The best pool enclosures for 2020


How nice it is to plunge into cool water on a hot summer day. There is no sea nearby - it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s hot outside, the home bath will become a favorite vacation spot. One problem is that leaves from near growing trees and shrubs fall into the water, rubbish flies from sidewalk paths. In order to preserve clean water and be able to swim at any time, it is worth equipping the pool with a roof, or rather a pavilion.

The editorial staff of the site "" offers you an overview of the best pavilions for pools of various designs and shapes for 2020.

"Roofs" for the pool: what are the pavilions, what is the advantage

There are the following types of protective structures:

  • Mobile.

The most profitable option if the bath is used only in summer. "Tent" made of dense material reliably protect water from dust, leaves, precipitation. Weather permitting, the canopy can be removed and you can enjoy outdoor swimming.

  • Stationary.

Unlike the previous model, the stationary is installed, as they say, once and for all. It is impossible to move, move a metal structure. It is covered with polycarbonate sheets on all sides, one of the walls is equipped with a door, the others - with lifting sections for ventilation. The structure will stand all seasons, it is not afraid of precipitation and temperature changes. The only drawback is bulkiness.

  • Sliding.

It consists of rails installed along the length of the water bowl, and a frame of movable sections. The shape is different: round, oval, rectangular, square. Such a model is multifunctional: it looks original, protects the water quality from external factors, extends the duration of the bathing season by maintaining a warm climate inside the building, allows you to open the bathing bowl on a fine day and at the same time organize a canopy for shade.

Also, pavilions are distinguished by their height. The lowest ones - up to a meter - simply close the bowl. You can swim, but you won't be able to soak up the water. The medium height awnings allow the person to stand up to their full height. High ones - over two meters - this is already a construction for a spa area.

Top manufacturers

Among the firms offering products in the segment of equipment for outdoor pools, the following companies stand out.


German firm. Founded in 1964. Primary specialization - pool roofs. The company is headquartered in Eppingen. Today, the products are widely used in various industrial fields and households. The official dealer of VÖROKA in Russia is AstraPuls.

  • Mountfield

Czech manufacturer. Leads history since 1991. Assortment: pools of various types, garden equipment, furniture and equipment. The company's network includes 74 retail outlets and service centers. Mountfield brand - AZURO.

  • Alukov

Another Czech company. It has existed since 1995, initially it produced aluminum frames - door and window frames. Later the production of telescopic fences began.Trade relations have been established with 40 countries. The firm owns the IPC-TEAM trademark.

  • ALBIXON a.s.

Czech manufacturer. The company was founded in 1990 by the Smetana brothers. It is currently considered one of the largest representatives of its industry in the world. Owns 64 international quality certificates and patents. Distributor of the Czech brand ALBIXON in Russia - Idealkaver.

  • Aluabri

International alliance, on the market since 1999. As noted on the official website of the manufacturer, the pavilions use "an aluminum profile system developed in France." The company has production and sales services in several European countries.

  • Aluten

Domestic manufacturer. The Alyuten plant specializes in the production of high-quality aluminum translucent structures. For ten years of operation, the company has won the trust of consumers and is considered one of the worthy competitors of foreign manufacturers.

  • Cascade

Russian company with a 20-year history. Practiced in the production and delivery to the consumer of sliding pavilions made of polycarbonate sections of various shapes and colors. New items of this brand are in great demand.

When choosing which company is better to buy a product, buyers should first of all look at these companies, which have earned a reputation as reliable suppliers of quality products.

How to choose a pavilion

Since these structures come in different shapes and heights, you should buy one that completely covers the bathing bowl and part of the base near it.

The main choice mistakes that buyers make:

  • The shelter does not match the parameters;
  • The canopy is not suitable for climatic conditions;
  • Choosing an unscrupulous seller.

When planning to purchase a shelter for a home bath, you need to consider:

  1. The height of the building.

Are you planning to build a recreation area, or is the main task to hide water from debris, dust, leaves and prevent its rapid evaporation? If you just need to make a roof, then a low shelter is enough: you can swim in the font for your own pleasure, only without acrobatic jumps. To equip the spa area, you will need a high pavilion that acts as a gazebo or a canopy on the picnic area.

  1. Shape and size.

Everything is simple here: for a rectangular model, a dome-shaped canopy is hardly suitable. For a round bowl, an asymmetric pavilion is unlikely to be needed, unless the owners of the site are going to arrange a closed recreation area, when under the roof there is a swimming pool, a dance floor, a workout, and a cocktail bar.

  1. Type: mobile, stationary.

Each of the pavilions is comfortable and functional. However, it is important to understand how the pool will be used, for how long and in what area. For example, for a small site, a mobile canopy would be more appropriate, a bulky stationary structure will steal square meters, which the site owner expected to dispose of differently.

