Best fuel cards for 2020


The fuel card is a unique means of payment. It allows you to pay for various gas station services. Thanks to it, the user can easily control costs and save money. It can be started not only by legal entities, but also by individuals, it is only important to know some of the features of each company that provides this service. The editors of the site "" have prepared for you a rating of the best fuel cards for 2020.

Fast, safe and convenient

Using a fuel card (TC), a person gets 3 main advantages. With each purchase of gasoline or other fuel, the user receives bonuses from the company that issued the card. When paying, only cashless payments are used. All write-offs are controlled by the owner of the TC.

The main advantage of this option is complete safety. No monetary transactions can be carried out without the direct owner. But in addition to fuel, this card can also be used to pay for other services that are present at gas stations:

  • Purchase of engine oil and similar consumables;
  • Car wash payment;
  • Buying fast food such as a hot dog or burger that is sold at a gas station, as well as cigarettes or soda.

All services that are paid for by the card depend on the issuing company, so some may have a sufficient number of them, while others only 3-4. In addition, the owner can independently set restrictions and pay only for fuel for the car. This solution is convenient and gives the owner some advantages.

External execution of the card

The design of the fuel card can be different, it all depends on the preferences of the client, but the form is always the same - plastic with a magnetic stripe or microchip. The carrier contains all the main information about the holder and the account.

In addition to the standard form, some banks offer to use a key-pill or a special keychain, but such models are not popular. Therefore, it makes little sense to buy them.

Scope of use

The main purpose of a fuel card is to pay for fuel or similar services. Every year it is becoming more widespread, as the number of motorists increases, which increases the demand for fuel. Of course, you can buy gasoline or diesel fuel for cash or with special coupons, but this can only be beneficial for those who do not travel so often. For drivers and large organizations, this decision is not beneficial.

It is much more convenient to use specialized means of payment, because the company that bought this card for its drivers can easily monitor their consumption. If a plastic card is accidentally lost, then it can be blocked in less than 5 minutes, and then issued again. This cannot be done with coupons, which makes their use in the modern world impractical.

Types and features of each card

Today, plastic fuel cards are issued by almost all popular companies.But before choosing a specific model, you should take into account the capabilities of this product, and also know by what parameters it is classified.

The first thing that counts is the status of the owner. Models are produced that are intended only for legal entities or only for individuals. persons. It is necessary to choose the option corresponding to the status, its cost depends on it. Information can be stored on a microchip or magnetic stripe, but some companies produce products with a barcode.

Also, the cards differ in the number of serviced gas stations. In total, there are two types - single-brand, which are accepted in certain gas stations and multi-brand. The latter make it possible to pay expenses at any gas station, but their cost is several times higher.

Consumption control is carried out in liters or money. The first option is more convenient, since the cost of fuel is constantly growing, and the liter models fix the price. But it applies only to a specific type of fuel. Cash is convenient for those who need to refuel with various fuels.

The last difference between TCs is limited and unlimited. In the first case, the consumption is set by the cardholder himself, here the displacement is completely limited. In unlimited versions, the refueling volume is limited only by the amount that is present on a special account. Which of these is more profitable is determined by the user himself, because everything depends on specific conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages of TC

The main advantages of the product include:

  • Lack of cash settlement, which simplifies bookkeeping. It will be easier for the driver to refuel.
  • The ability to control fuel consumption and set restrictions on money or displacement. There is a convenient personal account that allows you to monitor all transactions. It can be accessed in a couple of clicks or via a smartphone. You can monitor the timing of refueling and the type of fuel used.
  • Availability of discounts and promotions. Most of the companies that issue cards distribute loyalty bonuses. Therefore, a liter of fuel when paying can be cheaper than using cash.
  • High security, as neither the driver nor the operator of the filling station can tamper.

There are practically no drawbacks to this option, especially if a multi-brand card is being purchased. When the standard model is used, the only limitation is attachment to a particular gas station.

Principle of operation

It is easy and convenient to use such a product, all operations are carried out automatically. Payment is made in the same way as with a standard bank card. All funds are debited without the participation of the gas station operator and the buyer, which is a convenient solution and eliminates possible errors.

Fuel cards for business are distinguished by the fact that the owner is able to fully control expenditure transactions and set certain restrictions. For these purposes, use a personal account. There is no need to download any program. To enter, you just need to use an Internet browser.

Method of obtaining

To issue a card, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Determine which firms are more convenient for drivers to use, and then choose a specific gas station.
  • Contact the company in order to conclude a special contract. All the main points are written in this document, and the number of media is also established. The whole process takes a minimum of time and is carried out in one day.
  • As soon as the registration is over, the parties sign the contract. Then the money is transferred and the owner has to wait a while until the plastic is made. Limits are set, after the product can be used.
  • You must not forget to monitor the current amount and replenish it in a timely manner so that there are no problems.

Application for drivers

Funds are debited in the same way as from a bank card.The only difference between this option is that it is used exclusively at gas stations to pay for fuel and consumables. It will not work to use the product in the store. To refuel the vehicle, the driver will need to take several steps:

  • Inform the gas station operator about the calculation method, and then indicate the required displacement;
  • Touch the bank terminal or insert the chip inside;
  • The screen will display a field for entering the PIN code, which the driver must know;
  • The check is issued in duplicate, one remains with the driver, the second with the cashier. A signature is required on both copies.

