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The roof is a must-have element for a home. After all, it is the top waterproof layer that protects the house and the materials from which it is made from the harmful effects of natural factors - be it solar radiation, rain or snow. This top layer is assembled from several materials, the most popular of which is soft tiles. What is a soft tile, what its varieties exist, and most importantly, how to choose a good and high-quality option. You can find answers to all these questions in this article.

Soft tiles

Soft tile is a roofing material in the form of flat plates. It is distinguished by a special pattern on the lower edge, which is executed on bitumen, oxidized or modified, glass fiber and stone powder. This roofing material has several other common names: bituminous or flexible shingles, roofing tiles, soft roofing and shingles.


In this section of the article, we will consider the layers that make up shingles.

  • The first layer is an easily removable siliconized film. It is necessary to prevent sheets sticking to each other during transportation and storage. This layer must be removed before the installation process.
  • The second layer is self-adhesive. It is processed with bituminous glue, which provides elasticity and durability to the material. In addition, the bituminous layer creates a reliable support for all subsequent ones.
  • The third layer is fiberglass. Fiberglass is molten glass with the addition of resins for strengthening. This layer is the basis of the roof.
  • The next layer is also bituminous. Continuing the discussion of the bituminous layer, it should be noted that it has several varieties: with SBS polymers, with atactic polypropylene (or APP), oxidized.
  • The fifth and last layer is mineral (stone) dusting, to which decorative elements are also added, and elements of protection against damage. As for the composition of this layer, natural materials of a certain palette: basalt, slate or anthracite. Thanks to this, the layer does not lose saturation with prolonged exposure to the sun. In general, the coating looks very nice and aesthetically pleasing.


Shingles can be distinguished in several ways.

Pattern and shape of shingles (flat plates)

  • Hexagon;
  • Rhombus;
  • Shingles;
  • Slate;
  • Three-layer cutting;
  • Irregular;
  • Dragon Tooth;
  • Wave;
  • Beaver tail.

Modification of components

  • Private. Designed to form rows.
  • Ridge. Used to give the roof a complete look. This type of tile is used to equip the joints of both slopes and ridge.
  • Cornice. This type is used on those places of the roof that are subject to special loads from melt water and ice.
  • Cornice-ridge. A universal view that combines the characteristics described above.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like everything in this world, a soft roof has its own strengths and weaknesses, and now that its structure is already clear, it is time to consider the pros and cons.


  • This roofing material is suitable even for roofs with complex configurations, including: conventional single-slope and gable, multi-slope with different levels, domed, hip, broken and combined;
  • Shingles is suitable for facades due to its plastic properties;
  • Roofing tiles provide excellent sound insulation, this can be achieved by simple tightness of installation;
  • Fast and easy installation due to the self-adhesive bottom layer; repair of damaged shingles will also be easy;
  • A soft roof is not only convenience, but also safety, the material has very good fire resistance due to the fact that bitumen does not ignite, fire is not supported and, accordingly, does not spread;
  • Fits perfectly into the interior to brick, plaster, wood or siding.


  • Roofing tiles can only be used for roofs with a slope of at least 11 degrees;
  • Installation of tiles is carried out only under favorable conditions to maintain maximum tightness, to prevent melting or, conversely, hardening.

How to choose the best soft roof tiles

How to choose the most high-quality and durable material for the roof What criteria to pay special attention to in order to avoid mistakes


Many people believe that it is the presence of more layers that guarantees a longer service life. If many other parameters are equal, then this judgment can be called true. But more often than not, this is completely wrong. A single-layer coating can live from 15 to 50 years, two-layer - from 25 to 55. Therefore, multi-layer is not always a guarantee of quality. There are some other points that are really worth looking at.

Roof base material, density

According to interstate standards, there are certain types of bases that can be used in the manufacture of soft tiles. These include:

  • Fiberglass or fiberglass mesh;
  • Non-woven fiberglass (it can be with or without longitudinal reinforcement);
  • Non-woven polyester fiber;
  • A combination of non-woven fiberglass and polyester fiber.

