❄Best medical refrigerators and freezers for 2020


Modern medicine cannot be imagined without perfect cryogenic technology that allows you to preserve donated blood and its components, vaccines, and biological samples. An ordinary refrigerator, which occupies one of the dominant positions in the home kitchen, is not suitable for medical needs, since it does not have specific temperature parameters and a high degree of stability.

The editorial staff of the site "best-en.designuspro.com" offers you an overview of high-quality medical refrigeration and freezing equipment for 2020.

Where is "medical cold" needed

There is nothing more valuable than human life. Often during operations, an infusion of donated blood is necessary. Blood components are stored in special freezing compartments, where the temperature regime is set at 15 ... - 90 degrees. To ensure a high stable temperature regime, freezers are made according to special technologies, with built-in air ducts that maintain a uniform distribution of cold inside the unit; aluminum or specially prepared steel is taken for the walls of the chambers, which is not afraid of frost and moisture.

The pharmaceutical industry also needs special refrigerated cabinets for storing medicines, and some models have a freezer, since the drugs require different temperature parameters.

You cannot do without specialized laboratory equipment for the cosmetology field and the chemical industry. The latter requires special designs with reliable protection against explosions and fires.

Medical equipment is used in agriculture. This ensures the safe storage of the samples.

Pharmaceutical and medical refrigerators and freezers have found application in the educational field - they are equipped with educational laboratories.

Types of medical refrigerators and freezers

Refrigeration equipment for medical institutions is divided according to its use.

What are:

  • Pharmaceutical refrigerators

Refrigerated cabinets store medicines, biological samples, serum, vaccines, and various reagents.

  • Laboratory refrigerators

Refrigerators of this type are used in research laboratories of institutes, centers, pharmaceutical companies. They store biological samples. Laboratory refrigerators have an average temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. The sizes of the appliances are different: small (separate and built into furniture); voluminous, up to a thousand liters.

  • Freezers

Freezing units differ in temperature conditions: - 20 ... - 30; - 30 ... - 45; - 45 ... - 86; - 140 ... - 150 degrees Celsius. Low-temperature ones are vertical and horizontal.Cryo-freezers used for deep freezing are horizontal.

  • Auto refrigerators

Used to transport drugs, blood and blood components. Range - - 18 ... + 8.

How to choose medical refrigerators and freezers

Criteria for choosing specialized equipment:

  • Tightness

The design is made to prevent the penetration of warm air from the outside. The resulting stability provides a guarantee for the safety of materials.

  • Safety

Components are made of metal, resistant to rust and cold. The internal equipment of refrigerators is designed so that it is convenient to take and put samples, it is possible to change the position of shelves and boxes.

  • Thermal stability

This allows biological materials to be preserved for a long time.

  • Easy to clean

Refrigerators and freezers are treated with cleaning solutions. The metal surfaces of specialized equipment are not afraid of detergents.

  • Availability of controllers

Sensors, temperature controllers, individually adjustable modes for built-in freezers, alarms that notify about temperature changes, the ability to activate an automatic defrosting process guarantee the smooth operation of equipment.

  • Forced ventilation

This function allows the constant air circulation required for storing medical materials. In addition, ventilation eliminates the accumulation of unwanted odors.

  • Energy storage

A smooth workflow is essential to maintain the quality of biological samples, vaccines, and other materials. Even emergency situations should not cause equipment shutdown. There is a spare battery for these cases.

  • The presence of a castle

To prevent unauthorized access, the equipment is supplied with locks.

  • Configuration

Where the cabinet will be placed is important. A bulky "monster" is not suitable for a modest-sized room, and a compact box will be too small and unprofitable for a large laboratory.

  • Design

The best manufacturers have expanded the concept of medical equipment design, including ease of use, the ability to hide the internal contents of the store from prying eyes, and create the necessary light parameters for drugs that cannot tolerate light. For these purposes, tinted glass is often installed on cabinet doors.

What else to pay attention to?

Mistakes in choosing are made by amateurs who have a poor idea of ​​what the equipment is being purchased for. Before buying, it is important to understand the perspectives of using the medical refrigeration unit where it will be located.

For blood transfusion stations and laboratories, refrigerators with the function of storing blood and its components are suitable.

