh size of this model is 20 mm, which is quite enough for catching fish of medium and large size. The package also includes cords. The total weight of the product is 3 kg.

Spanish type casting net (IM40)


  • affordable price (1980 rubles);
  • light weight;
  • allows you to make long casts;
  • rich equipment;
  • good strength indicators.


  • the size of the cell does not allow the use of tackle for catching small fish (live bait);
  • At first, it will be difficult for a beginner to make long casts, since this model is not equipped with a ring (if casted incorrectly, it opens in the air).

Review of popular models of the middle price segment

FindFish Original Tackle

It is a robust set with a small ring. Additionally, the net is equipped with special weights and has a convenient design. This model takes up little space when folded, so it is easy to transport it over long distances in a car.

This net can be made both from a fishing line, the diameter of which is 0.3 mm, and from nylon, covered with a special impregnation, with a diameter of 0.535 mm. The fishing line is suitable for fishing on small lakes, as well as rivers where there is no strong current. A product made of nylon has the best indicators of tear resistance, therefore it is preferable to use it on reservoirs with a root bottom.

The mesh size of this tackle is 12 mm. The model is equipped with a cord with a diameter of 8 mm. The cord is equipped with weights, which are located at a distance of 15 cm from each other. The total weight is 2.5 kg. The diameter of the aluminum ring is 30 cm. The diameter of the tackle is 3.6 m. The design provides for a wide cuff that allows you to fix the cord on your hand.

FindFish Original Casting Network


  • thoughtful design;
  • good equipment;
  • suitable for catching fry and larger fish;
  • compact size;
  • light weight.


  • high cost (average price 2490 rubles);
  • problematic to cast in strong winds.

KALUGA D4.4 m (American)

The canvas of this tackle of a popular domestic manufacturer is made of nylon thread, 0.5 mm thick. The mesh size is 20 mm. The net is equipped with a "Frisbee" made of plastic with a diameter of 48 cm. For the manufacture of slings for this product, a strong polymer line with a diameter of 0.8-1.0 mm was used. The total diameter of this model is 4.4 m. The length of the lifting cord is 10 m.

Thanks to the large ring, the KALUGA D4.4 m can be thrown into the pond quickly and effortlessly, even while in the boat in a seated position. The net is perfect for catching medium and large fish in lakes, as well as rivers with a weak current and a bottom covered with snags or sharp stones.

Casting network KALUGA D4.4 m


  • high quality workmanship;
  • low cost (2250 rubles);
  • the possibility of casting from a boat;
  • suitable for reservoirs with difficult fishing conditions.


  • after the first cast, the nylon gets wet and the tackle becomes difficult to cast again;
  • not suitable for fishing live bait.

Kippik (American, line, no ring)

An easy-to-use product that can be used to fish immediately after unpacking. A strong fishing line was used to make the canvas. The mesh size is 16 mm, the web diameter is 0.3 mm. The cord is made of high quality polypropylene. The area of ​​the dome when it is opened is 5.4 m.

This model is suitable for fishing medium-sized fish from the waterfront. It is recommended to use in those areas of lakes or rivers, at the bottom of which there are no driftwood or sharp stones. It is lightweight and can be easily thrown into the section of the reservoir marked in advance by the fisherman.

Casting Network Kippik American


  • compactness (light weight);
  • convenient to operate;
  • high quality materials.


  • high price (2,400 rubles);
  • suitable for fishing in waters with a clean bottom without snags and sharp stones.

An overview of the very best premium models

Fishtex (Cast Net) American type

One of the most popular tackle, according to anglers, which is in demand among buyers. Carries out its work on the so-called. the principle of a jellyfish - during the throwing into the water, the parachute opens, and as it dives, it begins to form a dome. During the ascent to land with the help of the lower lines, the lower cord is pulled up, after which the bowl of the dome is completely closed and does not allow the fish to get out of it.

Only high quality materials are used for the manufacture of this model. American Fishtex (Cast Net) is made of 0.28 mm line. It is additionally equipped with 110 weights. The weight of one load is 26 g. The diameter of this rig is 4.8 m. The mesh size is 20 mm.

American Casting Fishtex (Cast Net)


  • high quality product;
  • good strength indicators;
  • suitable for professional fishing;
  • does not require special skills;
  • easy to cast;
  • suitable for catching carp;
  • you can play big fish.


  • high cost (4500 rubles);
  • not suitable for catching small fish.

American D-3.6 m

A peculiarity of models of this type is that they are equipped with special veins, which are capable of tightening it while lifting the rig, thereby forming a closed dome or bag. For its manufacture, a high-quality nylon thread with a diameter of 0.66 mm was used.

Thanks to this, it can be used on reservoirs, the bottom of which is dotted with snags or sharp stones.The size of the parachute meshes is 8 mm, so the net can be used both for catching live bait and for catching larger fish. The total weight of the product is 3.1 kg. The model is equipped with a throwable polyethylene cord (diameter - 7 mm), as well as a special weighting cord (diameter - 5 mm), with weights (the weight of one sinker is 26 grams).

casting network American D-3.6 m


  • high quality;
  • excellent strength indicators;
  • suitable for any reservoirs with difficult fishing conditions;
  • can be used to catch fish of different sizes, including live bait;
  • easy to cast.


  • high price (5600 rubles);
  • some users point to the heavy weight of the product.

Casting Network Comparison Chart

Name, descriptionCell size (mm)Manufacturing materialPrice (in rubles)
KIPPIK (American type)20nylon900
American woman with a small thread ring "Best Catch of Fish"20nylon1600
Spanish type casting network (IM40)20line (0.35)1980
FindFish Original12depending on the model: fishing line (0.3 mm) or nylon (0.535 mm)2490
KALUGA D4.4 m20nylon thread2250
Kippik16line (0.3)2400
Fishtex (Cast Net) American type20line (0.28)4500
American D-3.6 m8nylon thread (0.66 mm)5600

To use casting nets, the user does not need to take a special permit or admission, however, the use of such equipment requires the fisherman to strictly comply with special regulations for catching various objects in water bodies. When choosing casting nets, it is recommended to pay attention to the material from which they are made, as well as indicators of their sinking ability. If in your everyday life you use the equipment presented in our rating, or use other products, please share your experience and opinion in the comments.


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