Best hazelnuts for baking for 2020


Crispy or, on the contrary, tender, melting in the mouth, with condensed milk or creamy filling, shortcrust pastry nuts are an unforgettable taste of childhood. Almost all Soviet families had hazel-frying pans in their house, heating them on gas, baking shells for their favorite cookies. True, culinary creativity took a lot of time, and the cleaning afterwards was grandiose: the plate was decorated with smudges, the patterned baking dish had to be mercilessly scrubbed, washing off the oil film.

When electrical appliances appeared, the situation changed. Now treating friends and family with a childhood treat is not difficult.The editorial staff of the site "" offers you an overview of the best hazelnuts for baking for 2020.

What are hazelnuts

There are the following types of devices for making oval cookies:

  • Regular.

Construction of two connected usually cast iron pans with patterned dough notches. The lower one has grooves, the upper one has convex oval “thorns” that form cookies in the form of nut halves. A cooker is required to heat the mold.

  • Electrical appliance with frying surfaces.

The principle is the same as for the waffle iron: the dough is placed on working closing panels equipped with heating elements. The hazelnut maker bakes dessert "shells" thanks to the forms with hemispheres - curved and concave, which differs from the electric waffle iron, which only creates a relief pattern. The halves are then combined with cream or other filling. The comparison is not in favor of the heavy metal shape of the Soviet era. Modern housewives prefer electric multifunctional units. Mains powered appliances are easy to use, cooking time for each portion is 3-5 minutes. Many hazelnuts have 5-12 dough holes, making it easy to bake a large batch of treats in a short time. It is not difficult to wash the mold, the best manufacturers have taken care of the convenience of using household appliances, providing the baking panels with a non-stick coating. According to buyers, electric hazelnuts have another advantage: they can be used at home, in the country and in any other place where there is access to the network.

The downside of users is the bulkiness of the devices: individual models weigh more than one and a half kilograms. However, the disadvantage does not prevent electric bakers from becoming one of the favorites of home cooks.

Top brands

Which company is better to buy devices for baking nuts? Average families with average incomes are more interested in products of famous brands, but at an affordable price segment. The editorial staff of "" presents brands, the popularity of models of which is constantly growing due to excellent quality and low cost.


In 1974, Japanese businessman Sumio Nakamura decided to sell car radios and the brand was born. Gradually, the range of appliances expanded, and the production of household appliances was opened under the Supra brand. The company met the twenty-first century with convincing success. By the way, this brand is a laureate of many awards, including "Product of the Year". The Japanese brand has been on the Russian market since 1991.


The history of the brand began in the Netherlands before last century. Koninklijke Philips N.V. in 1891 founded a modest production of electric lamps. Today, the enterprises of the famous brand provide many areas of human activity. Much attention is paid to consumer goods. Small kitchen appliances are one of the most successful areas.


The Swiss brand has gained popularity since 2007. The company keeps up with the times, using advanced technologies, regularly updating the model range. Redmond specialists are expanding the operational range of household appliances, trying to make them convenient and multifunctional.

  • Vasilisa

The Russian brand of the company "Delta" has existed since 2014. The company produces good products at an affordable price. The quality of the goods is confirmed by international certificates. The focus is on the domestic consumer.


The owner of the trademark is the Russian company Dom Bytovoy Tekhniki, which has been on the market since 2002. Household goods are distinguished by the quality confirmed by the State Standard of Russia. The manufacturer does not overstate the prices, which adds attractiveness to the products.


Russian trade mark. On the market since 2005. Specializes in the production of household and electrical goods. The main rule of the company is to create reliable equipment with various modifications.


Ukrainian brand - Chinese products. A young brand that competes with more experienced competitors in the home appliance market. The product is manufactured according to CE standards.


In the nineties of the last century, this brand was born in Russia. Small household appliances of the Smile trademark quickly gained popularity, winning the hearts of residents from Krasnodar to Vladivostok.


The birthplace of the Russian brand is St. Petersburg. Having declared itself in 2011, the company has representative offices in many Russian regions, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Kitchen appliances are inexpensive, with a warranty on every purchase.


Domestic brand. On the market since 1992. The company with clear leadership ambitions named the trademark after the Alpha Ursa Minor - Polaris Alpha. The products are multifunctional and of good quality.


Owned by Golder Electronics, founded in 1993. Fourteen years ago, a Russian company acquired Hong Kong's Star Plus Ltd. In 2000, a brand appeared that was awarded the “Product of the Year” and “Brand of the Year” awards. Vitek is represented in seventy countries of the world.

How to choose a hazelnut

When planning to make a purchase, you should initially determine what qualities a baking machine should have.

