The best models of women's business suits for 2020


A business suit is an essential attribute of a woman's wardrobe. Today it has ceased to be boring and devoid of decorative elements. With each collection, clothing brands produce more and more original, unusual and elegant outfits.

How to choose an office ensemble, emphasize a strict style and at the same time maintain individuality? What are the popular models, which company is better and what to look for when choosing? Every girl asks these and other questions.

The editors of the site "" analyzed the popular models, according to buyers, and made a rating of quality suits for the office. The article lists the best manufacturers, inexpensive and branded models, indicates how much the image costs and where to buy it.

What's hot in 2020

In the 2020 collections, a strict jacket is combined:

  • with a skirt;
  • with trousers;
  • with shorts;
  • with breeches.

Bright shades, non-standard decorative elements and contrasting combinations are in fashion. Clothing appeared in juicy colors with unusual prints. A great opportunity to highlight your individuality if the office dress code is not too strict. There are styles without sleeves, with a peplum, with a wide belt, with impressive lapels.

Main trends of 2020:

  • elongated blazer, jacket or jacket;
  • trouser ensemble, decorated with a voluminous belt;
  • male style: brutal, slightly shapeless suits;
  • jackets tucked into trousers or a skirt;
  • three-piece suits;
  • double layer jackets;
  • flared trousers;
  • pants length 7/8;
  • sleeve-ham;
  • military;
  • tailcoat and tuxedo;
  • stripes and a wide belt ...

The nicest images are those that emphasize the dignity of the figure and suit the situation.

Images from famous brands

From season to season, fashion houses saturate their collections with original sets to create a business image. They contain not only outfits for the office, but also evening ensembles. The main trends can be taken as tips and tricks for creating extraordinary images. Below are the top trends from several famous fashion houses.

Fashion houseMain trends
Victoria BeckhamThe designers demonstrated an extravagant trouser suit made of green velvet. The main elements in the collections: a jacket with one button, flared trousers, melange gray fabric, a blazer, the sleeves of which are finished with two buttons. The fashion house diluted the beige set with a bright blue blouse and orange pumps. Fashion designers have provided a foundation for creative, slightly frivolous looks.
BalmainThe brand invites its admirers to tuck a jacket into trousers and use clothes made of metallic fabrics in their looks. Lots of denim sets. A strip and a wide belt are used as decoration. The images show the lowered line of the sleeves, jackets with wide shoulders.
Roberto cavalliThe models in the show wore warm wool suits that can be worn every day. Basic elements: straight-cut trousers with a tapered bottom, a short jacket that beautifully emphasizes the waist, large collars and lapels, elongated oversized straight jackets. Luxurious brown and blue shades prevail.
AltuzarraDemonstrate classic strict looks, composed by suits of black and steel tone, flared trousers, fitted jackets.
LemaireBeige, brown and green colors. Characteristic features: a skirt and a jacket, decorated with a stand-up collar, a puffy leg-sleeve, a sweater blouse sewn from lace material, straight narrow loose-fitting trousers.
David KomaCreative images and non-standard fabrics for business style. The costumes are made of polyester, elastane, velvet, cloth, denim, knitted fabric. The collection is represented by sharp lapels, narrow trousers with a flared bottom, bomber jackets, fur trim on the sleeves and pockets, stand-up collars. Original ensembles that are ideal for representatives of the creative environment.

Actual colors

Along with bright shades, the wardrobe should have suits of restrained tones and classic cut. Black is a versatile, safe color. It will demonstrate the seriousness of its owner at a business meeting. And supplemented with interesting details and accents will turn into a good image for a walk or going to the cinema.

For example, pumps, an elegant handbag and a scarf, coupled with red lipstick and loose curls, are a variant of how a business image is transformed into an evening one. Large and small cells, geometric patterns of different shades are relevant.

Main colors of 2020:

  • Gray;
  • the black;
  • white;
  • blue;
  • red and its shades;
  • brown;
  • green;
  • cream and beige;
  • yellow;
  • pink.

Key Content 2020

In their collections, designers turned to fabrics that were previously infrequently used for sewing business ensembles. In the new year, at the peak of popularity, clothes from:

  • corduroy;
  • denim;
  • skin;
  • velvet;
  • velor and suede;
  • cotton and flax;
  • acrylic;
  • wool;
  • polyamide;
  • atlas.