The debiting is carried out either in liters or in money, it all depends on the preferences of the cardholder. More details about this item can be found in one of the sections of the agreement, which describes when and how fuel is written off.

Once the transaction is confirmed, the business accountant can see the transaction that was performed. After that, during the reporting period, it is necessary to request from the supplier some documents that make it possible to write off the spent funds.

You can forget about paper counts

Due to the fact that the driver does not pay in cash, he does not have to immediately draw up an advance report after refueling. The only requirement for the carrier is to keep all receipts and provide them to the accountants of the organization. It is important to sign them on time so that there are no problems in the future.

Checks are auxiliary pieces of paper, they will come in handy when the information from the fuel company or from the driver does not match the actual readings. Most often, they are fixed to the waybill using a stapler. It is better to always keep the papers issued by the terminal, as they help to prove that the person is not cheating the company.

Returning some part of the amount

The value added tax (VAT) is always included in the price of fuel that is bought at filling stations. If, with the standard payment, part of the funds cannot be returned, then the owners of fuel cards are given this opportunity. In order for everything to go smoothly, some points must be observed:

  • The company that uses the card must be a taxpayer;
  • The contract is concluded only between the organization and the fuel company, other options are not taken into account;
  • The fuel supplier handed over to the company all the necessary documents, which contain the cost of the goods and the amount of tax. Paperwork is carried out in accordance with the decree of the government of the Russian Federation of December 26, 2011 N 1137.

If all conditions are met, then the company has the right to demand a VAT refund on the cost of fuel. This transaction is recorded in the purchase book and value added tax declaration. This is the only way to get the interest back.

Rating of the best shopping malls for legal entities


The main feature of this option is the simplicity of the contract execution. The card makes it possible to refuel at 3000 gas stations located on the territory of the Russian Federation. Costs are managed and controlled remotely. You can set the required limits in your personal account. It is possible to work on a public offer, but if the owner is not satisfied with such an agreement, a classic contract can be concluded.


  • Simplicity of design;
  • Fast release;
  • Deferred payment for 12 days;
  • Good fuel;
  • Convenient management through your personal account.


  • Not found.

BP + Aral (BP Plus)

The option is suitable for those organizations that supply various goods to Europe. The main feature of the model is access to 7,500 truck filling stations throughout Europe. Management is carried out online. The owner can monitor the current balance, as well as control the drivers' expenses so that they do not go beyond the established bar.


  • 7,500 filling stations;
  • Convenient management;
  • Versatility;
  • Payment for parking spaces is supported.


  • Only valid in Europe.

Sprinter Ultra

A universal solution designed for trucks moving in Russia.Refueling at 8000 gas stations is supported. If the owner conducts an honest business, then he can return 18% of the VAT that is spent on the purchase of fuel. The user also saves up to 25% of money, which is an advantage.


  • Simple design;
  • Up to 18% VAT is refunded;
  • More than 8000 gas stations supported;
  • Saving.


  • Not found.


A distinctive feature of this option is that the owner receives a benefit of up to 32%. This was made possible by up to 20% VAT refunds and low fuel costs compared to standard payment methods. Payment is made at 11,000 filling stations located in the Russian Federation. Personal account provides all the necessary information and convenient analytics.


  • Mobile application for drivers;
  • Benefit up to 32%;
  • Payment for 11000 gas stations is supported;
  • Detailed reporting.


  • Not found.

TOP of the best models for individuals

Petrol Plus Off-Road Vehicle

A universal solution with free decoration, which is suitable for every person who is constantly on the road. Accepted at 9000 filling stations located in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Management is carried out through your personal account, where you can set the necessary restrictions. TC can also be used by legal entities.


  • Fast and free registration;
  • Cost control;
  • Accepted at 9000 petrol stations;
  • Various discounts are available.


  • Not found.


The cost of the issue is 250 rubles. There is a small discount when buying fuel. The card is easy to use, although it does not have a personal account. You can buy it at almost any gas station, which is a convenient solution. The peculiarity of this solution is several useful bonuses and discounts that will help you save some money. There is contactless payment.


  • Low registration price;
  • Sold at many gas stations;
  • Simple to use;
  • Support for contactless payment;
  • Nice bonuses and discounts.


  • There is no personal account.


A convenient option, which is issued at the appropriate gas station. When used, a person receives discounts on fuel, which has a positive effect on savings. It operates both in Russia and in Europe at Shell filling stations. There is a payment for road services and fees. For convenience, there is a personal account where the owner can track the current state of the account and control expenses.


  • Convenience;
  • Accepted from Shell partners;
  • Payment for road services;
  • Personal Area;
  • Simple design.


  • Not found.


One of the most popular models that will suit both legal entities and individuals. Only accepted at the appropriate stations, which may be a disadvantage for those refueling from different suppliers. There are several tariffs that are selected based on operating conditions.


  • Convenient design;
  • Popularity;
  • Fast support service;
  • Suitable for legal entities and individuals;
  • Various bonuses and discounts.


  • Not found.


To spend less money on fuel, you should pay attention to offers from various fuel suppliers. After all, most of them offer favorable conditions and the ability to return VAT. If you have experience using the fuel cards described in the rating, or more interesting models, tell us about it in the comments.


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