The best producers of glazed curds for 2020


Glazed curd snacks are considered to be one of the best types of milk products. They are especially popular with children. Modern food enterprises offer a huge assortment of this dessert with a variety of flavors, additives, fillings. But the main, familiar and beloved by everyone, is glazed vanilla cheese.

The editors of the site "" have prepared a review of sweet glazed curds for all lovers of delicious curd. Let's consider the best manufacturers of this sweetness, pay attention to the useful ingredients and harmful chemical additives in their composition, to the popularity of the product brand among consumers and tell you how to choose high-quality, healthy products.

What are the types of curd delicacies

Many people take a curd delicacy as a healthy alternative to harmful chocolates or sweets, because they are not only tasty and sweet, but also healthy, as they are made from cottage cheese.

Real milk cottage cheese has always been necessary for the body as a source of protein. All parents are convinced that the cheese they eat for breakfast, purchased in the store, consists of cottage cheese, and that children receive from it the necessary microelements that are useful for the body. In our stores, such products are available in a large assortment with different tastes, fillings, glaze.

On the refrigerator shelf of any grocery supermarket, you can see a variety of products of the same shape and with similar packaging. The inside is almost the same, it consists of a curd mass covered with glaze. And if they look similar, then in content they are completely different. Each product with the same weight has a price of five to forty-five rubles, differs in composition and name.

Particular attention should be paid to studying the composition from which the sweetness is prepared. After all, it depends only on him whether the yummy is useful, or it can harm the body.

But usually few people are interested in the specific composition. It is very difficult to view or read it on the packaging due to the inconveniently located information and small print.

And since the main consumers of the dessert are children, it is necessary to approach its choice with special care.

In addition, the name of the curd is of great importance.

There must be a clear record on the wrapper that this product is “glazed curd cheese”.

This name corresponds to the state quality standards for natural products. If diminutive words like "cheese", "chocolate" or some other appear in the name, it becomes clear that the manufacturer does not comply with the GOST standards, the dessert contains chemical components, and its quality leaves much to be desired. And for the child's body, it is simply harmful.

After opening the wrapper, the sweetness glazed coating can be evaluated. It can be glossy or matte.That's right, when the dessert is evenly covered with glaze, and it does not stick to the wrapper.

There may be droplets of moisture on the glaze. This is an acceptable phenomenon that occurs when the temperature drops, since the delicacy belongs to the category of perishable goods and must be properly stored in refrigerators.

The glaze coating has a different color and is:

  • white;
  • brown;
  • rainbow.

When breaking the curd cheese, a high-quality coating does not crumble, it adheres tightly to the curd mass.

What the cheese consists of

Studying the composition on the label, you need to understand that the dairy product will contain only cottage cheese, glaze and sugar. There may be additional ingredients in the form of butter and natural cream, but this will only improve the flavor and health benefits of the sweetness.

If the composition includes starch, vegetable fat, gum - then this is no longer an original dessert. But the presence of a natural flavoring agent, dye, nuts, condensed milk, cookies, fruit jams is allowed by the quality standard, they improve the taste and add variety to the product.

The color of the curd is usually white or creamy. If, according to the recipe, a certain coloring additive is added to the cheese mass, then it acquires a chocolate, raspberry, apricot taste and a corresponding color. The consistency is homogeneous, dense, slightly mealy.

The prepared mixtures are glazed with a coating that includes sugar and fat.

The curd must be well packed, the wrapper must be intact, without scuffs and tears, since these violations negatively affect the quality of the sweetness.

The shelf life of sweets made from natural products is up to 14 days. When it contains preservatives, a stabilizer of consistency, the period is increased for a longer period.

Storage and freezing temperatures must be in accordance with established quality standards.

Sweets are divided into the following types:

  1. Curd products, which do not contain vegetable fats, preservatives, stabilizers.
  2. Cheese, which contains no vegetable fats, but contains permitted preservatives.
  3. Curd. Natural milk fats in them are at least 50%.
  4. Dessert. This product has more than 50% vegetable fats and less than 50% dairy fats.