Metallic fabrics, shiny draperies are actual.

Prints in looks 2020

Clothes prints are relevant for many seasons in a row.

Most popular in the coming year:

  • plant patterns in the form of small flowers, leaves, etc.;
  • vertical stripes;
  • large and small cells of different colors;
  • animal prints: drawing of zebra, python;
  • ethnic motives.


Pantsuits are presented not only by classic sets, but also by models with interesting and unusual accents, free-form top or bottom. They allow you to form both strict and romantic evening looks. Loose fit outfits help create a luxurious casual look. Tapered trousers emphasize the beauty of the figure of their owner.

Trouser sets trends:

  • Juicy, catchy colors. The orange tone became the leader. Salvatore Ferragamo, Zimmermann and Emporio Armani have plenty of it. Yellow shades are found in Boss, Pamella Roland, pink and purple in Escada, Salvatore Ferragamo. Extravagant suits in acid blue and green colors can be found in the Emporio Armani, Paul & Joe collections.
  • The combination of a jacket and shorts. These can be cropped culottes, bermuda shorts and mini shorts. Brands: Emilia Wickstead, Laura Biagiotti, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Claudia Li and others.
  • Luxurious white color. Stylish outfits are perfect for late spring, summer and early fall. You will have to look for them from Guy Laroche, Ermanno Scervino, Noon by Noor, Each Other.
  • Vertical narrow and wide strip of one or more tones. In such a suit, the fair sex will be not only fashionable, but also slim. White stripe was featured in suits from Sies Marjan, Palmer Harding, wide color - Peter Pilotto, Elie Saab.
  • The stripe literally cannot exist without a cell. Therefore, Max Mara, Alexander McQueen use it generously in their models. Prabal Gurung, Versace have created extravagant suits in a multi-colored check.
  • Kate Spade, Christian Dior, Christian Wijnants have cropped outfits.

Selection of a suit for a figure

There are various criteria for choosing an office kit. The main thing is the correspondence of the model to the figure of its owner. A properly selected outfit can radically change the silhouette, emphasize its dignity. To understand which suit is better to buy, you should heed the advice of designers.

Key recommendations:

  • If a set of clothes consists of a short bottom, it is better to have a long top. This rule also works in reverse.Long skirts or pants are suitable for short jackets or blazers.
  • Vertical stripes will help to emphasize a slim figure and visually stretch the silhouette.
  • Fashionistas with plump hips should pay attention to the fitted top of a straight cut. It should be as long as mid-thigh. A narrow pencil skirt will accentuate flaws.
  • Girls with a round tummy should choose cropped oversized jackets and high-waisted pants.
  • For women who want to appear taller visually, elongated models of jackets or vests are suitable.
  • Shoulder pads emphasize the width of the shoulders, you need to be more careful with them.
  • Fragile and slender girls fit straight-cut trousers and fitted jackets.
  • Owners of a proportional hourglass figure can afford any style and length of clothing.
  • A long skirt or trousers and an elongated jacket will help to achieve harmony in the image of tall girls. For short women of fashion - an elongated bottom in combination with a short top.


When creating a business image, it is important to choose the right suit not only, but also accessories. It is the details that shape the look of a business woman. They are able to create a gentle, romantic look or emphasize status and professionalism.

Notepads, business card holders, organizers are usually kept in a bag. For business meetings, it is better to use a stylish briefcase or folder bag. Accessories will help you make a positive impression.

If the choice fell on a leather briefcase or bag, then the wallet should be combined with other items as much as possible. Better if it is a notebook of a calm tone, not heavily decorated with fittings. They choose a small purse with sections for bills and business cards, but do not fill it with discount cards and photographs. There is an organizer for these purposes.

In order for the image to be complete and thought out to the smallest detail, attention is even paid to a writing pen. Sleek and expensive looking, she can play a key role in image creation.

Rating of women's business suits in 2020

Below is an overview of models and brands of business suits of foreign and Russian production. All kits can be ordered online and are available in the online store. To compare the cost of products on different sites or to understand where the store is located geographically, it is worth looking at Yandex Market.