For pharmacological offices, pharmaceutical CP, laboratory CL will become a more profitable purchase. The most popular models have not one, but several freezers, there are combined ones that allow you to store preparations and samples that require different temperatures. A large laboratory is more suitable for voluminous equipment, and a huge refrigerator is not needed for a polyclinic. Here, a financially competent decision is to purchase combined equipment with a volume of 120 liters or more. This is a practical option for keeping medicines in the same storage, but at different temperature ranges.

Brands and manufacturers

In the market of the refrigeration equipment industry for the healthcare sector, there are a dozen or two companies whose trademarks should be paid attention to first of all, if the question arises: which company is better to buy a refrigerator. The editors of the site "best-en.designuspro.com" have compiled a selection of 15 best manufacturers.

  • Pozis

The company dates back to 1898. Under Alexander III, Franco-Russian cooperation was established.A steel plant was built in the Paratsky backwater - now Zelenodolsk. Over time, the company mastered the production of refrigeration devices. Today it is the first domestic manufacturer of medical equipment that has mastered the production of "Cold chain".

  • Haier

Chinese brand. Owned by Haier Medical and Laboratory Products Co., Ltd., the brainchild of the multinational Haier Group, which entered the market in 1998. The first trial batch - freezers with a temperature regime of -40 degrees - was instantly sold out, the medical community recognized the manufacturer, and over time it took a leading position in the market. Currently, the company produces refrigerators for pharmacological needs, blood banks and other freezers created using the latest technologies.

  • Liebherr

The history of the German company began in 1949. Specialists from the little-known construction plant Hans Liebherr Maschinenfabrik have invented a mobile tower crane. Five years later, Hans Liebcher's company built a refrigerator building facility in Ochsenhausen. Today Liebherr-Hausgeräte is the author of a new generation of BluPerformance refrigerators and freezers. Branded goods can be ordered online on Internet sites and on the manufacturer's official website. How much is pleasure? From 200 thousand rubles, but the quality of the products is impeccable.

  • Biryusa

The trade mark of OAO KZH Biryusa, which has been leading history since 1963, when the Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant decided to build a production of household refrigerators. The first sample - "Biryusa" - was released in 1964. Today the company produces household appliances, commercial refrigeration equipment. The plant was awarded the diploma of the winner of the competition "1000 best enterprises of Russia-2001", the title "Leader of the regional economy" in 2002, the prize "Russian National Olympus" in 2004. The brand's products are inexpensive, which also explains the popularity of the Biryusa models.

  • Polair

Trademark of POLAIR Group of Companies, a Russian manufacturer from Volzhsk. The company was founded in 1990. The company presents a wide range of refrigeration equipment: refrigerated cabinets made of galvanized and stainless steel, monoblocks, split systems, chests, tables and more. The company's products are in demand among small organizations, since they offer good quality budget options.

  • Marikholodmash

The trade mark has been known since 1960, when the Marikholodmash plant began production of commercial refrigeration equipment. The first Russian high-quality refrigerated cabinets for the retail sector appeared at this enterprise. By the way, the Kremlin Palace of Congresses was one of the company's important clients. In 2012, a new series of Capri refrigerated cabinets was launched. These products have found applications in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

  • Meiling

MEILING BIOLOGY & MEDICAL brand. It appeared in 2002 thanks to the efforts of Hefei Meiling Co., Ltd. and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The products of the brand are marked with international certificates ISO, CE, UL, are exported to 50 countries. The enterprises use advanced technologies, the developers of MEILING BIOLOGY & MEDICAL are the authors of many patents.

  • Tefcold

The company was founded by Torben and Freda Christensen in 1987 in Viborg. The Danish brand is well known in Europe. His name indicates the high quality and reliability of the products. The official website of the company states: "35 thousand pieces of equipment in warehouses and optimized logistics allow us to make deliveries quickly and accurately, regardless of the required volumes." Tefcold principles: competence, flexible approach to clients and loyalty.

  • Arctiko

Another Danish brand. The company was founded in 2001 thanks to the efforts of Lars Ole Jensen, an experienced businessman from Esbjerg who has worked for fifteen years in the refrigerator industry and decided to start his own business. Until 2010 the company was called Dairei Europe A / S, now known as Arctiko A / S. The main office is located in Denmark, the subsidiary is in the USA and is called Arctiko International. The refrigeration products of the enterprises are produced for the healthcare sector.

  • Daihan

The brand with thirty years of history belongs to the DAIHAN Scientific firm from South Korea.Laboratory equipment with Wisd control system is in demand in the world market. Currently, the company supplies 30 thousand laboratories from different countries. DAIHAN cooperates with 170 enterprises.

