🚲Best Electric Bicycles for 2020


Recently, more and more people are taking care of the environment. They do not buy plastic bags, sort the trash and try not to pollute the atmosphere. That is why people riding bicycles are now much more common on the streets. Firstly, it is good for health, and secondly, the bike does not emit harmful substances. However, long journeys can cause leg fatigue, and sometimes a person needs a higher speed in their two-wheeled vehicle. In this case, bicycles with an electric motor will come to the aid of users.

The editorial staff of the site "best-en.designuspro.com" has prepared for you a rating of the best bicycle hybrids for 2020.

Main selection criteria

In most cases, a bicycle is purchased for long-term and active use, so it is so important to find a model that will meet all the necessary parameters and characteristics. You should also take into account the financial component of the issue, you must agree that it will be very disappointing to buy an electric bike for a lot of money and immediately regret your purchase. So that such incidents do not happen to you, we have compiled an instruction for you on finding a bicycle with an electric motor. Focusing on these points, the buyer can easily choose the right product. So what should you pay attention to

Design features

All such devices are divided into several types:

  • Solid - such models represent a monolithic structure. Such transport cannot be folded or disassembled; accordingly, this bicycle takes up a lot of space and brings inconvenience during transportation and storage. Such disadvantages can be eliminated using special fasteners. The advantages of one-piece models include their strength and durability.
  • Folding - in this case, buyers are captivated by the convenience of using such a bike - it is easy to fold it, transport it in the trunk of a vehicle. The compactness of the device means there are no storage problems. Of course, there are also disadvantages. Foldable two-wheeled vehicles are more expensive, but they break down much more often.
  • Unusual and rarer electric bicycles include three-wheeled models. They are intended to a greater extent for the transportation of goods, for example, crops from the dacha. This option is distinguished by its high carrying capacity, expressed power and durability of use.


This parameter directly affects the cost of the unit, so focus on the frequency of its use. The following categories are distinguished:

  • low-power - 200-350 W;
  • medium - 500 W;
  • high-power 500 W and above.

In addition to price, the power rating affects the speed of the bike, its weight and size. It is also worth considering the need for a capacious battery for high-power models.

How this setting is adjusted There are variants of bicycles with pedal control. Ie.the user pedals, and the system independently determines the required power. This method requires significant physical effort and imposes a certain load on the control apparatus.

In addition, the option to automatically adjust the speed is possible. Such models of e-bicycles are similar to motorcycles - the user sets the required power, gets into the saddle and rides. You can continue to pedal while doing this, but there is no particular need for this. Such models are much more convenient, but they also cost more. If desired, combined options can be found on the market for similar products.

Motor type

Engines fall into two main categories:

  1. Bushing geared motors - these motors provide power transmission directly to the wheel. The main convenience is the ability to easily overcome steep climbs. Bicycles equipped with such an engine are light in weight, compact, but at the same time they do not accelerate to high speeds. However, manufacturers are increasingly creating models of high-speed gear motors.
  2. Gearless bushings are the most productive and durable type of engine. In this case, an alternating current is supplied to the motor and sets the bike in motion. Such transport is capable of rapidly developing high speeds. The disadvantages of this type of engine include an increase in the size and weight of the apparatus.

Drive unit

This parameter affects some features of operation. What options are there

  • Front-wheel drive. The engine is then located on the front wheel. This arrangement is very convenient, it harmoniously balances the weight, affects the smoothness when cornering. But transporting such a bike will not be easy - removing the front wheel can cause certain difficulties. Also, front-wheel drive vehicles have low power. Such bicycle hybrids are suitable for ordinary users, for whom the development of high speeds is not important.
  • Rear drive. The engine is located in the rear wheel area. In addition to the ability to develop high speeds, such models have excellent grip on the road surface, they are easy to transport. If you want to balance the weight of the unit, mount the motor in the center of the frame. These models will be the best option for people involved in sports cycling and for people who often take part in various competitions. That is, for those situations when the speed capabilities of the device are in the first place. Often, engines are mounted on the trunk of a vehicle or on a pedal carriage. This approach has a positive effect on the weight distribution of the device, but the cost of such bicycles is several times higher.


