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Car owners rarely change wheel rims, but when this happens, it is important to consider the purchase with an understanding of the main characteristics. This will help avoid mistakes and unforeseen circumstances. First of all, attention is paid to the firms producing discs. It is better to give preference to well-known brands that are in demand from various buyers. The editors of the site "best-en.designuspro.com" have prepared for you a rating of the best manufacturers of alloy wheels for 2020.

When to buy a new wheel

Discs do not break so often, so buying new products is quite rare. Read the specifications to find the right disc. They will help you find a suitable option on your own.

Car rims are bought for three main reasons:

  • Breakage of the current disc, which impedes a comfortable ride;
  • Changing the external style of the car;
  • As a fallback, so that a person can carry out a complete replacement in a few minutes without outside help.

The main parameters when choosing

Discs differ in external parameters - design, material of manufacture and dimensions. The external design affects the type of product. Acceptable product dimensions are indicated on the official website, as well as in the machine manual. One-stop solutions are rare. When choosing a cast or even stamped wheel, it is important to pay attention to 6 criteria:

  • Exterior design, as the product may not match the overall design of the vehicle;
  • Bore dimensions;
  • Hump ​​availability;
  • What type of bolt pattern is used;
  • Central hole dimensions;
  • Overall dimensions and disc offset.

Following the parameters described above, a person will be able to select a reliable wheelbase in a short time and without outside help.

What is the difference between stamped and alloy wheels

First of all, all such products are divided into three large groups:

This is important to consider before purchasing wheels. The main difference between all types is the type of material used. Therefore, some models are distinguished by high wear resistance, while others are of external design and reliability.

Stamped models

A common variety that is made from rolled steel. For production, the method of hot stamping is used, which has a positive effect on the strength characteristics, and also simplifies the creation technology. After receiving two parts (rim and face), they are welded using the appropriate tool. The only drawback of this solution is the monotonous design, therefore it is impossible to find such wheels in sports cars, they are often used only in budget cars.

The advantage of stamped models:

  • Low cost;
  • Soft move;
  • Does not require special knowledge to repair damage, since when receiving a strong blow, they bend, not collapse;
  • Reliability.

In addition to the uniform design, the option also has significant disadvantages:

  • High weight;
  • Rust appears over time.

To avoid an ugly appearance, plastic caps are bought, while their shape can be any, it all depends on the tastes of the car owner.

Alloy wheels

Most of these designs are made from alloys, for example, manufacturers often use aluminum. The advantage of the solution is obvious - the total weight of the wheel is reduced, which makes it possible to replace even a woman.

Cast wheels are molded in special shapes to facilitate production. Another advantage of the option is an increase in speed indicators. This indicator is achieved due to the streamlining and, relatively stamped discs, low weight.

The design will improve the perception of even a supported domestic car. This parameter is important for those who create a kind of sports car from an old car.

But, unlike the previous version, there are significant disadvantages here:

  • They crack on strong impact, so they cannot be restored. The person will have to buy a new model;
  • High cost, which is 3-4 times higher than that of stamped ones;
  • Not suitable for driving on pit roads.

Forged model

A rare guest in stores, most often ordered directly from the manufacturer. There is a reason for this - an expensive production, as it is made by hot forging, during which components such as magnesium and titanium are added. Thanks to aluminum, the wheel is lightweight and flexible, while reliability is at a high level.

When hitting a bump or pit, the product does not crack, like cast models, but bends, which allows you to carry out restoration work yourself.

More about 6 selection criteria

No device is bought without a detailed study of the technical characteristics. They help you find the right option and choose a strong and durable model from those offered by the store.

Landing diameter

An important characteristic that indicates the size of the wheel circumference. It is measured in inches, which is important to note. Detailed information is indicated on the manufacturer's website, as well as in the vehicle's data sheet.

The diameter is selected strictly according to the brand of the car, you should not buy similar or approximate models, there is a high probability that they will not fit. Another confusion arises from the Latin letter "R", which many confuse with the radius, in fact, the symbol indicates the diameter.

Some people like to buy large diameter discs. Yes, they look impressive, but we must not forget that this is not without damage. After all, they create many times more load on the main suspension parts, reduce the profile of the tire, and also reduce shock absorption, which has a bad effect on operation. It is also not recommended to buy products that are too small, because there is a high probability that they will not fit the brakes.

Bolt pattern

When choosing a reliable design, it is important to remember about bolt pattern, because if you buy the wrong option, a person will not be able to screw it on. The looseness of the disc is determined by 2 characteristics:

  • Mounting holes, or rather their number on the wheel;
  • Location and diameter. The value is indicated as PCD.

There is nothing difficult in choosing a model for this parameter. The main thing is to look at your own car and registration certificate. Having memorized or written down the values, you should strictly adhere to them. Then the purchase will take place without serious consequences.

No PCD deviations are allowed. Even if it is insignificant and amounts to 2-3 mm. When driving, the car owner will feel that the wheel "beats" strongly. But there is also a more dangerous situation when the bolts will not tighten properly. In this case, they can unscrew themselves.

Width and shape

The parameter is indicated in inches and indicates the distance between the bead flanges of the rim. The shape can be different, this value is indicated by the Latin characters J and JJ.The first letter is very popular in standard cars; for all-wheel drive cars it is typical to buy a second model with two symbols.

When choosing the required disc width, you should remember about the permissible error. When the rim width is determined, 26 mm is added to the value specified in the technical specifications. These numbers indicate the thickness of the outer and inner flanges. The error cannot be high, most often it does not exceed 4 mm.

Increasing the disc width and using the correct tires has a good effect on braking dynamics. This improves movement in any area and also increases safety. But without a plus, there is no minus, so the total weight of the car increases, as well as fuel consumption. Therefore, increasing the width is not suitable for every user.