  • Dometic

The history of the brand began in 1919, when young Swedish engineers Karl Munters and Balzar von Platen developed the first absorption refrigerator. Arctic acquired the production rights. Electrolux became interested in the invention and bought Arctic. In the 60s, one of the divisions was named Dometic. Company concept: to make mobile life comfortable.

  • Panasonic KM

If the equipment bears the Panasonic Healthcare / Sanyo Electric brand, it means that the equipment is manufactured using the most advanced technologies. The company broke into the market and took one of the leading positions in 1969 and is still considered a serious competitor. The main areas of activity are the production of refrigeration and freezing equipment, instruments for laboratories, climatic chambers.

  • GFL

German brand. GFL Gesellschaft für Labortechnik mbH was born in 1967 and has established itself as a reliable partner that adheres to the highest quality standards. Advanced technology, impeccable material, modern design, high assembly reliability - these are the rules of the German manufacturer. In the world, the GFL brand is considered a reference product.

  • Thermo Scientific

The American company Thermo Fisher Scientific is engaged in serving the scientific field. Date of foundation - 2006, place - Massachusetts. The company was formed through the merger of Thermo Electron and Fisher Scientific. Where to buy products of a famous brand in Russia? Thermo Fisher Scientific has a representative office of JSC Thermo Fisher Scientific with offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. American novelties have recently been gaining more and more popularity.

  • Antech

Chinese manufacturer with 20 years of history. Products of this brand are exported to 100 countries. Antech Group Inc. supplies 10 thousand pieces of equipment, including ultra-low freezers, blood banks, incubators, laboratory cabinets, cryogenic apparatus and others.

At the present time, unfortunately, the products of not all of the above brands are focused on Russian buyers, the purchase is possible only through intermediaries.

Rating of quality refrigerators and freezers for 2020

The editorial staff of the site "best-en.designuspro.com" offers an overview of the best samples of medical equipment used to store medicines, vaccines, biological materials, which can be purchased in stores and on Internet sites.

Pharmaceutical refrigerators: TOP-5

The cabinets used in the pharmaceutical industry are mainly produced with glass doors. Roller supports under the bottom plane are possible.

The most popular models in demand:

5th place: Biryusa-150S-G

It is sold at a price of 17,500 rubles.

Display cabinet with a volume of 154 liters with a glass door with a lock, designed for storing medicines. With dynamic cooling system. Operating mode + 2… + 15. It is used in hospitals, clinics.

Control typeelectronic
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm580x850x620
Independent camera light switchthere is
LED lighteningthere is
UV protectionthere is
Number of compressors1
Power consumption, kW0.12
Temperature range, ˚С+2 +15


  • Special pharmaceutical model;
  • With alarm;
  • Cheap against the background of foreign products.


  • Loses in terms of the quality of foreign products.

4th place: KhF-140 Posis

The average price is 17 thousand rubles.

Refrigerator with a volume of 140 liters. Operating mode + 2 ... + 15 degrees Celsius. Used in clinics, laboratories, clinics and hospitals as a medicine cabinet. With microprocessor temperature controller, supersensitive sensor, forced air circulation system.

Dimensions (WxHxD) mm600x915x607
Temperature range, ˚С+2 +15
Alarm when the temperature deviates from the setthere is
Temperature display on the control panel displaythere is
Power consumption0.15 kW
HF-140 Pozis


  • Specialized product;
  • Metal tight door with a lock.


  • Not mobile.

"Bronze": Polair SHHF-1.4 DS

The average price is 50 thousand rubles.

Model with a useful volume of 1200 liters with transparent hinged doors, dynamic cooling, interior lighting and locks. Range - + 1 ... + 15 degrees Celsius. Recommended for storing medicines. Recognized by RosZdravvadzor as a product of medical equipment, as evidenced by the registration certificate.

Dimensions (WxHxD) mm1402x2028x945
Wall thickness mm43
Installed power Watt600
Electricity consumptionno more than 6 kW / hour per day
Permissible shelf load 40 Kg
Electronic control unitthere is
Refrigerant R134а
Polair SHHF-1.4 DS


  • Convenient;
  • Eight pull-out shelves.


  • Not detected.

"Silver": Posis HF-250-3

It costs 19,900 rubles.

Base cabinet with a hermetically sealed tinted glass door. With forced air circulation. The engine is waterproof. Includes 5 shelves and 2 containers. Similar products are used in research laboratories, clinics, clinics.

