👍Best Compressors for Refueling Cylinders for 2020


When diving, it is important to take into account many features to make the dive safe and comfortable. The first thing a diver needs to know is the cylinder design and the correct filling. This will help you get out of trouble.

But also time is devoted to refueling in the process of using gas as fuel. It is important for a person to know the main advantages of special compressors and their efficiency. Therefore, the editors of the site "best-en.designuspro.com" have prepared for you a rating of the best compressors for refueling cylinders for 2020.

Tank types and duration of work

In order for the diver to breathe calmly under water and not experience discomfort, various cylinders are used. They come in several types, some are designed for a long dive, and the second can act as spare.

Three types of execution are on sale:

  • Basic. The product is used as the main air source that allows breathing underwater. The volume of this option can reach 18 liters, but models for 9, 12, etc. are also sold. liters.
  • Spare parts are also used by the diver when diving, they are used in case the main one breaks down. Thanks to him, the user will be able to surface safely and quickly. Since the device is not designed for long-term use, the volume is small and amounts to 1 liter.
  • If the dive is deep, a pony tank is used with the main tank. The air capacity in this design reaches 6 liters. This value is sufficient for safe bottom exploration or long diving.

Main elements

There are four components in the tank design:

  • The flask is the main element, which is a cylindrical product and is filled with air and a mixture.
  • A shut-off valve is required to control the oxygen supply. There is also a safety disc here. The main purpose is to prevent the container from exploding due to the strong water pressure during deep immersion.
  • An o-ring is located between the regulator and the shutoff valve. It prevents leakage and ingress of liquid.
  • The shoe can be either included or sold separately. Its main function is to protect the lower part of the structure from mechanical stress.

Purpose of compressors

Today there are two popular types of cylinder compressor:

  • With a standard engine that runs on fuel;
  • With an electric motor.

The motor is selected based on the application. Most divers prefer electric models, as they are convenient and functional. However, this solution also has a disadvantage - dependence on electrical energy. Therefore, it is not always possible to find a suitable outlet.

Dimensional models, designed for refueling a dozen containers, are used exclusively in professional clubs that are visited by a large number of users. For infrequent use, it is better to find another option.

Compressor operation

Products capable of filling up to 100 liters per hour are more suitable for private use. Thanks to them, filling one cylinder will not take much time, which will allow you to perform the operation quickly and efficiently. There are also models in stores that can be filled with liquid nitrogen. However, they are rarely used.

Most professional and modern divers prefer to use only standard scuba tanks that are filled with compressed air. Thanks to this solution, the structure can be easily transported over long distances without the fear that the mixture may deteriorate or leak out.

When buying a cylinder, the main factors are only one thing - the manufacturer. It is best to always purchase models that have proven themselves among experienced divers and have positive reviews. Of course, the cost for such a performance may be higher, but in return a person receives a security guarantee. Moreover, most of these models are easy to use even for beginners.

Choosing the right compressor

To select equipment, you need to pay attention to a number of points.

Model differences

There are two popular options in stores - stationary and mobile. The main difference between these versions is weight and dimensions. In addition, they differ in the speed of filling the tanks.

Stationary products are installed in a certain place, since their dimensions are impressive. The price for such executions exceeds one hundred thousand rubles. The main advantage of this solution is the ability to fill a large number of cylinders. Therefore, the compressor is purchased by special companies and scuba diving schools. It makes no sense to use the equipment exclusively for personal purposes.

Portable designs are simple and suitable for beginners and professionals who practice individually. The main advantage of execution is mobility and convenient use.

Compared to the previous version, the cost of compact compressors is low. One 12 liter cylinder will fill, on average, within 30 minutes, which is a good indicator. Of course, depending on the model, the time value can be higher or lower.

Which engine is used

When choosing a compressor for refueling, it is important to determine the type of engine used. This will help you find a good and economical option. When buying, it is important to focus on the operating conditions. As you know, there are two types - electric and fuel. Each of these models has both strengths and weaknesses that are important to pay attention to.