A very important parameter, you must agree, it will be very offensive to purchase expensive transport for a lot of money and not use its full functionality. What types of batteries are most in demand at present

  1. Lead-acid SLAs are the cheapest, but also the most short-lived. In addition, such batteries have a fairly impressive weight. If you are an inexperienced user or are on a budget, try this option. Unfortunately, such batteries are quite sensitive to overcharging or, conversely, to too low a charge level. Such models should be operated with caution. The approximate service life is 1 year.
  2. Nickel-metal-hybrid NiMH - if you have the opportunity to shell out a larger amount, we recommend buying a bike with a similar type of battery. Such batteries still retain their budget, but at the same time they are much more durable, more resistant to negative factors, and lighter in weight. The term of use is 3 years.
  3. Lithium-ion Li-Ion - the most popular models, such batteries are very safe to use, last a long time, but they are also expensive. The power of these batteries does not decrease during the entire period of their operation, and the weight does not greatly affect the main dimensions of the bicycle.

Battery voltage affects the power of the unit, so check the specifications of your bike before purchasing. This parameter may fluctuate within different numbers, select the most optimal option based on your requirements for transport and financial capabilities.

Capacity is another important item. Here it is also worth focusing on the basic technical capabilities of the bike hybrid. For example, pedal-operated devices require a battery with a lower capacity. Models with a battery capacity of 10 A ∙ h have the highest performance.

Additional features

Many users wish to equip their two-wheeled vehicles with a number of auxiliary functions. They are optional, but they make the cyclist's life much easier. These include:

  • On-board computer - can be equipped with a built-in navigator, is able to track weather conditions, set a sports training parameter. When combined with a smart watch or bracelet, such an accessory will track the user's condition - his pulse, respiratory rate and heart activity.
  • Charge indicator - will allow you to avoid incidents on the road. The user can always be aware of the battery charge level.
  • Portable charger - suitable for long cycling trips in the absence of access to electricity.
  • The basket is a very convenient accessory if you plan to make small purchases. For large loads, choose a spacious trunk. But for out-of-town trips on competitive routes, such additions will become a surplus.
  • Bottle holder - allows you to have quick access to water.
  • Pump - In most cases, a must for all riders.
  • Dirt Guard - Installed above the wheels to keep the cyclist from getting dirty in rainy weather.
  • Bicycle stand - gives stability to the vehicle at rest. This accessory will allow you to park your device in any convenient place.

Where can I buy

Buy e-bikes from specialized stores. In this case, you get a guarantee and free repair. Often, riders, wanting to save money, buy bikes from AliExpress. This choice is not entirely correct, since cheap copies from China will not last long, and the seller is often not responsible for the quality of the product. In this case, it is possible to return the money, but not so easy.

If you buy a model hand-held, carefully check the bike for dents, holes and other defects. You should also carefully check the operation of the technical component of the device, including the brakes.

When purchasing an electric bike, do not forget that its maximum speed, by law, should not exceed 50 km / h.

And now we invite you to familiarize yourself with the TOP of the best bike hybrids for 2020. The list was compiled taking into account real feedback from riders.

Ranking of the best foldable bike hybrids for 2020

Folding designs are in great demand among the population, in comparison with awkward options. This is due to their mobility. Aggregates from different price categories were taken for consideration. The higher the cost, the more functional and reliable the equipment.

Comparative characteristics of all presented bicycle hybrids are reflected at the end and compared at the end of the article.

Budget segment

This category includes vehicles worth up to 35,000 rubles.

Xiaomi Himo C20

This representative of the brand's line is deservedly the choice of most buyers. This electric bike is suitable for all lovers of new products in the field of technology and bicycles.

The autonomy of the device is quite high, and the possibilities are almost endless - thanks to the capacious battery, the rider can enjoy an uninterrupted ride for 80 kilometers without additional pedaling. A small pump is included with the device, and the dimensions of the bike will harmoniously fit into even the smallest apartment. The bike is foldable, which also has a positive effect on its storage and transportation.

The aluminum frame is shock-resistant enough that the user does not have to worry about the integrity of the bike during falls. At the same time, the accessory is lightweight. The design is very stylish, the range of colors is white and light gray.

One of the most notable features of this vehicle is the seat. More precisely, in the pump seat. The creators solved the problem of dimensions and the need to regularly pump up the wheels in such a non-standard way. For added convenience, the e-bike is equipped with a bright display showing battery status, speed and power of the device. All numbers are large enough and readable even in fast driving conditions. Also, riders do not have to worry about their safety thanks to the presence of LED headlights and reflective elements on the wheels.

