Best manufacturers of sockets and switches for 2020


Have you noticed that the most difficult thing is to choose the simplest item, but which is presented in a huge assortment. Surely everyone has their own fad on this score, someone focuses on color, someone on price, but how to choose, so that it is both aesthetically pleasing, meets quality requirements, and fits in technical parameters. Consider the daunting selection of simple items, sockets and switches.
In any, even the smallest specialty store, you will be offered more than a hundred models, not to mention large supermarkets, where the bill goes to thousands of options. Therefore, we will divide them by manufacturers and get a general characteristic in each price segment.

The editorial staff of the site "" offers an overview of the best manufacturers of sockets and switches for 2020, based on customer reviews and expert opinions.

Mandatory attributes of our home, sockets and switches are durable items, they will honestly do their job for many years, without requiring special attention. Your main task will be only their correct selection and high-quality installation.

What to look for when choosing

  • these items are almost the most frequently used in the house, so it is better to give preference to those made of the most dense material, otherwise the product will quickly wear out and lose its appearance;
  • pay attention to the marking, a self-respecting manufacturer will definitely tell you who made the product, otherwise you can buy a low-quality fake;
  • nothing should dangle inside, ideally everything should be tightly pressed and tightened, also a big plus will be the presence of several mounting options and additional gaskets in the kit;
  • some experienced experts advise to sniff an electrical product and refuse to purchase it if you smell a pungent smell of cheap plastic;
  • look into the hole for the plug, whether the clips match these holes, gaps and deviations - they speak of poor quality;
  • the presence of various instructions and certificates in the kit will also be a plus, this indicates that the manufacturer cares about its customers;
  • select the product according to the rated voltage, the value of which will necessarily be on the back cover (the correspondence to the value of the quantities and connected devices is given in the table below);
  • Today, combined devices are popular, where a socket and a switch are combined, such a solution will save on installation.

Suitable socket for household appliances

Device typeThroughput (current) of the socket, Ampere
Electric stove25

To better understand what to look for, consider:

Modern varieties of sockets and switches

Overheads are your choice if you see wires that fit the location of the desired product. They are thicker in appearance, dust can accumulate on top over time, but they are easier to fix and change.

Built-in - there must be a technological hole under them in the wall, where the power wires are brought out. All the main part of the electrical accessories will be in the wall, the rim and holes / buttons will remain beautiful outside.

Interior - have an exotic shape or color.Most often they are used in stylized rooms, they can be matched to the color of the wall, or vice versa, to stand out as a decorative element.

With timer function - the name speaks for itself. Will be a good helper for those who can plan their life in minutes. However, you will have to pay for the convenience, their cost can be 10 times higher than usual.

For the most advanced users of modern technology, manufacturers equip their devices with GPS and WiFi systems. This allows you to remotely monitor the operation of home appliances. They are part of the recently fashionable trend - “Smart House».

In some rooms of your home, there is a need to connect several electrical appliances at once - in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in such cases it is recommended to use the outlet block. This option is easier to mount than several scattered ones, moreover, it is much more beautiful and safer. There are ready-made sets, but you can complete your own version.

For children - there are options with additional protection against penetration, in the form of a common curtain, or plugs.

If you plan to use the outlet often, you can purchase an option with a plug ejection mechanism. Such a mechanism will not only facilitate your routine work, but also extend the life of your outlet.

There are sockets and switches with an additional indicator light. They are easier to find in the dark, but bear in mind that they will interfere with the operation of some light bulbs and electrical appliances.

The most exotic option in our classification is outdoor. If there is no possibility of wall mounting or you want originality - you can choose this option.

Some more nuances

Some switches are equipped with a dimmer - this is an electric power regulator. Allows you to make the light more subdued or vice versa brighter, depending on the circumstances. When choosing such switches, select the appropriate bulbs, they must support this function.
Grounding is now a standard feature in outlets, because all modern buildings are designed with this system in mind.

Next, consider the TOP 10 manufacturers from a lower position to a higher one. It should be noted right away that all these companies produce very high-quality goods and our rating is based only on the opinions of independent users and experts.

10. Yandex

The Russian Internet giant, together with partners, is developing the Smart Home project, which, according to the idea, should provide the convenience and safety of residents. Within the framework of this project, a light bulb, a remote control and a socket already exist, and all this is controlled by the intelligent system "Alice".

Yandex Rosette is equipped with a WiFi module that allows you to turn on or off various household appliances via the Internet.
Some users note that there are problems during the setup and connection of this device, as well as the lack of a timer. But the manufacturer carefully helps everyone and works to improve their products.
Modern design, impressive performance, as well as domestic roots add interest to this device. Despite the rather high price, it is often ordered in online stores.

The average price of the device is 1190 rubles.

Yandex socket


  • fashionable direction "Smart Home";
  • domestic manufacturer;
  • high-tech devices.


  • there are defective products.

9. Bylectrica

Belarusian brand of electrical accessories of the internationally famous enterprise "Svetopribor". Has a reputation as a reliable and customer-oriented manufacturer. Produces a wide range of products for home lighting and electrical wiring. Regularly participates in specialized fairs and competitions, has ISO certification.

Although the products are budgetary, they compare favorably with non-branded goods from China.

The products are mainly used for appliances that do not require large electrical loads.

A well-functioning dealer network supplies goods to the CIS countries and Europe.

The average price of devices is 300 rubles.

socket Bylectrica


  • affordable prices;
  • acceptable combination of price and quality.


  • weak product design;
  • poor quality of contacts.