These designs are very popular with divers who need portable compressors. Thanks to this, a person will be able to refuel the cylinder anywhere. The only drawback of this option is that you need to constantly carry a container with fuel. In addition, fuel products are characterized by a high level of noise, and it is forbidden to use them in closed rooms, since there are exhaust gases.


This variant has appeared recently and belongs to a new generation of compressors. The advantages of such designs:

  • Low noise level compared to fuel models;
  • No refueling required;
  • Efficiency;
  • Good performance;
  • They can even be used indoors;
  • Functionality.

But there is also a downside, for example:

  • Requires electrical connection for operation. This is difficult to achieve in the field and has a negative impact on mobility.

Today stores sell hundreds of interesting solutions that differ not only in cost, but also in technical characteristics. When buying compressors for filling, it is important for the user to take into account some features:

  • Weight;
  • Dimensions;
  • Operating frequency;
  • Possibility of transportation;
  • Convenience.

Since the diver will have to constantly drag and drop models, it is important to always pay attention to these characteristics.

Features of the gas compressor

To fill the container with propane or methane, special devices should be used. The entire refueling process is carried out using mechanical action. Such compressors are used in various fields: from home to industrial. In addition, such designs are used to supply gas to houses or apartments, its use allows you to reduce the volume of air in turbines. Automotive service also allows the use of a gas compressor, as it allows the brake hoses to be filled with air in a short time.


In order to choose the right structures for filling containers, you should know the varieties of this device. Most popular models:

  • Spiral;
  • Screw products;
  • Centrifugal;
  • Reciprocating;
  • Diagonal.

Axial and diaphragm versions can also be sold in hardware stores. Each option can be purchased at an affordable price.

Benefits of each option

In order to better understand which area a certain model is suitable for, you should know their main advantages and how they work.

Centrifugal compressors are used in industrial applications such as gas processing. Suitable for use in some chemical plants where constant work is required. In addition, some ski resorts cannot do without this option, as it creates a constant flow of artificial snow.

Diagonal models differ from centrifugal ones only in the size of the diffuser. The scope and design are the same. Therefore, choosing the right option is not difficult.

Axial compressors are designed to compress large quantities of gas. A distinctive feature of the variant: it consists of constantly rotating blades. A similar device is intended for use in gas turbines.

When repairing roads or in a complex industrial area, it is customary to use rotary mechanisms. The advantage of this option is that it is able to replace the standard engine, while maintaining power at the proper level. There is the ability to adjust the performance, this allows you to use the compressor more efficiently.

In piston designs, the compression process occurs through the operation of the piston. Like some of the previous options, they are usually used in industrial enterprises. The advantage of the models is reliability and high efficiency.

Spiral models differ in the principle of operation, which consists in compressing the gas mixture using two rotating elements. The advantages of the design include low noise level and durability of the structure.

The last popular option is diaphragm compressors. The design is an improved piston device. Only diaphragms are used instead of pistons.

What fuel is used

The main advantage of gas compressors is the ability to use a variety of fuels. Today manufacturers produce dozens of models that can work not only with natural gas, but also with nitrogen, chlorine, hydrogen, etc. At the same time, the equipment can transport fuel and fill it with various containers, including cylinders.

Diving compressors rating

Nardi Atlantic G100

Quality device with an aluminum frame and efficient motor. For normal operation of the electric motor, it should be filled with mineral oil. The external parts are made of materials with anti-corrosion properties.Thanks to this, a person can use the compressor in the open air.

The rotation is transmitted by a rubber belt. The noise of the device is high and amounts to 84 dB. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it indoors. Air cooling will prevent the device from overheating and extend the service life.

The average cost is 280,940 rubles.

Nardi Atlantic G100


  • Sturdy frame;
  • Minimal vibration;
  • Reliability;
  • Simple maintenance;
  • Good belt drive;
  • Does not corrode.


  • High noise level.

FROSP KVD100 / 300-2

An efficient model that can handle nitrogen and oxygen. The productivity of the device is high and amounts to 100 liters per minute, at a pressure of 1 bar. The average filling time for a 10 liter bottle is 30 minutes. The type of compressor used is reciprocating. Operation requires a connection to a 220 V electrical network. The noise level is 72 dB, therefore it is required to use it outdoors.