Cooking natural glazed curd in your home kitchen

Many young mothers who care about the health of their babies prepare natural sweets at home. Each of them has its own recipes for making a healthy treat from dairy products. Homemade products are much tastier than store products. They have a delicate taste and a soft, pleasant texture. In addition, the composition is known and you can not worry about the health of your children, because the curd is made from natural ingredients without impurities, additives, flavors. And this will have a positive effect on the family budget, because the cost of homemade delicacies is much lower than the purchased one.

To make cheese curds, you need to have the following products:

  • homemade cottage cheese or in briquettes - 400g;
  • sugar - 2 or 3 tbsp. spoons;
  • butter - 1 tbsp. the spoon;
  • coconut flakes - 1 tablespoon.

For the preparation of glaze we use:

  • black 70% chocolate - 150 gr;
  • sugar - 3 tablespoons;
  • cream - 3 tablespoons;
  • butter - 1 teaspoon

Consider the step-by-step instructions for a simple way to make dessert:

  1. Let's prepare the base of the cheese - cottage cheese, for which we first grind it through a sieve to make the curd mass homogeneous and airy. Cut the softened butter into small pieces. We combine these products, place them in a container, add cream, sugar, coconut and mix everything thoroughly. The prepared mass should not be liquid or crumbly. If it turns out to be watery, you also need to add grated cottage cheese or cream.
  2. Stir until smooth and form bars of a certain size from it. If there are molds for preparing cheese, we use them. We place the prepared products in the freezer for a quarter of an hour so that they do not freeze.In this case, the dessert will lose its taste. While cooling occurs, prepare the icing.
  3. Soak gelatin at the rate of 1 pack per 100 ml of water and keep it for 10 minutes.
  4. Break the prepared chocolate into pieces and dissolve in a water bath or use the smallest mode of our microwave.
  5. You can add a small piece of butter to the resulting liquid chocolate so that it becomes elastic and does not crumble.
  6. Heat the soaked gelatin in a water bath or in the microwave, mix it with a liquid chocolate mixture and mix everything well.
  7. We take out curd sticks (or curd in tins) from the freezer, carefully dip them in chocolate icing. Place on foil or parchment and refrigerate so that the curd combines well with the glaze.
  8. After 40 minutes, the dessert is ready to eat.

Our cottage cheese desserts can be prepared according to a single recipe, but their pleasant variety will only enhance the love for this sweetness. Therefore, you can:

  • add nuts, cocoa, vanillin, cookies to the curd mass;
  • make a curd dessert stuffed with cherries or boiled condensed milk. To do this, we will make a ball from the prepared curd, roll it out and put a delicious addition inside. Then we will carefully make a block.

Homemade curds will be good for the body and will not harm it.

Homemade curd differs from the store curd in safety, taste, economy.

This is not a complete list of the positive qualities of making healthy sweets with your own hands.

Sweets selection criteria

To select safe curds, specialists from Roskachestvo conducted quality examinations so that buyers understand which product is safer to buy.

Rospotrebnadzor studied more than 30 types of delicacies. According to their version, the main quality problems were found due to deviations in the products of microbiological indicators. It is likely that these deviations arose due to violations in the production of delicacies, non-compliance with the conditions of transportation, storage, sale of finished products. In the fight against spoilage of nutritious foods, sometimes even preservatives that are declared in the labeling do not help.

To buy safe treats, you must follow the following selection criteria:

  1. Pay attention to the storage time, giving preference to the freshest products.
  2. Make sure that the treats are stored at a set temperature of -4 ° C to -18 ° C.
  3. The purchased product must be stored in the home refrigerator in the freezer, from where it is removed half an hour before use.
  4. Remember that glazed curds do not contain vegetable fat.
  5. Know that there are desserts with substitutes (more than 50%) of natural fats. Their cost is much lower than the price of natural products.

Review of the best popular producers of glazed curds

In order to purchase a high-quality and tasty product, not to get confused when choosing it in a wide variety of types, we will consider the products of the best domestic manufacturers of sweet treats. We will indicate what you need to pay attention to so that there is no mistake when choosing high-quality and safe products.

LLC "Dairy business-Ivnya", Chuvashia, Deserttime

The products “Glazed Curd Desserttime with Vanilla 20%” in the form of a gold bar are very popular. The treat contains natural dairy ingredients. Belongs to the category "cottage cheese and milk products". It is produced using "curd" technologies.