Dimensions (WxHxD), mm600x1300x610
Controller EV3B22
Thermal insulation polyurethane foam
Refrigerantisobutane R600a
Number of compressors1
Temperature in the refrigerator compartment, Сfrom +2 to +15 degrees
Corrected sound power level, dBa55
Refrigerator defrost systemautomatic
Posis HF-250-3


  • Mobility due to wheels;
  • Roomy, 250 liters;
  • Service life 10 years;
  • With thermal card;
  • Good price.


  • Not detected.

"Gold": VacProtect VPA-200 POZIS

The price limit in the online store is 104 thousand rubles.

The product is designed according to the requirements of the EAEU. Has a certificate of compliance with European standards. Designed to store vaccines. With a thermal card. Mode + 2 ... + 8 degrees Celsius. It can maintain the set temperature for a day during an emergency power outage.

Dimensions (WxHxD), mm730x1660x860
Total volume, l200
Number of compressors1 PC.
Cold accumulator51 pcs.
Efficiency and energy consumption0.35 kW * h / day
VacProtect VPA-200 POZIS


  • High-quality assembly;
  • Keeps cooling stability during power outages;
  • With a freezer.


  • Only one year warranty.

Laboratory refrigerators

In research centers, chemical laboratories, clinics, this specialized medical equipment is widely used. The following six products have earned positive customer reviews.

6 position: For blood bank Antech MBR-208

Sells starting at $ 2,600.

Chinese brand. Blood and its derivatives, pharmaceutical materials in this cabinet will be safe. Temperature range: + 4 degrees Celsius. With automatic defrosting, thermal electric heater.

Dimensions (WxHxD), mmexternal: 522x600x1550; internal: 432х462х978
Climatic classN
Cooling typeForced air cooling
Noise level, dB42
Blood storage container (blood bags 450ml)130
RecorderN / A
Data loggerOption
CertificatesCE, ISO9001
For Antech Blood Bank MBR-208


  • Mobile model;
  • Roomy, 208 liters, with 4 shelves;
  • With microprocessor and display;
  • Stainless steel;
  • With alarm about sensor operation and power outages.


  • Single glass door.

5th place: HXC-608

It costs 557 thousand rubles.

Vertical mobile blood bank with forced cooling, auto defrost. Capacity 608 liters. The body is insulated with polyurethane foam, has a glass unit built into the door, which provides reliable thermal insulation. Working temperature + 4 ° С. A constant selection of blood transfusion stations and hospitals. With microprocessor, backup battery, door lock.

Dimensions (WxHxD), mmexternal: 780 x 840 x 1945; internal: 680 x 640 x 1400
Climatic classST
Refrigerantwithout CFC
Noise level, dB43
Power, W490560
Current strength, A3.5 7.5
Blood capacity (450 ml blood bags)300


  • With durable thermal insulation;
  • Display;
  • Backlit;
  • With a registrar;
  • With sound and light signals in case of an emergency;
  • In case of power outage, it works autonomously for 72 hours
  • On rollerskates.


  • Not.

4th place: Liebherr LKUexv 1610

The price is 91 thousand rubles.

Austrian model of a refrigerator cabinet with a blank door, three shelves, an internal explosion-proof compartment and ignition protection, an alarm function that triggers in an emergency, temperature measurement sensors and an interface for centralized monitoring. The small volume allows you to integrate the wardrobe into pieces of furniture. Suitable for storing flammable and explosive substances. Meets Zone II nA standards, ATEX Directive.

Dimensions (WxHxD), mmexternal: 455x669x435; internal: 600х820х615
Total volume, l141
Dynamic coolingthere is
Adjustable operating temperature range, Сfrom +3 to +16
Daily energy consumption0.7 kWh
Electronic controller "Comfort"there is
Door designHardLine
Data transmission interface RS 485 serial interface
HACCP functions (recording and storage of min./max. Readings)Supports
Climatic classSN-ST (from + 10 ° C to + 38 ° C)
Liebherr LKUexv 1610


  • Explosion and fire protection;
  • There is a temperature drop fuse;
  • With a "smart" program that captures data;
  • The shelves are rearranged;
  • The door can be outweighed;
  • With a lock.


  • Expensive.

3rd place: AQUALYTIC

Price - from 97 thousand rubles.

German manufacturer - high quality. The model is designed for the storage of hazardous, flammable, explosive substances. With glass shelves.