ET or disk crash

The parameter specifies the distance between the plane and the center of the wheel. Departure is indicated in three forms:

  • Positive;
  • Negative;
  • Neutral.

It is important to understand that the lower this value, the larger the wheel protrusion. In some cases it looks nice, but it can create additional inconvenience.

Installing a disc with a different ET will create more problems, it is best to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. If this is violated, then there will be a rapid wear of the main elements of the chassis, which negatively affects the handling. In this case, the wheel disk may touch some suspension elements, and sometimes the brakes.

Departure can be changed only on sports cars, but after that other parameters are also adjusted so that nothing interferes while driving.

Hub bore diameter

When buying a quality model, remember that the value of the seat ring and the center hole must completely match. This will increase reliability and improve handling. Hole diameters are indicated in millimeters.

The importance of this parameter is that if the user buys a wheel with a small landing ring, then there is a high probability that it will not fit. In the opposite case, when the diameter is larger than the required one, you can install the disc, but you must not forget about additional rings. They will make the fit tighter. However, this is carried out only when installing alloy wheels; when using other types, there must be full compliance with the technical characteristics.

Hump ​​availability

Most often the manufacturer equips the wheel with two humps (H2). The purpose of the element is to hold the tubeless tire so that it does not jump off while driving. There are models that have only one hum; here it is important to pay attention to its shape. There are 3 types of it:

  • Flat;
  • Asymmetric;
  • Combined.

There are discs where the humps are not provided, but they are found only in old cars with tube-type tires.

Rating of the best foreign manufacturers


A popular manufacturer that sells quality wheels in Europe and Russia. Moreover, there are only positive reviews everywhere. Of course, there are also bad models, but every year the company refines them to improve road safety and reliability. The production uses high-quality machines and durable materials. In addition, the parameters of a specific car model are taken into account, there are no deviations.

Alcasta cast disc


  • Models for sale that are intended only for Russia;
  • Do not deteriorate from corrosion;
  • Can be used in winter;
  • Good protective properties;
  • Suitable for every car.


  • Not found.


Highly rated German company. Each model is reliable and durable. Despite the foreign origin, the products have an affordable cost for the Russian market. The small weight of the product allows for installation by each person. No problems and no physical training required. The sale is carried out in 35 countries of the world. A wide range of sizes makes it possible to choose a reliable option for each car.

disc cast Dezent


  • Quality;
  • Strength;
  • Suitable for Russian winters;
  • Wide range of sizes;
  • Durability.


  • Not found.

Replica "LegeArtis"

An Asian company that offers car owners durable and reliable models at an affordable price. The entire production cycle is fully automated, which excludes the human factor, and hence the marriage. Before the sale, every detail is checked at a special site. Painting is carried out using special compounds that protect the outer part from various weather conditions.

cast disc Replica "LegeArtis"


  • Strict control;
  • Models are produced for each car;
  • Process automation reduces waste;
  • Low price.


  • Not found.

Nitro N20

Another Chinese company that produces wheels for different brands of cars. To make the product of high quality, modern equipment and technologies are used. For example, the method of cold deformation is used, which makes it possible to reduce the load on various elements.

cast disc Nitro N20


  • Plastic deformation of the wheel in case of impact. This allows you to restore it at no special cost;
  • Size range: 12 to 22 inches;
  • Models for sports cars and SUVs are produced;
  • Durability;
  • Design.


  • Not found.


A good company that is in demand in Russia and Europe. The main advantage of the company is a wide range of models, which makes it possible to select products for each machine. The products are manufactured in accordance with European and Russian standards, which allows achieving the best technical characteristics.

cast disc NZ


  • Multi-stage control;
  • Wide range of products;
  • Good protective coating;
  • Affordable cost.


  • Not found.

TOP-5 popular Russian manufacturers


Nice and high quality wheels that are installed on various cars. The company produces models for both standard cars and sports cars and SUVs. Production is carried out only in Russia, in accordance with GOST. The running life of each option is designed for tens of years of operation.

cast disk iFree


  • Do not corrode;
  • Durability;
  • Nice design;
  • Quality.


  • Not found.


One of the first Russian companies that is still in demand and is a guarantor of quality and reliability. The company produces alloy wheels from quality materials that do not deteriorate from long driving. Every year, updated technologies are introduced in production, which reduces the risk of marriage.

die cast KiK


  • Affordable cost;
  • Qualitative models;
  • Do not corrode;
  • A wide range of;
  • Good quality control.


  • Not found.


The firm is located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and is popular with both local residents and foreign companies. Each product is checked on automatic machines. Therefore, only reliable options reach the buyer. In production, a special alloy is used, which is highly reliable and durable.

cast disc SKAD


  • The company is the official supplier of the Ford Motor Company;
  • Durability and reliability;
  • Fully automatic process eliminates rejects;
  • Over 100 wheel rim models.


  • Not found.

Tech Line

A reliable company that produces only proven and high quality models. The products are suitable for various brands of cars, with each option having good technical characteristics. So that the outer part does not deteriorate from prolonged wear, special protective compounds are used when painting.

alloy disc Tech Line


  • Uninterrupted release of 360 models;
  • 12 processing options;
  • Suitable for every car;
  • Original design.


  • Not found.


One of the most popular Russian brands that cooperates with many companies. The design of the wheel has not changed externally, but has undergone a complete update on the inside.So during production, a special material is used that lightens the product, but retains its strength characteristics.

cast disc X`trike


  • Progressive manufacturing technologies;
  • Original design;
  • Reliability;
  • Wide range of models.


  • Not found.


You can choose durable alloy wheels for your car yourself. The main thing is to study the main technical characteristics and features of your own car. If you bought models from firms represented in the rating, share your opinion in the comments.


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