The treat is packaged in a practical box that resembles a box for storing a bar of gold. Desserttime is very noticeable on refrigerator shelves. The treat has a chocolate coating and a favorite vanilla flavor. Its consistency is uniform, does not have cheesy inclusions. The glaze does not crumble and has a wonderful vanilla aroma.

Made on the basis of standardized milk and sourdough culture. Contains sweet, aromatic foods and butter. The chocolate coating is made on the basis of lauric vegetable fats.Also added sugar, powdered cocoa beans, milk whey powder, soy product emulsifier, flavorings. The fat content is 20%.

Calorie content of cheese per 100 g: 348 kcal.

Expires within 25 days.

Weight: 50 g.

Country of origin: Russia.

Price: from 33 rubles.

Glazed curd cheese Desserttime with vanilla 20%


  • excellent taste;
  • original packaging;
  • budget price;
  • the composition is free of starch and preservatives.


  • the presence of palm oil.

Manufacturer RostAgroComplex

The curd delicacy of the B.Yu.Aleksandrov brand "Glazed curds in milk chocolate with a toy 15%" have their admirers among the children's population. A large cardboard box contains six curd cheeses covered with white or milk chocolate.

Thin cheese sticks are made from natural cottage cheese, adding quality ingredients to the composition. They are topped with real Belgian chocolate. Natural vanilla gives a tasty aroma. The delicacy does not contain vegetable fats, artificial colors, preservatives. The chocolate coating is matte, fits tightly to the curd, has a light brown color.

Each curd stick is packed individually, all together they are placed in a cardboard box, which protects the tasty products from damage and deformation.

Inside each box there is a pleasant surprise - the manufacturer has taken care not only of food, but also of the consumer's leisure, putting a printed board game in it.

Fat content: 15%.

Calorie content per 100g is 288 kcal.

You need to use it within 15 days from the date of manufacture.

Package weight 150 g, one curd: 25 g.

Country of origin: Russia.

Price: from 159 rubles.

B.Yu.Aleksandrov "Cheese glazed in milk chocolate with a toy 15%"


  • natural products;
  • quality ingredients;
  • natural Belgian chocolate;
  • reliable packaging.


  • high price.

Manufacturer Grocery Pharmacy TM

Fit & Sweet glazed curd snacks are available at the Ducan Diet Store. They are prepared from natural, low-fat foods for people who are watching their weight or following a diet.

The delicacy contains purified water, cottage cheese and milk with a fat content of up to 0.5%. The consistency of the base is created using pectin, agar-agar, gelatin, eritin, stevia. The coating is prepared from grated cocoa, natural cocoa butter, milk protein, vanilla flavor, lecithin, and a sweetener (surcolase).

Glazed desserts are made in a variety of flavors. Customers give particular preference to curds stuffed with coconut, strawberry, chocolate.

The product is packed in a beautiful bright box containing 6 sticks.

Calorie content per 100g. is 90 kcal.

The yummy is stored at temperatures from + 2˚ to + 7˚ for seven days, and frozen - up to 30 days.

Package weight 160 g, one stick: 26 g.

Country of origin: Russia.

Price: 240 rubles.

curd snacks "Fit & Sweet


  • dietary product;
  • attractive packaging;
  • safe composition.


  • not detected.

CJSC "Dmitrovsky Dairy Plant"

Cheese sticks glazed with 23% fat are made in confectionery glaze with vanilla. The dessert does not contain preservatives or starch, but the manufacturers use lauric oils instead of natural cocoa oils.

The mass of cottage cheese has a homogeneous structure, pleasant shade and delicate taste. Glaze matte, smooth, dark brown shade.

Dessert, wrapped in thick foil, has a non-standard large packaging consisting of a cardboard box and six sticks.

Stores offer two versions of the product: simply glazed and in caramel glaze. The cheese sticks have a strong chocolate flavor, although they do not contain cocoa butter. Caramelized products have a vanilla smell, their texture is softer than glazed ones. The curd is plastic, melts pleasantly in the mouth, does not stick to the palate.

The filling is soft, reminiscent of a whipped, airy soufflé, it consists of cow's milk and butter.

Each package has a surprise in the form of a bright letter-magnet for the refrigerator.