Volume, l300
Dimensions (W x D x H), mmoverall dimensions: 600 x 610 x 1640; camera: 470 x 440 x 1452 * 64
Temperature range, ° Сfrom +1 to +15
Temperature controllerthere is
Digital indexingthere is


  • High-quality assembly;
  • Good volume;
  • Safe.


  • Dear.


Sold from 230 thousand rubles.

For 1400 liters for storage of samples. Recommendations of specialists - to purchase THERMO SCIENTIFIC products for large laboratories. The GPS series are safe and quality products for the medical field. With built-in controller, digital temperature display, alarm, locks. Temperature range: + 1 ... -25 ° С.

Dimensions (LxWxD), mmexternal: 1400 × 817 × 1972; internal: 1300 × 660 × 1300
Roller supports as standard (GPS series)there is
Forced air circulation (GPS series)there is
Interior lighting (GPS series)there is
Access portthere is
Automatic defrosting systemthere is


  • High-quality assembly;
  • Six shelves.


  • Dear.

1st place: HYCD-282

It costs 278 thousand rubles.

Pharmaceutical cabinet for 185 liters with a glass door, but the functionality is expanded. The refrigerating chamber operates in the range + 2 ... + 8 ° С. Freezer - 97 liters - has a mode of -20 ... - 40 ° C. Product with stainless steel finish. With an alarm that occurs when the temperature changes or power failures, automatic recording of temperature parameters per month.

Dimensions (W x D x H), mmexternal: 736x660x1810; internal: refrigerator - 605х510х720; ; freezer: 515x465x440
Cooling methodRefrigerator - forced convection
Freezer - Direct Cooling
RefrigerantNo chlorofluorocarbons
Shelves3 pcs.
Boxes2 pcs.
Power, W400
Current strength, A2.8
Noise level, dB43


  • Dual display with data display;
  • Double compressor;
  • Microprocessor controlled;
  • With built-in battery;
  • There is a USB port;
  • On rollerskates;
  • Electrically heated glass door.


  • Dear.


Among refrigerators of this type, according to buyers, the best ones are presented in the following list.

4th position: MM-180 Posis

The price is 49 thousand rubles.

Designed for blood transfusion stations, used for storing biological material in scientific laboratories. Equipped with a sensitive alarm system that reacts to changes in the atmosphere inside the freezer. With a metal door with a lock. The set includes seven baskets for plastic containers.

Dimensions (WxHxD), mm1320х855х720
Volume180 l
Temperature range, ˚С2
Automatic maintenance of temperature in the chamberthere is
Temperature display on control panelthere is
MM-180 Posis


  • With microprocessor controller;
  • With a tight locking door.


  • There are no videos.

3rd place: Liebherr LGPv 1420

Sold at a price of 548 thousand rubles.

Ergonomic, pleasant design, with glass doors. The doors are equipped with a self-closing mechanism. With electronic controller Profi, cooling system with forced ventilation, automatic defrosting and emergency power supply in case of battery failure. The working range is -10 ... -26 ° С. The freezer is equipped with an alarm in case of emergency moments, a program for recording temperature data. Has casters with brakes and eight adjustable shelves.

Volume, l1361
External dimensions (HxWxD), mm2160x1430x830
Energy consumption in 24 hours7.271 kWh / 24h
Warning signalthere is
Circular coolingthere is
refrigerantR 290
temperature stability EN 60068-3
Noise level60 dBA
Liebherr LGPv 1420


  • German quality;
  • With built-in "smart" program;
  • Good working range;
  • Mobile, on rollers.


  • Very expensive.

2nd place: Arctiko ULUF P610

The price limit is 600 thousand rubles.

Vertical chamber with a double independent cooling system and ultra-low-temperature regime - -40 ... -90 ° С. Volume 610 liters. Made of vacuum insulated panels. Uses ECO mode. There is a self-diagnostic function, alarm, customizable shelves.

Dimensions (WxDxH), mmexternal: 1035 × 1002 × 1999; internal: 746 × 620 × 1320
Cooling technologydouble system (stationary)
RS 485 portoption
USB port for software updates and data downloadthere is
Number of compressors2 pcs.
Arctiko ULUF P610


  • Not noisy;
  • Internal doors can be removed for cleaning;
  • There is a program for monitoring the temperature regime.


  • Not.

1st position: Tefcold SE40-45-P

It costs 68 thousand rubles.

Tefcold brand. Chest freezer with a blind lid with a volume of 392 liters with a temperature range of -5 ... -45 ° С. Cooling type - static. Climatic class - 3. The package includes a basket.