In addition to the types of bases, you need to pay attention to their density:

  • 80-90g / m2 - this density indicates the poor quality of the base;
  • 100g / m2 - acceptable quality;
  • 110g / m2 - good quality.

Thickness of shingle layers

This parameter has a connection with the previous one - with the density of the base. The density depends on how much bitumen the base can hold, as well as the thickness of the entire shingle. The standard for single-layer shingles is 3 mm, it is not recommended to buy options that are smaller. However, in multi-layer versions, the layer thickness can be 2.5 mm, because in the end the norm is even exceeded.

Bitumen type

The variety of types of bitumen has already been mentioned earlier, we will return to this topic and study it in more detail.
Natural bitumen begins to soften and melt already at a temperature of +45 degrees, which is why it is of paramount importance to be used as part of a soft roof. International standards allow the use of the following types of bitumen:

  • Oxidized bitumen is artificially aged bitumen, which is obtained by blowing a mass of this substance with air. The end result is a product that is resistant to temperature changes but less elastic;
  • SBS-bitumen. It is called so because it is obtained by adding styrene-butadiene-styrene to the pure substance. Thanks to this additive, the product turns out to be almost perfect: retaining flexibility even at -35, retaining its shape up to +120 and, as a bonus, perfect waterproofness. It can be used both in the northern and southern regions of our country;
  • APP-bitumen. It is obtained by adding atactic propylene to the substance. Such an additive provides good protection against high temperatures, but there is almost no frost resistance - the material cracks.Therefore, this type of bitumen is recommended for use in the south of the country.

Spreading type

The top layer of the shingles, as described earlier, is covered with a special dressing that provides the roof with protection from adverse weather conditions and sun exposure. According to international standards, you can use:

  • Mineral dusting granules;
  • Slate flakes;
  • Metallic foil.
  • Quartz sand, anthracite, shale, slag and basalt are also used as dressing. Basalt is especially distinguished from this list for its excellent adhesion to bitumen and resistance to high temperatures during painting.

Soft roof cost

The above were the criteria that should be considered when choosing a soft roof. But there is one more - the cost of a soft roof. What can influence her

  • Guaranteed service life of the roof;
  • Number of layers;
  • Weight of each square meter;
  • Special design and shape;
  • Bitumen type;
  • The prevalence of the manufacturer's brand name;
  • Various production technologies.

What is worth overpaying, and what you can save on, you have to decide for yourself. In this case, it is necessary to rely on the allotted budget, on the peculiarities of the climate and the territory of residence.

Where can I buy

You can buy soft tiles both in real life, offline, by going to the store, and virtually - ordering online in the online store. Since the 21st century is the age of information technology, the second option is more popular and in demand. This is understandable, on the website of the online store you can read not only the description of the product and its photos, not only see all its main characteristics, but also read the reviews left by real customers.

TOP 10 best manufacturers of soft tiles



A Finnish company that has been pleasing its customers with high quality and reasonable prices for 50 years. The base of Katepal shingles consists of fiberglass coated with SBS bitumen. The top layer includes colored basalt granules. The guarantee offered by this company is 25 years.

soft tile Katepal

The line is represented by the following models:

  • Classic KL: hexagonal shape, available in five colors;
  • Rocky: rectangular shape, available in six colors;
  • Katrilly, Ambient, Jazzy: models similar to each other, differing only in the shape of the cut and the number of available colors.


  • Large palette of shades;
  • Resistant to adverse weather conditions;
  • Simplicity, fast and easy installation.


  • Average prevalence in stores in the country, not everywhere there is an opportunity to purchase a product


An Italian company with factories and branches in Russia. Tegola is considered one of the best roofing companies in the world. Their lineup consists of 47 models. Huge number of laminated and color options.

Tegola roof tiles consist of five layers, the base is made of high-strength fiberglass, the color of the top layer is incredibly durable thanks to ceramization.

soft tiles Tegola


  • Withstands temperature fluctuations from -70 to +140 degrees;
  • Environmentally friendly and safe material. This is achieved due to the absence of oxidized bitumen;


  • Relatively high cost of all models in the line;
  • The need to observe a certain temperature regime during installation.