Suits Bezko

Average price on Yandex Market: 7,190 rubles. - 8 790 rubles.

You can order through the applications KUPIVIP.RU, Lamoda, Wildberries.

Suits Bezko

Description and characteristics: the brand is engaged in tailoring classic and casual pants sets. The suits are complemented by fitted jackets and blazers with a belt, loose-fitting blouses, vests and tunics below the waist. You can additionally purchase a pencil skirt or a loose model. In summer, suits with cropped shorts are perfect with bright tops and tees. There are large ensembles.

On the website KUPIVIP.RU:

  • Blue and black suit, suitable for any season. Article - BP 3363 BLUE-BLACK. Composition: 45% viscose, 50% nylon, 5% elastane. At a price - 7 190 rubles.
  • Gray trouser outfit in a large cage. Article - BP 3448 GRAY. Composition: 43% cotton fabric, 34% viscose. 14% polyester content, 7% wool, 2% elastane. Cost - 7 652 rubles.


  • there are models of large sizes;
  • can be ordered in any convenient application;
  • the costumes are made in accordance with the latest fashion trends;
  • summer and demi-season sets.


  • the cost is above average, there are business suits that are more affordable.

Sartori Dodici Suit

Average price on Yandex Market: 3,590 rubles.

You can order through the applications KUPIVIP.RU, Lamoda, Wildberries.

Sartori Dodici Suit

Description: an elegant model of a Russian manufacturer. A wrap-around blazer paired with skinny pants is perfect for going to the office and for creating an evening look. Sleeve ¾ is comfortable in that it will not restrict movement. Sizes from 42 to 48. Composition: viscose, polyester, elastane. The manufacturer has similar models in black, green, blue and purple.


  • emphasizes a slim figure;
  • relatively low cost;
  • you can order online in any application;
  • choice of colors: green or purple;
  • stretches, but retains its shape.


  • some buyers note the low quality of the product.

Adzhedo Suit

Average price on Yandex Market: 6,890 rubles.

You can order through the applications KUPIVIP.RU, Lamoda, Wildberries.

Adzhedo Suit

Description: cotton trouser outfit from a Russian manufacturer of delicate lingonberry color. Sizes: 44 - 56 sizes. Jacket with a wrap and trousers with a zipper or button. 60% cotton, 35% polyester, 5% elastane.


  • it is possible to order online;
  • can be worn separately;
  • the fastener of the jacket makes it possible to adjust the product according to the figure;
  • suitable for any season.


  • there are models that are more affordable.


Average price on Yandex Market: 6,950 rubles.

Can be ordered through the KUPIVIP.RU applications.


Description: a set from Italian designers, made in Russia. Article - AV 858 OLIVE. It is 50% cotton, 33% viscose, 12% polyester, 5% elastane. Sizes: 44, 46, 50, 52, 56, 58.

Inside the AVEMOD brand, you can find many products that complement the look. The manufacturer produces T-shirts and tops, clothes for expectant mothers, overalls, tracksuits, dresses, sweaters and cardigans.


  • fashionable suit with an elongated jacket;
  • universal - suitable for both going to the office and creating an evening look;
  • laconic design, can be diluted with bright accessories.


  • there are models that are more affordable.

Vittoria Vicci Suit

Average price on Yandex Market: 2,085 rubles.

Can be ordered through the KUPIVIP.RU applications.

Vittoria Vicci suit with a beige skirt made of high-quality dense fabric

Description: a set with a beige skirt made of high quality dense fabric. Article - 1907-02-8340. Designed in Italy, sewn in Russia. It consists of 48% viscose, 45% polyester, 7% elastane. Lining material - polyester.


  • buyers note good quality;
  • affordable price;
  • emphasizes a slim figure.


  • looks good only on slender women.

The surest way to look elegant and appropriate in the office is to find a business suit that will accentuate your figure and hide its flaws. To make the image up-to-date and stylish, the editors of the site "" made a review, after studying which you can prevent mistakes when choosing an outfit. Brand and budget models for women, selected taking into account the characteristics of the figure, will help to remain feminine and attractive in any situation.


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