Best kayaks for outdoor activities in 2020


The arrival of summer for a certain category of people is consonant with a vacation. Rapid working days slow down the movement and the long-awaited rest comes. At this time, they often try something new and try to recharge themselves with positive and energy for the next year to the maximum. The popularity of outdoor activities, including kayaking, is growing every day. This is facilitated by a surge of positive emotions during classes and physical support. It is also spectacular and popular.

General information about kayaking

Kayaking is one of the types of outdoor activities. Classes will allow you to forget about your problems for a while, throw off the accumulated negative and get the maximum charge of positive emotions. Being at one with nature has a beneficial effect on overall health. Kayaking is a trip on a special open water boat of the same name. Classes can be single or group. Contrary to common misconception, it is not necessary to choose extreme descents along mountain rivers. Measured walks and hiking trips along the calm waters of rivers, lakes and seas are allowed.

Activity gives unforgettable emotions and impressions that cannot be obtained by running or cycling. The water element has a beneficial effect on humans.

Suitable for people with any background. A measured walking pace will be of interest to those who have not been seriously involved in sports before, and experienced ones will be able to arrange high-speed swimming. This will give the body aerobic exercise, burn excess weight and make it more enduring.

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of kayaking. The practitioners experience an increase in overall emotional mood, they become resilient and more flexible. Professionals point out that kayaking:

  • assistant in losing weight and increasing stamina;
  • builds core muscles: most are mistaken, believing that only arms are involved in rowing, a low level of load is carried out on almost all muscles of the body, muscles of the press, back and legs are actively involved in the exercises;
  • forms the press, trains the buttocks and lower back: rowing is accompanied by the movement of the paddle from one side to the other, for this the entire torso is involved;
  • stress resistance increases: walks in nature, combined with the peaceful murmur of water and fresh air, will help to throw off all the accumulated negativity and achieve peace of mind;
  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases: a gradual increase in the pace will force the heart muscle to contract more actively and thereby train it, it is important to gradually increase the load, the effect can be compared to a treadmill or a bicycle, contemplation of the mesmerizing landscape will serve as an additional argument for starting classes;
  • Impact on mental health: exercise promotes the release of endorphins, while increasing self-esteem, confidence and mood, those who exercise regularly are less susceptible to the negative effects of depression and bad mood;
  • moral satisfaction: rowing gives an opportunity to contemplate the natural beauty, not burdened by people, it is good to observe the habits of birds and animals on a kayak, engaging with the whole family helps to strengthen bonds between parents and children;
  • a positive effect on overall health, sports normalizes blood pressure and stabilizes the heart, cholesterol levels return to normal, blood sugar levels are regulated and overall endurance increases;
  • for losing weight: engaging in physical activity helps burn calories in large quantities. A long walk will burn up to 100 calories.

What are they?

It is impossible to imagine practicing this sport without its main attribute, namely a kayak. And here a person has a choice: to enroll in a section of the corresponding direction and study in a group with the provided equipment, or to purchase for personal use. Both solutions have positive and negative sides. Busy working people cannot afford to participate in the section, since in most cases they simply do not have enough time. In such cases, the priority is to purchase a personal kayak. The solution will allow you to rest your body and soul in nature at a convenient time.

The purchase should be approached intelligently and carefully prepared. The first thing to understand is what the future acquisition is.

A modern kayak is a boat with a length of 2.7 to 5 meters and a width of 50 to 80 cm.

Allocate 1-, 2- and, in rare cases, 3-seater. Made from polyethylene, carbon fiber and composite materials. The history of the creation of the kayak is associated with the Arctic peoples of the Eskimos and Aleuts. They covered a wooden or bone frame with skins of animals killed in a hunt (among the Aleuts it was called a kayak).

The rower's place is covered with a special apron. It prevents water from penetrating inside even during overturns, such a constructive solution increases the safety of movement. Gives the rower the opportunity to perform an Eskimo coup (the boat is leveled from an inverted state).