Dimensions (WxHxD), mm1504x945x705
Voltage220 V
Noise level, dB45
power, kWt0.245
Alarm when the temperature deviates from the setthere is
Lockthere is
Tefcold SE40-45-P


  • Lasting;
  • With electronic thermostat;
  • With a lock.


  • Not.


2nd place: CRYO 170

The average price is more than 25 thousand €.

Country of origin Denmark. Cryo-freezer of the famous Arctiko brand with a double adjustable cooling system. Necessary equipment for storing biological samples for a long period. Volume 169 liters. With microprocessor temperature control, acoustic and visual alarms, electronic display, built-in data recorder.

Dimensions (WxDxH), mmexternal: 1420 × 960 × 1090; internal: 500 × 500 × 675
Insulation170 mm
Temperature rangefrom - 140 to - 150
Noise level<50 decibels
Controller model / probe type TTM-004 / PT100
Power consumption (kWh / 24h) 31.7
CRYO 170


  • Collapsible design, easy to wash;
  • When one of the cooling systems is turned off, the standby mode is activated;
  • Sealed cover;
  • No loud noise;
  • It consumes little energy;
  • On wheels, easy to move.


  • It is very expensive.

1st place: DW-ZW128

Sold for $ 18,000

The Meiling brand invention operates in the temperature range -120 ... -164 ° C. For storage of biomaterials. Equipped with digital screen, microprocessor. In the event of a power outage, the equipment maintains operating mode for 72 hours thanks to an emergency battery.

Volume, l128
Dimensions (WxDxH), mmexternal: 880x1590x1040; internal: 370x600x550
Power3600 Wt
Vacuum VIP panelsthere is
Lockthere is
emergency cooling systemsthere is
remote monitoring systemthere is


  • Enhanced insulation construction;
  • With vacuum VIP panels;
  • Lockable lid;
  • With graphic recorder;
  • With fast freezing function;
  • Not noisy.


  • Very expensive.

Auto refrigerators

For the transportation of drugs and biomaterials, special containers and refrigeration devices are used.The list of popular products includes the following:

3rd place: Thermal container TM-20

Price - 3450 rubles.

Volume - 25.5 liters. Made from rigid polyurethane foam. Roomy and easy to carry. Keeps parameters + 2 ... + 8 ° С for 82 hours.

Dimensions (WxDxH), mm335x500x360
Applied ice packs / weight MHD-1 / 0.44
MHD-2 / 0.50
Recommended set of ice packs17 pcs
Useful volume, l14.7
Weight of the equipped thermal container, kg11.1
Thermal container TM-20


  • With a waterproof cover;
  • There is shockproof protection.


  • Not seen.

2nd place: Dometic MT 12 E

Price start - from 80 thousand rubles.

Dometic brand. It is used to transport blood and medicines. Volumetric, with a capacity of 24 liters. With removable stainless steel compartment. Polyurethane body. Maintains stability in the chamber for 96 hours.

Dimensions (HxWxL), mmexternal: 500x550x470; internal: 192х310х237
Number of bags (450 and 270 mm)15; 25
Container weight, kg11.7
Insulation layer thickness, mm105
Cold accumulators (3 constant ones, 0.6 l each)12
Dometic MT 12 E


  • Spacious;
  • You can transport pharmaceuticals, plasma, blood.


  • Heavy, over 10 kg.

1st place: Compressor Indel B FM 7

The online store is sold for 52 thousand rubles.

Italian brand Indel B. Designed for ambulances. Fixed temperature 4 ° C. Equipped with an alarm in case of emergency failure of the operating mode.

type of instalationBuilt-in
CoolingCompressor SECOP
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm532x242x243
Power, W67
Volume, l7
Weight, kg10.9
Compressor Indel B FM 7


  • Embedded;
  • Temperature control;
  • The door opens 180 degrees.


  • Not detected.

This review is based on independent reviews on the World Wide Web.

The editors of the site "best-en.designuspro.com" remind: before deciding on the choice of purchase, you should study the description and technical characteristics of the models directly on the trading floors, make sure that the equipment belongs to medical, as evidenced by a special certificate, find out if a guarantee is provided for the goods, as well as whether it is possible to repair equipment in services.
If you have experience in purchasing medical refrigeration and freezing equipment, please leave a review. Which refrigerator is better to buy in your opinion? Your opinion will help other Internet users make a choice.


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