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There is such a saying: “They are greeted by their clothes, escorted by their minds,” and it is 100% true. The first thing people look at when their gaze falls on you is your clothes. Clothes and footwear. And this statement can be applied not only to people, but also to their vehicles, in particular to cars. The "shoes" of a car are undoubtedly its wheels: tires and wheels. Now the product market is teeming with a variety of forged wheels, and every motorist is trying to choose the most attractive and high-quality option for his device. What are the varieties, what criteria should you pay attention to when choosing them, and, also, the products of which manufacturers are worth your attention and funds. Let's explore these issues in as much detail as possible in this article.

The term "forged wheels"

Let's figure out the name of this element of the car. In fact, the term "forged wheels" is absolutely wrong, because they are made from light alloys that undergo isothermal stamping. But this name has firmly entered the everyday life of car owners and, out of habit, is still used to this day. Let's not violate the usual order of things in the Universe and continue to use the term in the article.

History of origin

This equipment came to machines from aviation. Borrowing interesting innovations from the “heavenly brothers” has already become a common practice. The first testers were motor sportsmen. In some areas of motorsport, discs have been able to reduce wheel inertia, in others to increase their strength and lifespan. They quickly gained popularity on regular roads as well. Before this type, there were others: steel stamped - cheap, resistant to heavy loads and deformations, but too heavy; Cast aluminum also had advantages, but their big drawback - the tendency to break during loads, making hard landings unsafe - influenced their replacement with forged ones.

Forged wheels in Russia

The concept of using this wheel element in our country is completely different from foreign ones - in most other countries, such wheels are installed mainly on racing and luxury cars, on all others - alloy ones, but in our country everything is different. A car with forged wheels on public roads is by no means a rarity. And this happens because the cost of this product in Russia is in some places 10 times less than foreign counterparts, whose manufacturers are several times more profitable to produce casting. Most likely, prices for this product will increase in the coming years, otherwise manufacturers will have to switch to the cast version.

Manufacturing technology

When it comes to materials, this is an aviation aluminum 6061 alloy, which is based on aluminum with various additives, including magnesium, silicon, copper and manganese. The indisputable advantage of this composition over others is its increased strength and plasticity.

The manufacturing process can be divided into three major steps. Here are some more details about them:

  • The first stage is working with aluminum blanks.The billets are heated to a certain temperature in an oven, then, using a press, they are flattened, giving them the shape of a pancake. Then - again in the oven, heating to a temperature of 430 degrees. Heated aluminum pancakes are turned into blanks for discs using a stamp. The last two steps are repeated one more time. The completion of the first stage is the receipt of an almost finished product in a mold.
  • The second stage is working with a blank forged disc. This stage begins with the control of the geometry of the workpiece. Further - heat treatment to give a certain structure to the future disk. This takes place by heating the workpiece to a temperature of 515 degrees, and then sharp cooling. Then - the process of artificial aging in an oven at 150-160 degrees for 14 hours. The end of this stage is slow cooling and re-control of the geometry.
  • The final stage is processing on a special machine. During the third stage, the final machining takes place: removal of excess metal, drilling of a nipple hole, as well as holes for bolts. The final touch is CNC machining to complete a specific design.


All these wheel elements can be divided into 2 large groups: magnesium and aluminum. Which one is better to buy


It is based not on an aluminum alloy with various additives, but on a magnesium one. Their main feature is high thermal conductivity, which allows to reduce the temperature of the spokes and the brake mechanism. This helps to increase the already rather big pad life. A small disadvantage is that not everywhere they can be freely purchased, only on order.


In general, the aluminum version practically does not differ from the magnesium one in terms of parameters. And the average cost of the former is even lower. In addition, they are common and readily available in large quantities.

Advantages and disadvantages

Continuing the marathon of famous phrases, let us bring to your attention the following "Nothing is perfect." What in the described product can be taken for strengths, and what for weaknesses Let's figure it out.