Depending on the type of construction, there are:

  • Non-collapsible. A hard plastic case is a characteristic feature. They are made of ABS and fiberglass, polyethylene, carbon fiber. They have a closed housing. The best driving performance and can accommodate the largest amount of gear. Equipped with a sealed luggage compartment for easy storage. High wear resistance and durability contributed to gaining trust among fans of movement on the water surface. The kayaks have high thermal insulation qualities. If desired, hikes are allowed even in the Arctic latitudes. Small dents can be easily removed by high heat. If the case was damaged during the cold season, this place should be heated with a hairdryer or doused with hot water. Rowing involves all muscle groups. Five-point body-to-vessel contact conveys the inertia of the entire body. In other words, not only hand force is involved for movement, but also the back and legs. In a non-collapsible boat, it is easier to enter sharp turns and make an Eskimo coup. Market leader.
  • Frame (collapsible). A waterproof synthetic material is stretched over the metal frame. This design decision influenced the rigidity of the vessel. The disadvantage is clearly visible when, under the influence of various factors, the skin sags. A backlash is noticeable at the joints. As a result, the amorphous body reduces handling and speed. The assembly does not take much time and is available to everyone. The main advantage of the design is convenient transportation. Most kayakers from the CIS countries use frame boats, as it is convenient to move with them.
  • Inflatable. In many ways they are similar to conventional PVC boats, but longer and narrower. They can carry a lot of cargo and practically do not sink. Convenient for transportation when lowered. Of the shortcomings, a small stiffness is noted on the rower's seat.As a result, the bow and stern are lifted up and driving performance is reduced. Inflatable kayaks are easily blown away by the wind. Any impulse can change course. The vessel is unstable to physical damage.

Depending on the type of landing of the rower, there are:

  • Sit-in. The classic solution. The athlete is located inside the boat up to half of the body, legs under the deck;
  • Sit-On-Top. A modern alternative. The main feature is the placement on the body, and the legs are outside above the deck. In this regard, it has a completely different body design. It is similar in appearance to a sealed capsule and is equipped with a drain valve and a luggage hatch. The cockpit is represented by a recess in the deck. Characteristic features: a high level of safety and almost zero chances of sinking. The preferred area of ​​use is calm rivers, bodies of water and seas with calm waves. the best solution for a beginner.

What kayaks are there depending on the destination?