Caloric content per 100g is 124 kcal.

Expiration date: 30 days.

Weight of one stick: 36 gr.

Country of origin: Russia.

Price: 85 rubles.

Glazed cheese sticks with 23%


  • dense consistency;
  • creamy taste;
  • does not contain starch or preservatives.


  • ill-conceived top packaging (easy to unfold);
  • using lauric oil.

Preobrazhensky Dairy Plant LLC

The Prostokvashino brand, “Glazed curd in white confectionery glaze Cacao 20%”, has recently appeared on supermarket shelves. This novelty immediately gained popularity among buyers for its tasty content and familiar, hilarious wrapper.

Glazed curd cheese with addition of boiled condensed milk is a product prepared on the basis of curd from fermented milk products. Possesses vanilla aroma, filling consisting of pastry cream, dark chocolate glaze. Great for light breakfasts or snacks with drinks such as coffee or tea.

In addition to the cheese base, the product contains thickeners, stabilizers and preservatives, which indicates a small amount of natural ingredients in it.

However, the sweetness is highly popular with consumers due to its low price, pleasant taste, and interesting filling.

Calorie content per 100 g is 367 kcal.

Expiration date: 28 days.

Product weight: 40g.

Country of origin: Russia.

Price: 30 rubles.

curd cheese Prostokvashino


  • light taste;
  • original filling;
  • cheerful packaging;
  • budget cost.


  • the presence of preservatives, emulsifiers, vegetable fats.

Manufacturer RostAgroComplex

The trade mark "Soviet Traditions" presents a glazed curd bar with 26% fat content with additions of vanilla and cocoa.

The delicacy familiar to everyone is made according to GOST. Contains natural ingredients from cottage cheese, butter and sugar. However, substitutes for cocoa butter and starch are available.

The base of the white curd has a delicate, soft texture and light vanilla flavor notes. From above, the product is covered with a dense confectionery glaze with cocoa.

A fairly high-calorie product is used as a hearty breakfast or a hearty snack. It is convenient to give it to children to school or take it with you to work.

Packaged in foil.

Caloric content per 100g is 430 kcal.

Expiration date: 21 days.

Weight: 45 gr.

Country of origin: Russia.

Price: 30 rubles.

curd cheese Soviet traditions


  • pleasant taste;
  • compliance with GOST.


  • contains palm oil and starch.

Producer "Dairy Business - Ivnya"

"Glazed curd cheese curd with vanilla 16%" is made from fresh products according to the classic recipe.

Delicate curd mass and dense confectionery glaze create an extraordinary, harmonious, sweet, tasty delicacy.

The dessert is very hearty, fragrant, perfectly complements breakfast with coffee or tea. It is very popular among athletes, as it has great functionality and helps to quickly recover strength after training.

The sweetness of the Tvorobushka brand has double packaging. The main box contains six treats sticks, each in its own individual flow pack. This helps to maintain the quality and useful properties of the product for the entire shelf life.

The calorie content per 100 g is 353 kcal.

Expiration date: 30 days.

Weight of six units: 180 gr.

Country of origin: Russia.

Price: 119 rubles.

curd curd curd curd curd curd curd curd curd with vanilla 16%


  • delicious treat;
  • large volume;
  • technological packaging.


not installed.

OJSC "Belgorod Dairy Plant"

"Glazed curd bar White city Chocolate 23% 50g".

The cottage cheese delicacy "White City" has a delicate taste of chocolate, covered with high-quality confectionery glaze. The curd base is soft and tender. The glaze is sweet, tasty, does not crumble when biting off, melts in the mouth.

A dairy treat with cocoa or vanilla aroma is used as a dessert for tea or a snack at work.The cheese is quite high in calories, has 419 kcal per 100 gr. It is not recommended for people who are on a diet.

Consists of dairy products, cocoa powder, confectionery glaze, vanilla flavor.

Packaged in a standard foil wrapper.

Expiration date: 10 days.

Price: 30 rubles.

curd curd curd curd curd glazed White city Chocolate 23% 50g


  • delicious;
  • quality ingredients;
  • low price.


  • high calorie content.

All reviewed products are highly trusted and have good purchasing power.

We hope this rating helped you in choosing a quality product. We look forward to your feedback and comments.


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