Another option is provided to us by the Canadian company IKO. Its tiles are widespread all over the world, as they always please with their strength and durability.

The line is divided into 3 series, each of which contains 3-4 models.

soft tile IKO


  • Increased thickness for greater strength;
  • Large palette of colors and shades;
  • Withstands temperature fluctuations from -50 to +120 degrees.


  • High cost, some models can be classified as premium options.


The roof from the American manufacturer appeared on the Russian markets back in 1998. It is believed that CertainTeed is the largest company in terms of the number of models presented, because their line includes 41 series.A feature of the tile of this manufacturer is resistance to wind gusts from 145 to 177 km / h.

soft tiles CertainTeed


  • Resistance to high temperatures - up to 110 degrees;
  • Can be used on roofs with a slope of less than 11 degrees, the minimum starting threshold is 9.5;
  • Large palette of colors and shades;
  • Warranty from 20 to 50 years depending on the model.


  • High cost (some models reach 2000 rubles per square meter).


Icopal is a Danish concern that produces waterproofing and roofing materials. The main production of soft tiles takes place in French and Finnish factories. All models are strictly ISO compliant.

soft tile Icopal


  • 50-year warranty;
  • High resistance to mechanical damage;
  • Variety in the choice of shape.


  • Prices are slightly higher than their Russian counterparts.


The German manufacturer Docke has 2 factories in Russia. The product meets ISO and IQTest standards. The shingles are made from either durable polyester or non-woven fiberglass depending on the model. The line is represented by 20 collections.

roof tiles Docke


  • 50-year warranty;
  • A wide variety of shapes and materials;
  • Availability of both economy and premium models.


  • If the storage conditions are violated, the material sticks together.


Scandinavian concern with 100-year Finnish roots. The roof tiles of this company are perfect for the design of any landscape. Here are the most interesting episodes from the entire line:

  • Premium: rectangular shape;
  • S + wave - sea wave effect;
  • quadro L + - rectangles that create a checkerboard effect;
  • triple K + - honeycomb shape.
soft tiles Kerabit


  • High elasticity;
  • Simplicity and ease of installation;
  • Environmentally friendly product (due to the absence of oxidized bitumen);
  • High resistance to frost.


  • Relatively high price.



The first Russian company to start production and production of soft roofing. Now the goods are supplied to many countries of the world, including: China, Poland, India, Germany, France.

roof tiles RoofShield


  • 50-year warranty;
  • High corrosion resistance;
  • Resistance to mechanical damage;
  • Loyal value.


  • Not found.


Russian manufacturer of soft roofing. Up to 15 million square meters of product are produced annually. The roof tiles of this company are made of durable fiberglass, which is impregnated with modified bitumen. The upper basalt dressing is processed using ceramization technology.

The line includes the following model series:

  • Runa: rectangular, 9 colors;
  • Sota: hexagonal shape, palette of 11 colors;
  • Tab: rectangular shape with uneven shadow effect, palette of 9 colors;
  • Ornami: round shape, 4 colors;
  • Briss: rhombus, 4 colors.
  • Mint: Hexagonal shape, 3 colors.
soft tiles Ruflex


  • Withstands temperature fluctuations from -50 to +120 degrees;
  • 35-year warranty;
  • The firm is widespread in the market.


  • A relatively small selection of models in comparison with other Russian manufacturers.


Roofing from the Russian company Technicol. Includes 5 series of 12 models each. There are goods of ordinary and ridge-cornice types. A feature of this company is a huge color palette that allows you to create unique combinations and transitions.

shingles soft Shinglas Technicol


  • 60-year warranty;
  • A wide range in prices, which allows you to purchase the goods of this company, having both a small and an average budget;
  • Particularly resistant to high winds.


  • It is not recommended to install during cold seasons, as the material loses its softness.

Choosing high quality and durable soft tiles is not an easy task. It is worth approaching him with all responsibility, because the comfort and safety of your stay in the house will depend on the success of this choice. The above information will help facilitate the process of selecting the right roof for the right price.Happy and easy selection!


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