  1. Voluminous for long journeys. They are immersed in water for a small part. The length of the vessel reaches 4 m. In this regard, athletes also call them linear, since they easily keep a straight course along the river. The volume of the boat reaches 300 - 400 liters. They are focused on long expeditions, during which everything you need to carry with you. Such kayaks give beginners confidence in their abilities, since due to their design features it is almost impossible to knock him off course. Despite this, one should be extremely careful, overcoming river rapids without overkil is a risky undertaking, and excessive self-confidence will become a source of problems.
  2. General use. Most popular class. The volume is 250 - 300 liters, the length is 330 cm and the width is 60 cm. A kayak with such data easily enters turns of varying difficulty, and the lowered deck ensures a comfortable stay. Obedient and sensitive to the slightest change in course, the boat contributes to the development of the technique of rafting along fast mountain rivers. It will help experienced athletes hone their skills and take the first steps for beginners.
  3. For freestyle. The length ranges from 300 to 340 cm, they have a standard rounded side in the middle bow. The nose is usually voluminous, with a curved deck aft. In terms of running characteristics, they are similar to the general-purpose class. The differences lie in good maneuverability, lower speed, show themselves well on shafts and barrels.
  4. Extreme. The technique of passing difficult obstacles has undergone significant changes. In this regard, a fundamentally different type of vessel was developed. The novelty received a length of 370 cm and a volume of 300 - 400 liters and a trimmed stern with a bow.
  5. Squirting bots. Used exclusively for performing tricks. They are flat in cross section and have a sharp edge. Due to the constructive solution, the athlete was able to sink either end of the boat. The competent use of currents, shafts and virtuoso bodywork allows the professional to perform unimaginable tricks. Squirting bots don't forgive mistakes. Not suitable for beginners with strong currents.
  6. The shortest. The smallest length among all (220 cm). The volume of the vessel reaches 220 liters. Boats with a full line, blunt rounded bow and stern. The short length makes cornering easier. It is easy to practice the Eskimo coup, improve your reaction and swim in the waters. Of the shortcomings, it should be noted that they do not develop sufficient speed to pass barrels and large shafts. Certain rivers with very high ramparts and rushing currents can only be overcome by short kayaks.
  7. Expeditionary. Large capacious for overcoming rivers of low difficulty in places where no one lives. The longest (460 cm) and voluminous (400 - 460 liters). They have a well-defined keel and stern. They walk well in a straight line, but are clumsy. Load securing at the stern and bow is available.
  8. Marine. their main purpose is to move in a straight line on tidal currents. For such a kayak, first of all, a good move is important. He has enough room to maneuver. The contours of the marine group can be compared to classic ships.The boats are equipped with cargo hatches, the ability to hang equipment on board and various kinds of specific elements (compass mount, etc.). There are models with a sail and a rudder.
  9. Lakes. Intermediate group between expeditionary and sea. Designed for movement on calm water.
  10. For surfing. There are 3 fins under the bottom. Only with a kayak of such a group can breaking waves be overcome.
  11. Sports for classic rowing. Sizes are prescribed in special standards and are strictly regulated. The boats are characterized by a minimum volume and an almost straight keel line, without pressurized compartments. There are no harnesses and hip supports. An underwater feather in the stern is used to steer the vessel. The kayak is designed for crossing perfectly smooth water surfaces without any waves. Due to their low initial stability, they are only suitable for trained professionals.

How to choose?

Before proceeding with the purchase, it is necessary to clearly define for what purposes it is purchased and where it will be used. There is no universal model that fits every alloy.

Professionals recommend paying attention to:

  • The size. The ship's controllability, speed, carrying capacity and stability afloat depend on the dimensions.
  • Stability. It is characterized by the ability of the boat to deal with environmental influences and return to its original position. The indicator depends on the center of gravity and the shape of the underwater part. The best solution is rectangular. The highest rates are for inflatable ones.
  • Move. The speed depends on the shape, length of the kayak and the wave (if it is larger than the boat, additional resistance is created). The performance is influenced by the smoothness of the bottom. It should be noted that if rowers have great physical endurance, problems will not arise in any case.
  • Controllability. The long boat is steadily moving along its intended course, but turns hard. With the short ones, things are completely different, they are maneuverable, but keeping the course will require a lot of effort;
  • Drowning. Relevant for those who plan to go on long hikes. Inflatable is the most preferred option if this characteristic is important to the user.
  • Reliability and the possibility of repair. The most practical option is inflatable. Since the repair consists in applying a patch to the damaged area. Plastic - will only suffer from strong blows. Wireframe - will require knowledge of the techniques for passing the rapids.

The best kayaks for fishing

Intex Challenger K1

Made of high molecular weight polyvinyl chloride 0.75 mm thick. Its main feature is its resistance to the negative effects of oil, gasoline, salt water, abrasives, sunlight and mechanical damage. Consists of 3 inflatable compartments. With a streamlined shape, it will develop the maximum possible speed. Nothing prevents slipping.

kayak Intex Challenger K1


  • nice price;
  • the sides are equipped with a safety rope;
  • keel below for straight motion;
  • aluminum oars with a plastic sleeve for fastening;
  • comes with a bag for easy transportation;
  • easily inflates.


  • the placement of valves in a glass is a controversial point;
  • many users complain about the low product life
  • due to the maximum weight of 100 kg, it is not suitable for everyone.

Free wind "Taiga 340"

New product from the domestic manufacturer Volny Wind. Single and almost not weighty, suitable for lovers of water trips, hunting and fishing. If you wish, you can purchase a second seat, sacrificing the carrying capacity, and go for walks with a friend or soul mate. When folded, it will not take up much space and will not cause problems during transportation

Available in bright and camouflage colors. The latter is relevant for connoisseurs of fishing and hunting.