The weight of the equipment is 42 kg, which is suitable for small movements. The assembly is performed at the proper level, no backlashes were found. The power is 2.2 kW.

The average price is 183,050 rubles.

FROSP KVD100 / 300-2


  • Efficiency;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Value for money;
  • The ability to move;
  • Optimum power;
  • The guarantee is 36 months.


  • Noisiness.

Coltri Sub MCH6 SH

An excellent model for those who are diving on their own. The device runs on gasoline. The small weight (37 kg) makes it possible to easily move the device, just place it in the trunk of the vehicle. Compressor capacity is the same as the previous model and is equal to 100 liters per minute. The power of the device is 4.8 kW.

Sold at a price: from 263,700 rubles.

Coltri Sub MCH6 SH


  • Convenient transportation;
  • Durable body;
  • Life time;
  • Reliability;
  • Fast refueling;
  • Effective cooling.


  • Noise level - 80 dB.

Compressed air compressor

TYPHOON 250 ATM, 12 Volt + 220 Volt adapter

This device is designed to work with pneumatic weapons. There is also the possibility of filling the cylinder with compressed air. The construction is made of durable materials and does not corrode. The noise is low, which allows the device to be installed in closed rooms. The advantage of this option is the value for money. In addition, the product is reliable and maintainable.

Sold at a price: from 22,000 rubles.

TYPHOON 250 ATM, 12 Volt + 220 Volt adapter


  • Low price;
  • Reliability;
  • Durable body;
  • Long service life;
  • Maintainability.


  • Not found.

Energy 1.8kw 40 MPA

One of the best options for filling cylinders up to 4 liters. The compressor provides pressure up to 300 atm. The device operates from the mains, while the power corresponds to the declared one. Another advantage of this model is the ability to control the discharge air temperature. To prevent the device from breaking down from frequent use, for example, due to overheating, there is a cooling system.

The average cost is 20,790 rubles.

Energy 1.8kw 40 MPA


  • Good build;
  • Low noise level;
  • High quality cooling system;
  • Strength;
  • Small size;
  • Durability.


  • Not found.

Patriot 1.8 kW, 50 l / min

A reliable device suitable for filling cylinders at maximum speed. The equipment can be used not only in the professional field, but also at home. There is effective water cooling, so the system does not overheat. To operate the compressor, a 220 V socket is required.

Sold at a price: from 19,970 rubles.

Patriot 1.8 kW, 50 l / mi


  • Water cooling;
  • Affordable price;
  • Reliability;
  • Easy to move;
  • Power;
  • Long service life.


  • Not found.

Rating of the best gas stations

FMQ-2.5 home gas station

A convenient model that will allow you to arrange a full-fledged gas station at home.The device is capable of handling a variety of gases, including methane and propane. It all depends on the user's choice. To operate, you only need an electrical network with a voltage of 220 V. The kit contains a 4.5 meter hose, which simplifies the use of the device.

The average cost is 430,000 rubles.

FMQ-2.5 home gas station


  • Fast refueling;
  • Efficiency;
  • Convenient hose;
  • Doesn't consume a lot of energy;
  • Works with various gases.


  • High price.

Homemade Phill Gas Station

An effective device that will help save on expensive fuel. Low noise level makes it possible to refuel at any time, even at night. The compressor does not use oil, which makes it possible to use the equipment even at -40 degrees. For greater convenience, the product is equipped with a convenient automatic diagnostic system.

The cost is specified with the seller.

Homemade Phill Gas Station


  • Consumes a minimum of electrical energy;
  • Wide operating temperature range;
  • Good pressure;
  • Fast filling of any tank;
  • Low noise level.


  • Not found.


The filling of cylinders must be carried out by an experienced user or under his supervision. This is the only way to avoid troubles and prevent damage to the tank. If you have experience using the models described in the rating, or more interesting representatives, tell us about it in the comments.


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