What to look for when choosing a product:

  1. Non-stick coating of the mold.

Expensive electric hazelnuts are made of thermolon, the highest quality, ecological, wear-resistant material. Many popular models are made of titanium. Hazel cutters with Teflon are in demand, the main thing is that the manufacturer does not save on layer thickness. If, when buying, this aspect is not visually determined, then pay attention to the smoothness of the coating, the absence of flaws on the surface of the panel is worth it.

  1. Housing.

Outside, metal or plastic is possible, preferably heat-resistant. The working surface of the device is made of steel, cast iron, aluminum. It is better to refuse a product with aluminum, although it is more advantageous at a price. According to professionals, the best material is strong steel.

  1. Safety.

The most popular product on the home appliance market is hazelnuts with a thermally insulated handle. Samples with an auto-off function are even more popular.

  1. Indicator.

It is difficult to imagine modern cooking technology without a smart built-in mechanism that allows the hostess to organize the culinary process. Controlling baked goods is much easier if the hazelnut has a power indicator.

  1. Power.

Traditionally, devices have a power of 650-1600 W, which is quite enough for high-quality dessert baking. The more powerful the unit, the faster the process.

  1. Temperature regulator.

The technique of recent years of production is equipped with a thermostat responsible for regulating the temperature regime. Confectioners appreciate models with a thermostat that allows you to vary recipes.

  1. Fixing the mount.

A tightly fastening mechanism to the panels is important - this creates the optimal temperature for baking, and the dough, evenly distributed over the working surfaces, does not come out and does not burn the chef's fingers.

  1. Convenience.

"Tailed" electric hazelnut with a cord and a plug occupies a large area. When baking is finished, the appliance is removed from the table, for example, in the kitchen cabinet. If the product has a “pocket” for the cord in the body, it becomes compact.

  1. Price.

The finest kitchen appliances are reasonably priced. Frying pans can be purchased for 500-800 rubles. How much does an electric hazel cutter cost? Within 1000-5000 thousand rubles. Cost is based on material quality, functionality and brand.

When all the characteristics of the dream hazel are assessed, you can study the range of household appliances stores.

Rating of quality hazelnuts for 2020

The price range of the presented goods is from 900 to 3000 rubles.

10th place: Smile NM 3617

Power750 watts
Number of modes1
overheat protectionthere is
Non-stick coatingthere is
Work indicatorthere is
Additional Information12 half-shapes

The description of inexpensive models should start with this representative. Like all inexpensive devices, it has low power. Compact, convenient. Cookies cook quickly, you can bake six pieces at a time, working plates have 12 halves. The manufacturer did not forget about the non-stick layer.

Smile NM 3617


Simple cooking process;

  • Takes up little space;
  • A budget option;
  • With a latch.


  • The build plates cannot be removed;
  • No timer;
  • The case heats up;
  • Small cord length.

9th place: KITFORT CT - 1616

Power640 Wt
Operation / ready indicatorvisual
Non-stick coatingthere is
Heating controllernot

Ideal for making desserts at home. The non-stick layer allows cooking without oil, which is appreciated by nutritionists. Easy to wash. Reviews of the model are positive.



  • Inexpensive;
  • Compact;
  • Easy to operate;
  • There is a non-stick coating.


  • Short cord - 70 cm;
  • Insignificant power;
  • Without temperature controller.

8 position: Magio MG-391/393

Power 750 Vi
Servings 6
Number of modes1
Non-stick coating there is
Work indicatorthere is
Additional Information12 half-shapes

Bright design, good power, high-quality heating of the working panels and, as a result, an excellent dessert. The housewives who bought the model mainly use the classic recipe for nut dough, Magio copes with the task, there are no complaints.

Magio MG-391/393


  • With non-stick layer;
  • Reasonable dimensions suitable for a small kitchen;
  • There is an indication;
  • Nice design.


  • Not detected.

7th place: Miracle EV-2

Power 1000 watts
Temperature controlthere is
Work indicatorthere is
Additional information12 half-shapes
Non-stick coating teflon or ceramic

The hostesses appreciated the convenience of using the unit: if desired, it is easy to adjust the temperature regime, it is easy to cook, baked "shells" are taken out of the recesses of the mold without any extra effort.

Miracle EV-2


  • With a thermostat;
  • Non-stick coated.


  • No lock for a snug fit.

6 position: Holt HT-NM-001

Power750 watts
Temperature controlthere is
Non-stick coatingthere is
Work indicatorthere is
Cord storage compartmentthere is
Additional Information9 half-shapes

The model is equipped with a hole for a cord, which increases its compactness. Thanks to the high-quality coating, nothing ever burns on the build plates.

Holt HT-NM-001


  • Compact;
  • Non-stick top layer.


  • Not seen.

5th place: Polaris PNT 0401 Profi Baker

Number of modes1
Non-stick coatingthere is
Work indicatorthere is
Additional Information24 half molds
Heat insulated handlesthere is

Powerful, 24-mold, multifunctional, temperature-controlled branded home appliances. Black is usually used for design, emphasizing the elegance of the model.