Oxford Ripstop with a special polyurethane impregnation is used as a shell, the bottom is equipped with PVC fabric and inflatable thermopolyurethane balloons on a fabric basis.

kayak Free wind "Taiga 340"


  • affordable price;
  • light weight;
  • universality of use;
  • good cross-country ability;
  • fast assembly;
  • not an inflatable bottom;
  • two-layer construction;
  • loops for comfortable transportation of cargo;
  • the bow and stern are splash-proof.


  • second seat and apron are not included;
  • the fabric is more difficult to wash;
  • sand gets in through the zippers for changing cylinders placed at the bottom.


The inflatable one-seat model will become a reliable friend for all lovers of tourism and fishing. In terms of maneuverability, speed and other running characteristics, it is not inferior to many frame counterparts. When deflated, it fits in a backpack and does not burden. The innovative technology Drop Stitch was used in the creation. It consists in the use of thousands of polyester threads that pull together the inner cavity and form a durable skin that is resistant to physical stress.

kayak ROWER-340 RED


  • high maneuverability;
  • Drop Stitch;
  • compact dimensions inoperative;
  • maximum load - 190 kg.


  • too expensive;
  • you need to buy a second seat.

The best kayaks for the sea

Aqua Marina Laxo-285

The durable case combined with the generous interior space make for one of the best solutions for beginners and avid athletes. The floor and upper sides are covered with heavy-duty, durable material. With it, the design is more rigid.

kayak Aqua Marina Laxo-285


  • reinforced PVC material;
  • V-shape successfully resists the current and keeps the course;
  • Boston valves provide easy pumping;
  • adjustable seat with backrest and cushion;
  • fin system to maintain course;
  • watertight canopies for carrying cargo at the bow and stern.


  • carrying capacity - 95 kg;
  • manufactured in the PRC.

BIC Sport 20 Kalyma Duo

A universal solution will appeal to all fans of outdoor activities. With a removable keel, shoals are not terrible. There are 3 separate inflatable compartments for increased safety. A maximum of 2 people can be moved. The seats are removable and adjustable to specific parameters. They are equipped with handy pockets for storing small items.

kayak BIC Sport 20 Kalyma Duo


  • storage of equipment with sealed hatches;
  • built-in drain valve;
  • waterproof pocket for storing your phone and documents;
  • weight 15 kg;
  • maximum load - 200 kg;
  • screw valves for quick inflation and deflation.


  • not common in the CIS.

Triton "Vector-1"

Products of the Russian company "Triton LTD". She specializes in creating unique kayaks and quality equipment. Vector-1 is a frame-inflatable product with PVC balloons. They act as unsinkable containers and give the structure additional rigidity. Made with a closed deck.

The model received a long narrow hull with a sharp raised bow and stern. Keeps course flawlessly. Develops high speed on calm water. at the bow and stern are equipped with sealed hatches for the transportation of equipment.

kayak Triton "Vector-1"


  • rigid construction;
  • monocile for keeping the course;
  • weight - 18 kg;
  • folds into a practical backpack-packing;
  • large carrying capacity;
  • dense PVC fabric is used for the bottom.


  • heavy assembly;
  • enlarged thigh pads sold separately.

The best kayaks for rafting


Volny Veter's products are widely known to all fans of active kayaking. She has won love for attention to detail and high quality. The new Solo Canyon is no exception. Modified Sport model, the length of the sides was increased for greater roominess. Contours and nodes are oriented primarily for alloys. The inflatable bottom softens the impact on the stones, and the self-draining system relieves you of the worry of where to put the water that has accumulated when passing the threshold. It is a two-layer construction of PVC fabric and gas-filled cylinders. This solution reduces the risk of punctures, cuts and reduces assembly and disassembly time.

kayak Solo


  • unique bow and stern shape for easy overcoming of steep rapids, shafts and other dangerous places;
  • comfortable seats with back cushions;
  • if one of the cylinders is damaged, it does not sink due to the second inflatable chamber;
  • the kit comes with a rem kit;
  • capable of holding supplies for a month.