  • Increased strength (especially compared to the cast predecessor).
  • The disc is thin and, due to its strength, lighter. This property allows it not to collapse, but only to deform.
  • Another positive property smoothly follows from the last point - the possibility of repair with moderate deformations and damage.
  • Resistance to heavy loads than those of cast and stamped counterparts.
  • Cost savings. First of all, money is saved on fuel, because such discs are at least 15 kg lighter than their counterparts, such a difference makes the car as a whole lighter. The engine has to generate less energy - less fuel is spent. In addition, the suspension does not wear out so quickly, which means that it needs to be changed less often.
  • Safety. Less weight - not only savings, but also safety. Studies have been carried out with all classes of cars, as a result of which it has been proven that acceleration time as well as braking distance are reduced.
  • Riding comfort. This type of disc is less unbalanced, which reduces vibration while driving, making it soft and smooth. In addition, the device appears to be more pliable due to increased sensitivity to commands given by the steering wheel.
  • Appearance. This item is extremely pleasing to drivers who see in their device not only a means of transportation. Due to the strength and plasticity of the material, it is possible to make thin, graceful knitting needles. In general, the variety of designs is increasing.


  • When a car hits large holes, the entire weight of the impact is transferred to the suspension. If it is not resistant to such influences, the assembly may be damaged.
  • More cost than analogs. This is due to the low coefficient (30-40%) of the use of this material.

How to find discs

Now that the history of origin is known, the materials required for manufacturing and the production process itself are known, all the pros and cons of this type of discs have been discussed, it's time to figure out what criteria you should pay attention to in order to avoid mistakes when choosing.

  • The first thing to worry about is finding out the exact size of your car. There is a certain list of parameters according to which this wheel element is absolutely accurate for your car, namely:
  1. Disc width between flanges (indicated in inches);
  2. Bead flange shape;
  3. Tire rim diameter;
  4. Number of humps - tire landing beads;
  5. Disk departure value;
  6. Bolt pattern, which includes the number of bolts the disc is attached to and the diameter of the mounting holes;
  7. Center hole diameter.
  • Where can I find this information
  1. In the operating instructions for the car in the section "Specifications";
  2. On a sticker in the glove compartment;
  3. On a sticker on the back of the gas tank;
  4. On a sticker located on the pillar in the doorway (driver's side);
  5. On the disks themselves;
  6. You can contact service centers or auto stores. In such establishments, employees are likely to have experience with different types of vehicles and can provide you with all the information you need.
  • The next step is to review the package contents. Pay attention to the presence of special elongated bolts that hold almost all alloy wheels. If these are not included in the kit, you must purchase them yourself.
    Installation is recommended to be carried out in proven workshops and tire shops, equipped with quality equipment and highly qualified workers. It is important to remember that all kinds of chips and scratches that can be obtained during poor-quality installation or from the impact of stones must be eliminated as soon as possible with epoxy enamel or varnish.
  • Continuing the topic of installation, it will not be superfluous to mention the susceptibility of the material to corrosion. The weakest points of the wheel are the points of attachment of the balancing weights, which is why it is worth avoiding weights that require hammering in the so-called "brackets" and prefer self-adhesive ones. They will also help maintain their appearance if hidden behind the knitting needles;
  • Match wheels to suit your driving style. If you are a fan of the usual, calm style, feel free to buy any discs that you like the most in terms of design and color. However, if you are an admirer of "sporty" style, and fast acceleration with hard braking are common elements of your ride, then yours are more suitable options with a large number of thin spokes. Also pay attention to prefabricated (two-part or three-part) options, they allow you to combine the advantages of several types: both forging and casting.

Where can I buy

You can purchase this product both in real life, offline, by going to the store, and virtually - ordering online in the online store. Since the 21st century is the age of information technology, the second option is more popular and in demand. This is understandable, on the website of the online store you can read not only the description of the product and its photos, not only see all its main characteristics, but also read the reviews left by real customers.