Xiaomi Himo C20


  • optimal combination of quality and price;
  • stylish design;
  • the ability to choose the types of driving: with the help of pedals, by means of the motor and the combined method;
  • safety;
  • protection from dirt;
  • built-in pump;
  • on-board computer;
  • comfortable ride in rainy weather.


  • problems with setting modes;
  • fragile pedals;
  • there is no instruction in Russian.

The average cost is 33,900 Russian rubles.

Unimoto fly

A stylish electric bike will be a great solution for people who want to purchase fast transport for traveling around the city. The design idea allows all people to use these devices - from ordinary students to office workers.

The compact size of the device makes it easy to transport and store the hybrid in a small room. However, the accuracy and diminutiveness of the performance should not alarm users - the bike is able to withstand a weight of 120 kg. The powerful battery is designed for long journeys of up to 30 km. The low frame and comfortable fit will make the operation of this hybrid convenient even for inexperienced users. The steel components of the bike make it as resistant as possible against impacts and falls.

The wide saddle will allow riders to enjoy the ride with all the comfort, the comfortable brakes help avoid collisions and make handling safe. Additional safety measures include LED headlights, which significantly increase visibility in the darkest hours of the day. The hybrid is foldable, even a child can handle it easily. The kit includes a spacious trunk, a convenient parking step, recharging and clear operating instructions. The electric bike can be controlled both by means of pedals and automatically by means of a motor.

electric bike hybrid bike Unimoto Fly


  • compact dimensions;
  • stylish ergonomic design;
  • full set;
  • friendly staff at the official store;
  • budgetary cost;
  • the convenience of use.


  • high weight due to the battery.

The average cost is 30,000 Russian rubles.

HIPER Engine BF200

If you are looking for an option suitable for travel in the city and in nature, we advise you to pay attention to this model. Double-rim wheels provide extra stability for the bike, both on asphalt and on bumps, holes and forest roads.Competent assembly will prevent the wheels and rider from contaminating with dirt, leaves and grass. Reliable brakes will stop the bike even on the slippery road.

Since the device has a foldable design, it will not be difficult to transport it even on a bus, there will be no problems with storage either - such a compact bike does not require much space. To avoid discomfort while driving on a not even surface, the manufacturer has equipped the vehicle with a hydraulic shock absorber. The presence of aluminum inserts will give the hybrid strength and lightness. There are three ride modes for riders to choose from: automatic (engine only running), pedaling, and combination mode. A capacious battery will make it possible to ride with a breeze up to 30 km, while the speed is picked up instantly and reaches 25 km / h. A pleasant bonus is the ability to install cruise control - this function is designed for a pleasure trip without unnecessary body movements. In addition, the bike is equipped with a bright headlight.

HIPER Engine BF200


  • modern design;
  • compactness;
  • high-quality performance;
  • comfortable and reliable wheels;
  • sensitive brakes;
  • picks up speed quickly;
  • withstands 130 kg of weight;
  • small braking distance.


  • discharges quickly.

The average cost is 30,000 Russian rubles.

iconBIT K7

Urban-style single speed brushless hybrid bike for medium intensity rides with chain drive, dual brakes, rigid fork and aluminum frame. The rim is the same alloy as the frame. The diameter of the inflatable wheels is 12 inches. The design of the pedals is classic, the fork is non-integrated, the steering wheel is straight, adjustable in height. Stars in cassette and system - 1 pc. Fenders, bell and footrest are provided. Li-ion battery with a voltage of 36 V, a small capacity, quite sufficient to overcome 25 km / h. Brake system - disc, mechanical, walking type with the ability to attach to a fork, frame or hub. The maximum lifting capacity is 100 kg. Dimensions: 123/55/92 cm. The device has dust and moisture protection class IP54, which allows you to ride it in any weather.

The device is folded in 2 places - the steering tube, the center of the frame. The motor is mounted on the rear wheel, has high torque and low resistance, so it is not a hassle when going uphill.

The battery is protected from overheating and other damage, is removable (you must enter a code lock), is located on the seat tube, has a port for recharging, a start / stop button and a brake light. Charges from standard mains.