Polaris PNT 0401 Profi Baker


  • Strong body;
  • With non-stick layer;
  • With a set temperature regime.


  • Not identified.

4th place: Spectrum-Device Belochka EO-0.8 / 220

Power800 watts
Number of modes1
Cord length1.5 m
Additional Information12 half-shapes

Ideal for preparing meals. The housewives note the speed and quality of the baked goods. Serves "Squirrel" for a long time to the delight of lovers of homemade sweets.

Spectrum-Device Squirrel EO-0.8 / 220


  • All shells are baked evenly;
  • The cooking process is fast;
  • The body is metal, not afraid of mechanical damage;
  • Long cord - 1.5 m.


  • The form is not removable, it is difficult to wash;
  • Fragile holder lock;
  • Bottom panel without handle.

"Bronze": Supra WIS-200

Power1400 Wt
Number of forms12
Work indicatorthere is
Temperature controlnot
Weight2.36 kg

Powerful, with a wide - 29 centimeters - working area, the model deservedly takes the step of the pedestal. Even if it does not have temperature control and auto-shutdown, the model also does not give signals about the end of baking, but it bakes quickly: three minutes - and everything is ready. A technique for those who love speed.

Supra WIS-200


  • The presence of a work indicator;
  • Fast process.


  • The cord is short;
  • Expensive;
  • Cookies may not cook evenly (depending on the thickness of the dough).

"Silver": Great rivers Oreshek-10

Power750 watts
Number of forms4
Non-stick coatingthere is
Work indicatorthere is
Additional Informationpanels for nuts, fish
overheat protectionnot
Cool handlethere is

The device with removable panels: for cookies "nuts", "fish". Equipped with a heating indicator. This is, in fact, a hazel-baker: you can bake gingerbread, waffles, cookies, muffins. A great model if you want rich nuts. The number of baked products in one approach is 8 half-molds.

Great rivers Oreshek-10


  • Forms are removable;
  • Compact model;
  • Non-stick coated;
  • The ability to bake various pastries with one device;
  • Thermal insulating body;
  • The legs of the model are stable, do not slip on the table.


  • Not detected.

"Gold": Vasilisa VA-202

Power700 watts
Temperature controlthere is
overheat protectionthere is
Non-stick coating there is
Work indicatorthere is
Additional Information9 half-shapes

Small kitchen appliances with a frying surface with a diameter of 20.5 centimeters and 9 half-molds. The number of baked products - 4.5 pcs. "Vasilisa" will not allow you to burn yourself, the model has a built-in system with overheating protection.

Vasilisa VA-202


  • Inexpensive;
  • There is a non-stick layer;
  • With a temperature controller;
  • With work indicator.


  • The center pan bakes slower than the others.

Typical mistakes when choosing

A reasonable buyer will name the main criteria for choosing household appliances for the kitchen:

  • High-quality assembly;
  • Environmentally friendly materials used for production;
  • Functionality;
  • Appearance;
  • Verified brand;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Provided warranty period.

However, in practice, there is often a substitution of concepts.

Buyers are afraid to take Chinese-assembled equipment, suggesting a marriage, even in specialized stores. You need to know that for many respected brands on the Russian market, China is the manufacturer.World-renowned companies value their reputation, so you shouldn't worry about quality. It's another matter if the product is sold in a small store or by hand, without a quality certificate, user manual. Even if the price is convenient, you should skip the purchase to avoid disappointment.

Another typical oversight is to think: a cheap thing is not of high quality. If the sale takes place in a branded shopping center, you should not be afraid. The price of last year's goods is often dropped, but the quality of the devices does not suffer from the change of the calendar. And at the same time, cheap household goods, the appearance of which cannot be visually appreciated, in an online store - especially on a free platform - is dangerous to buy: you can buy a fake or a product with a manufacturing flaw.

Those who prefer online shopping will benefit from the following recommendations:

  • Before ordering online, you need to familiarize yourself with customer reviews on other Internet sources: where to buy is better, which company to choose, at what price to buy, which seller cannot be dealt with, and which one provides quality services;
  • The product being sold must have clear characteristics, a specific price;
  • A reputable online store never requires prepayment;
  • The buyer should be offered several options for receiving the goods: through the post office, delivery service or at the pickup point. Fake offices insist only on prepaid postage, chopping off customer feedback.
  • It will be safe to buy a trusted brand in the online store.

These expert tips will help you get the right product. And when household appliances are installed in the kitchen, its owners have to remember the rule: do not forget to study the instructions before using the device, so that the hazelnut will serve for many years and delight you with a delicious dessert.

If you have experience in buying and using hazelnuts, share your opinion by leaving a comment.


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