TOP of the best Russian manufacturers


Perhaps one of the most famous companies of the described product. Discs of this Togliatti brand have been produced since 1992. Initially, the company was a supplier exclusively for sports cars, but now you can find thousands of cars with Slik wheels on public roads. The brand pleases with a huge variety of designs and colors for no less variety of standard sizes.

Average price: 6760 rubles.

forged wheels Slik


  • The quality of the raw materials used is good;
  • Widespread use and availability.


  • Lower strength compared to earlier models;
  • Some models have problems with paint fastness.


The main feature of this Tula company is the variety of products by standard size (14-22 "). Due to the alloy of aluminum and magnesium, the products are lightweight and durable. Another interesting feature is the absence of seams, which is achieved by using high-precision equipment during manufacturing.

Price: 4500 rub.

Magaltek forged wheels


  • Durability;
  • Buyers mark an almost perfect balance.


  • Low prevalence, not always readily available;
  • Limited lineup.


Russian premium brand. Users note the volumetric design and lightness of the products. The range of standard sizes varies from 15 to 24 ". The main feature of this company is a huge variety of designs. True, often, in pursuit of an expensive-looking appearance, quality and practicality fade into the background.

Average cost: 36,000 rubles.

M&K forged wheels


  • Good wheel stability;
  • Nice appearance.


  • Cost, very few budget models;
  • Poor coating quality.

TOP of the best foreign manufacturers

OZ Racing

The Italian company known all over the world since 1971 invariably pleases its customers, first motor sportsmen, and now all motorists. The highlight of the company is always invariably high quality, as well as versatility - the model range boasts both budget and luxury options.

Price: varies from 19 to 60 thousand rubles

forged wheels OZ Racing


  • A full-fledged stamping cycle, many budget companies cannot boast of this fact;
  • Widespread worldwide.


  • Overpayment for the brand name. Equally high-quality Russian counterparts will be cheaper.


The German company BBS has been successfully flourishing in the world market for 50 years. One has only to say that this brand supplies its products to the factories of such cars as Ferrari, Maserati, Rolls Royce, and the level of BBS immediately becomes clear. The highlight lies in the production technology and two-part discs - a forged rim and a cast center.

Price: 96,000 rubles.

BBS forged wheels


  • Consistently high quality;
  • The use of a powerful press in the manufacturing process.


  • Cost. Quality comes at a price.


The American company Vissol supplies its products for luxury sports and ordinary cars. The design of the products of this company can be easily distinguished from others - it is individual, beautiful and looks expensive. The products fully comply with such quality standards as: TSE, ISO / TS 16949, JWL, VIA. The high cost is justified by the high quality of the material, Vissol even provide a five-year warranty.

Price: 47,000 rubles.

Vissol forged wheels


  • Innovative processing technology;
  • A wide variety of standard sizes to which the product fits.


  • Insufficient paintwork quality for such a cost.


The next company we describe is the Japanese manufacturer Enkei. There is no need to worry about the quality of the goods - products in Japan undergo strict control. The lineup has a series that is present in Formula 1 competitions, which proves the high level of Enkei products.

Price: 14,500 RUB.

forged wheels Enkei


  • Very nice price;
  • A wide variety of standard sizes and designs.


  • Some models are made using a special MAT technology, according to which the workpiece is first poured, and then the rim is rolled. This technology is somewhat inferior to conventional forging in terms of the strength of the spokes, and the products are also heavier.


Another Japanese manufacturer. Yamato's autodiscs are great for driving on low-traffic roads. Users note the excellent quality of both the material and the paint-and-varnish coating, resistant to mechanical damage.

Price: 15,000 rubles.

wheels forged Yamato


  • Nice cost;
  • A wide model line with various standard sizes and exclusive designs.


  • The cost is higher than Russian counterparts;
  • Some models are equipped with atypical mounts with atypical characteristics.

Choosing quality, durable forged wheels is not easy. It is worth approaching it with all responsibility, because the comfort and safety of your time on the road will depend on the success of this choice. The information above will help facilitate the process of finding the right option at the right price. Happy and easy selection!


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