8. Alonio

A young company from China. There are not so many Alonio brand products in the product line, but almost all of them are bestsellers on online platforms.
The main competence of the brand is working with GSM systems. Using the products of this manufacturer, there will be a little less unpleasant surprises for you. You will be promptly notified of a sudden power outage, gas or heating problems.

Inexpensive, but reliable assistants from Alonio are easy to use, but it is worth considering that they do not tolerate high loads and connecting a 2 kilowatt heater through them will be the maximum.

Average price - 5950 rubles.

socket Alonio


  • internal battery;
  • temperature control;
  • stable work.


  • no load measurements;
  • poorly developed application.

7. TP-Link

It is also a relatively young company by world standards, headquartered in Shenzhen. Is one of the 100 largest computer hardware manufacturers in China. World leader in wireless networking equipment for homes and small offices.

Since 2009, it has an official representative office in the Russian Federation.
Electronic assistants from TP-Link allow you to control your home appliances from a distance. If necessary, you can turn on and turn on the kettle, lamp, heater or charger using a smartphone or tablet.
Thanks to the electronic app, you can keep track of your electricity consumption statistics, and with the built-in sleep timer, you will no longer have to worry about the iron on.

The device is irreplaceable if there are discounted night rates in your area.

Average price - 1490 rubles.

TP-Link socket


  • modern design;
  • ease of installation;
  • function "simulation of presence".


  • application in English.

6. Aqara

Another Chinese brand. The company specializes in the development of systems for "Smart Home". The company's mission is to make technological things for the mass consumer. Products make life easier while saving money.
Smart bulbs from the company light up as soon as you enter the room, temperature sensors will not let you freeze and turn on the heaters in time. They can be controlled using mobile devices or voice through smart assistants.

Aqara places a lot of emphasis on device design and safety, they are durable and made of fireproof plastic.

Average price - 2000 rubles.

socket Aqara


  • advanced monitoring system;
  • drawing up scripts on-off;
  • functional electronic application.


  • no backup power supply.


The REXANT group of companies is a recognized leader in the production of power tools, cable products, decorative lighting equipment and other accessories. The products are certified in our country and are officially supplied. Besides Russia, the brand is well known in Europe and North America.

The assortment of goods includes more than 5,000 items, used in mechanical engineering, construction and energy.

In the "bestsellers" section of the largest online stores, you can find Rexant sockets with an electronic and mechanical timer. These products are designed to connect high power devices. They are made of high quality ABC plastic, have a built-in power supply and are equipped with a remote control.

Average price - 500 rubles.

socket REXANT


  • high build quality;
  • thoughtful design and technical content.


  • uninformative instruction.

4. IEK

IEK products have been familiar to domestic consumers for almost 20 years. It is a leading Russian manufacturer of electrical and lighting equipment. The company has more than 10 thousand product names and continues to develop actively. Brand products can be found in industry, construction, housing and many other sectors of the economy.

The company's products belong to the middle price segment and are able to cope with different voltage powers, meet all certification requirements in the Russian Federation.

Average price - 600 rubles.

socket IEK


  • long service life;
  • high security class;
  • good combination of price and quality;
  • the ability to cope with heavy loads.


  • not identified.


The main part of the production of this brand is consumer electronics. According to analysts, one or another device of the company is in every 4 families in our country.
One of the priority directions of the company's development is “Smart House”. Convenient and beautiful devices are equipped with all the necessary functionality: remote on / off, monitoring, compatibility with intelligent systems.

The company has been operating on the Russian market since 2005; today it has a large dealer network and more than 100 service centers.

Average price - 2000 rubles.

socket DIGMA


  • the ability to control via a computer;
  • compatibility with "Alice" and "Google Home";
  • ease of customization.


  • no backup power supply.

2. Legrand

A well-known European brand of electrical goods. The oldest manufacturer dates back to the 18th century. The Legrand name is synonymous with quality and reliability.
It has been working in Russia since the times of the Soviet Union, and currently in our country there is a plant of this company in the city of Ulyanovsk.

When developing its products, the company pays great attention to design, therefore there are many different series in the catalog. Even the most discerning buyer will find what he likes, although this will take a long time to flip through catalogs with thousands of color and shape options.

Average price - 400 rubles.

socket Legrand


  • stable quality;
  • wide range of technical solutions;
  • interesting design.


  • difference in price for a similar product.

1. Schneider Electric

The company from Europe, which began its activity as a manufacturer of guns for the army, is today the standard of quality in the electrical field. 9 out of 10 experienced electricians will first of all advise products of this particular brand for installation. Unlike Legrand, the company does more than just design. There is a wide range of products, different in price and technical characteristics.
The company's catalog contains more than 70 thousand product names. The company is simultaneously developing several brands, each of which has a quality control system. All goods undergo the necessary control and certification in the territory of the state where they are sold.

Average price - 300 rubles.

Schneider Electric socket


  • a wide range of;
  • the ability to combine devices;
  • high quality products and modern design;
  • replaceable frames.


  • high prices for a number of items.

We hope our rating will help you make the right choice and take a fresh look at familiar things. If you have experience of using this or that product, share it in the comments.


  1. Great article. Wonderful syllable, easy to read. A little nuance. At the beginning of the article, there is a table in two columns: "Device type" and "Voltage, ampere". You don't need to be an electrician to know that amperes are measured in amperage! Numerical values ​​in the table are indicated in amperes. Voltage is measured in Volts. The voltage in the home electrical network is 220 V. I advise you to make changes to the table.


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