  • not the best solution for a quiet surface, too fidgety.

Splav Wasp

Single, focused on rafting on flood (categories A - B) and rapids (1 - 3 categories) rivers. A keeled bottom with a closed cockpit brings the model closer to frame-inflatable and hybrid kayaks. Such a solution allowed us to develop a speed several times higher than inflatable analogs and presented impeccable maneuverability, stability, and holds the course without any complaints. The flexible shell will retain its shape after colliding with stones and logs. The container for the cargo is designed for an autonomous journey of up to 3 days, if you fasten the luggage on top of the deck, the supplies will last up to 3 weeks.

kayak Splav Wasp


  • roomy;
  • a rigid seat made of moisture-resistant plywood, which moves along guides mounted on the side cylinders;
  • a dense air-tight PVC fabric is used as a covering;
  • comfortable handles and metal rings for placing extra luggage.


  • the backrest, which is put on the cross-brace, is purchased separately;
  • drying and cleaning the fabric is time consuming.

Splav crossriver

Packcraft is a fundamentally new development among inflatable boats. Its key feature is its minimum weight. With it, transportation has become even more convenient. After first entering the market, many companies have borrowed technology. Splav also did not stand aside.

Single, got an open cockpit and good capacity. Pointed limbs and a low center of gravity with aprons on the bow and stern make it clear that the future buyer has a packraft.

It is possible to complement the image with a closed deck and skirt for operation in rainy weather. The model develops high speed and rides the wave regardless of headwind or crosswind. Cup holders, rod holders and other accessories can be installed if desired.

kayak Splav Crossriver


  • light weight;
  • compact size;
  • 2 valves for inflation;
  • inflatable seat with a comfortable back.


  • a number of users complain about the poor quality of the product.

The best kayaks for hunting

Stream Khatanga-1 Travel

One longitudinal element served as the basis for the frame. It is equipped with struts on the bow and stern, keelson, frame and pins. The best PVC materials with elite indicators of wear resistance were selected for the case. Air valves and the latest design minimizes the time required to assemble the boat. With a closed deck, passengers with their belongings will remain dry. Water-repellent skirts securely seal the landing site. The athlete is seated on an inflatable seat with a pillow and a soft back.

kayak Stream Khatanga-1 Travel


  • assembly without problems;
  • confidently holds the course;
  • 4 sealed sectors;
  • sides with safety cables;
  • comfortable carrying handles at the stern and bow;
  • cuffs for secure fastening of joints.


  • small carrying capacity.

FMK "Asya"

Triple with an open deck for training in open water and simple rapids, for relaxation and long hikes with the whole family with children. Dural tubes serve as a frame; the cylinders are covered with durable PVC-coated awning materials. The bottom is reinforced with a cambric protector.

kayak FMK "Asya"


  • large capacity;
  • resistant to water;
  • unsinkable;
  • easy and quick to assemble;
  • solid packaging;
  • high-speed.


  • pump and seats are not included.

Muskrat 330

Made of polyvinyl chloride with a density of 850 g / m2. The model is used for fishing, hunting and simple walks. It is characterized by high stability and controllability. Special attention should be paid to a comfortable plastic seat with a swivel mechanism for the operator. The body is equipped with a storage pocket and a fishing rod holder.

kayak Muskrat 330


  • the set includes a convenient bag for transportation;
  • total weight 21 kg;
  • hard bottom made of high pressure airdeck material;
  • comfortable use;
  • reliable assembly;
  • combination with a motor is allowed.


  • there is no protective skirt on the nose.

Outdoor enthusiasts are familiar with the problems that may arise when choosing the right kayak. The presented TOP is intended to facilitate this difficult task. It features models covering the entire price range. Here everyone can choose something to their taste. Only the right choice can truly help a novice athlete to achieve success and get the maximum of positive emotions.


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