  1. Device type.

There are sliding, monolithic and covering sheds on the market. Which pavilion is better to buy - the owner of the pool needs to decide, based on the features of the bathing bowl. The foldable option is more suitable for small recessed or above ground pools. The arches of the frame are covered with UV-resistant PVC film and reinforced with an awning covering. The device will protect the water from pollution. For a frame pool, you can use both a sliding structure and a monolithic one. Features of such a structure - a bather can be in a pool, closed from all sides. The sliding model allows you to open the bathing bowl. For composite, it is desirable to install the structure on a rail with movable sections.

  1. Material.

The most popular stationary models are made of an aluminum "skeleton" with polycarbonate sections. These are fairly durable structures with a long service life. If you like light sheds, then you should give preference to structures with a textile covering. According to buyers who have chosen such tents, they are financially more profitable. The main thing is that the structures have a moisture protection function.

  1. Difficulty maintaining cleanliness.

The recreation area must be well maintained. If the cover is made of materials that do not tolerate a brush and detergents, then such a pavilion will fail after a short time due to ingrained dirt, mold and mildew. In addition, lack of hygiene will be detrimental to the health of bathers. And who wants to splash in the pool, if overhead is a terrifying filthy monster.

  1. Brand.

The advantage is on the side of well-known companies. The best manufacturers are not only responsible for the goods with their name and reputation, but also offer a decent service, give a guarantee for their product. In any case, you should first study the reviews about the company and its products, and only then make a purchase.

  1. Price.

The most inexpensive and budget options are mobile awnings. The tent pavilion will cost 15-20 thousand rubles. However, mobile shelters will not lengthen the swimming season, give way to strong winds and heavy rainfall, such a structure cannot be left to winter with a calm soul. Stationary models can easily overwinter, but they are also more expensive. The average cost is 300 thousand rubles. The best and most expensive are polycarbonate sliding shelters of foreign brands: large, multifunctional, with many sections, of various shapes. How much is a piece of engineering art worth? The price sometimes reaches 800-900 thousand rubles.

  1. Where to buy a quality product.

You can order an online purchase from the manufacturer's or distributor's online store. The site, as a rule, contains stamps, photos, descriptions and characteristics of the models, it will not be difficult to choose the one you need. Companies often make pavilions according to the size provided by the customer. The installation of the structure is carried out by a team of specialists.

When all the selection criteria are taken into account, the purchase will be a joy.

How to build your dream pavilion

If there is no desire to buy a ready-made structure, the jack-of-all-trades "roof" for the pool will build on their own. Before that, it is worth getting a detailed instruction from specialists, as well as approving the plans and understanding:

  • For what purpose is it being built;
  • For what period of service is it calculated.

When the project is mentally drawn, drawings are prepared, not forgetting to indicate the necessary parameters:

  1. Height;
  2. Width;
  3. Length;
  4. Base shape;
  5. Marking of movable sections;
  6. A door.

You should also consider:

  • What foundation is needed;
  • Material for enhancing the strength of the base;
  • What kind of cladding is required for the base;
  • Design features;
  • Covering material: sections of polyvinyl chloride or textile fiber;
  • Additional materials for waterproofing;
  • Fastening elements;
  • Paint.

Step-by-step instructions for making a polycarbonate pool pavilion at home

  1. Foundation preparation: dig a ditch a meter and a half deep, lay with thick reinforcement (double), pour concrete.
  2. Cover the concrete with porcelain stoneware.
  3. Give the metal pipes of the future skeleton the desired shape using a grinder, and then weld and grind the cuts.
  4. Bolt the frame to the foundation.
  5. Attach the metal arcs of the frame to the frame.
  6. Treat all seams with an anti-corrosion agent.
  7. On the polycarbonate sheets, mark where the holes will be.
  8. Insert the polymer plates into the frame, attaching with self-tapping screws and washers.
  9. Cover the seams with sealant.
  10. Cover metal "bones" with varnish or paint.

The width of the base is 10 cm wider than the structure, this is a prerequisite for creating a reliable structure. The more sections, the wider the base.

Professional advice

  1. It is better to use 0.8 cm thick polymer plates:
  • prevent the penetration of ultraviolet radiation;
  • cellular polycarbonate has good thermal insulation;
  • average service life - 10 years;
  • can be cleaned;
  • look aesthetically pleasing.
  1. How to make a solid base: you need a thick reinforcement with a diameter of 20 cm.
  2. The thickness of the foundation for metal structures requires at least 1-1.5 meters.
  3. Strengthen the base by laying on top of porcelain stoneware or tiles from another “eternal” material.
  4. The metal pipes for the frame must be at least 2 m long.
  5. The optimal distance between the arches of the frame is 100 cm.

If you are not confident in your own abilities, it is better to turn to specialists for help, after all, construction is a difficult business.

Rating of quality pool enclosures for 2020

According to the reviews of buyers of online stores, the editors of the site "" have compiled a selection of popular models of the current year.

Round base

3rd place: Poolmagic PH-03

It is offered at a price of 19 thousand rubles.

Manufacturer - Poolmagic. Mobile, one-section, for a round pool. Parameters (length, height, width): 6x2.8x5.2 m. The body is made of polyester, the structure itself is made of fiberglass or galvanized steel. With three zippered doors or with a lock. Suitable for protecting water from dirt and dust, can be used as a gazebo.

pavilion Poolmagic PH-03


  • Looks stylish;
  • Easy to install;
  • Long service life;
  • Quality material.


  • Will not hold back strong gusts of wind.

2nd place: AZURO

It costs 120 thousand rubles.

Mobile, with one section. Weight - 60 kg. Dimensions (LxHxW): 4.9x2.6x4.9) The shelter is used for ground and dug-in pools. The skeleton is tubular aluminum with a protective layer against ultraviolet radiation. With a movable roof.

pavilion AZURO


  • The structure is easy to move;
  • Easy installation;
  • Waterproof;
  • Can be used for buried hot tubs.


  • Not for bad weather.

1st place: Aluten Elite

Price: 445 thousand rubles.

Russian production. Dimensions (LxWxHx): 4x4x2 m. Modern frost-resistant model, does not require disassembly before the beginning of the winter months. The production uses a special technology of anodized coating. The special composition protects the structure from external factors.

pavilion Aluten Elite


  • With rubber seal;
  • With anti-corrosive layer;
  • Stylish design;
  • Structural strength.


  • Expensive.

Oval / rectangular base

5th place: AZURO

Sold at an average price of 200 thousand rubles.

Manufacturer - Mountfield. Mobile, oval. The number of sections is three. Dimensions (LxHxW): 10x4.1x2.2 m.Weighs 104 kg. Made of tubular aluminum "skeleton", with a rising roof.

pavilion AZURO


  • Quality material - VALMEX textiles;
  • UV resistant;
  • Simple and fast assembly;
  • It is possible to open the bath from all sides.


  • Not too weather resistant.

4th place: NOVUM-CLASSIC A

Price: 437 thousand rubles.

Rectangular vaulted model. Not afraid of temperature changes and climatic influences. Sturdy structure with three AlMgSi support profiles and polycarbonate cells.



  • Quality material;
  • With a removable front plane;
  • Lasting;
  • Anodized finish;
  • Warranty: 2 years.


  • Dear.

Bronze: Carat

Cost: 328 thousand rubles.

VOEROKA brand. Rectangular model made of AlMgSi aluminum profiles and cellular polycarbonate with protection against UV radiation and corrosion. Three-section. There is a roller mechanism.

Pavilion Carat


  • Door with a lock;
  • With semi-automatic bolts;
  • Movable sections;
  • With anti-corrosion coating;
  • Long service life - 25 years.


  • Not.

Silver: AVRORA

The average price is 500 thousand rubles.

Manufacturer: Cascade. Parameters (LxWxH): 8.25x4.5x0.94 m. The four-section low model made of cellular or monolithic polycarbonate is used to protect water. The mobile shelter allows the pool to be fully opened on a clear day and closed in bad weather.

pavilion AVRORA


  • Practicality;
  • Quality materials;
  • Elegant appearance;
  • With movable sections.


  • Cannot be used as a water shelter;
  • Dear.

"Gold": Teledom Klasik

Price: 400 thousand rubles.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.16x4.75x1.25 m. Of four sections. With monolithic / cellular polycarbonate roof, aluminum frame. On guide rails. The popularity of Teledom models is in their quality, ease of use, versatility. Sliding: not only protects water from litter, but also maintains a comfortable temperature regime inside the building.

Pavilion Teledom Klasik


  • Safety;
  • Multifunctionality;
  • With removable side walls;
  • With anti-corrosion coating;
  • With UV protection;
  • Looks nice.


  • Cost.

How to extend the shelf life of a pavilion: recommendations

With proper operation, the canopy will last a long time. If you're using a mobile dome, it couldn't be easier to remove and remove it before next summer. A completely different thing is sliding and stationary. They cannot be taken off or hidden.

Experts believe that the owners of the bathing area should observe the following rules:

  1. Many models have an independent ventilation system, so that moist air does not stagnate. If the pavilion is self-built, ventilation compartments must be provided. If not, keep doors or sections open from time to time.
  2. Despite the assurances of manufacturers that stationary and sliding structures can withstand bad weather, it is better to insure yourself: be sure to close the doors and sections if the wind blows. Strong gusts can be harmful.
  3. The canopy cannot be washed with strong chemicals. This will spoil the material and shorten its service life. Better to spray with water from a hose. Contaminated areas are cleaned with liquid detergent and a medium-hard brush.
  4. In winter, snow must be removed from the roof, otherwise the plates will deform under the weight.
  5. If any sheets are out of order, they must be replaced. Otherwise, functionality will be lost.

If you have experience in purchasing and installing a pool enclosure, please leave a comment. Share your opinion, what you need to pay attention to when buying, in your opinion, and what nuances the buyer may face.


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