The saddle frame is made of durable plastic, covered with artificial leather, can be adjusted in the range of 0-12 cm, the diameter of the pin is 35 mm, the total length is 45 cm.

The pedals have a good grip on the shoes, are provided with reflectors, and are standardly mounted on the cranks. At 80-100 cycles per minute, the rider will not feel a lot of physical activity. The bushing is equipped with weak springs, which makes the free travel quieter, and the "pedal" increases.

iconBIT K7


  • small-sized;
  • agile;
  • easy;
  • Beautiful design;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • price;
  • maintainability (parts are freely available);
  • good brake;
  • environmentally friendly product for the environment;
  • develops speed quickly;
  • easily overcomes barriers;
  • convenient.


  • the footboard clings to curbs;
  • folding steering wheel: with frequent overcoming obstacles, you have to twist;
  • small battery capacity;
  • lack of headlights;
  • the unit is presented in one color scheme.

The average cost is 29,000 Russian rubles.

Middle price segment

This category was topped by electric bicycles in the price range from 35,000 to 50,000 rubles.

Xiaomi QiCycle

Design features: on-board computer that is synchronized with a smartphone (Android, iOS); large display: 16 x 12.8 cm; there is Bluetooth: 4.0 LE.

A chain-driven bicycle hybrid with a mileage of 45 km on a single charge and a quick charge - replenishes power in 3 hours.The entire structure is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight compared to many other models. The fork is rigid. The wheelbase diameter is 16 inches. Front caliper brake, rear roller brake. Shimano Nexus 3 rear derailleur and shifters are initial. There is a planetary hub, 3 speed modes are provided. Stars in cassette and system - 1 pc., With teeth for 52 units. The length of the connecting rods is 17 cm. The steering wheel is straight.

This model is equipped with torque sensing technology, due to which it is able to travel long distances with minimal effort. Sensors and systems provide constant control over driving. The brushless motor has high magnetic resistance, rapid acceleration and low weight.

The on-board computer allows you to easily switch modes, monitor train data in real time. The display shows: dynamic power, speed, distance traveled, number of calories burned - all this can be transmitted to the user's phone. All information stored "in the cloud" can be viewed at any time. The Panasonic 2900mAh battery can be removed and charged separately. The power reserve is 45 km.

Xiaomi QiCycle


  • sensitive;
  • modern design;
  • recharges quickly;
  • functional;
  • value for money;
  • convenient;
  • integrated headlights;
  • compact.


  • difficult to get parts;
  • heavy;
  • poor location of the computer screen.

The average cost is 45,000 Russian rubles.

Hoverbot CB-7 Optimus

The robust steel frame bike features 20-inch wheels, rigid forks, double rims, mechanical disc brakes and a 6-speed rear derailleur. Despite this, the equipment is lightweight - 22 kg, withstands a load of up to 100 kg. Since the mileage of the unit on a single charge reaches up to 50 km, it can be used for long-distance skiing within the city and beyond, long walks.

The equipment is additionally equipped with full-length fenders, rear derailleur protection, step, headlight and step. Frame, impact-resistant plastic pedals and straight handlebars are foldable. Saddle "Hoverbot Comfort".

The steering column is threadless, the frame is 14 inches. Single-lever shifters.

Hoverbot CB-7 Optimus


  • value for money;
  • stylish appearance;
  • comfortable;
  • frame geometry;
  • reliable;
  • agile;
  • large power reserve.


  • not identified.

The average cost is 39,900 Russian rubles.


The vehicle with an aluminum frame, a geared motor and an integrated battery is designed for long journeys. Ideal for the urban environment, as the range is 50 km, and the battery is quickly replenished - in just 5 hours. The wheelbase is 20 inches. The fork is rigid. Rear wheel drive with rim type brakes. There are 7 speed modes. There is a backlit faucet to display basic trip information. The maximum permissible load on the device is 120 kg.

You can fold the bike in a minute: frame and handlebars in half. The battery is removable, installed in a special niche in the frame. Under it is a metal box (solid, sealed) with a controller and wiring.

The settings system allows you to select the desired mode, turn on and off the transport, monitor the battery charge level, control lighting devices, give a signal to avoid collisions with other riders.

The package includes 2 sets of keys with alarm key fobs. Security against theft is provided by motion and shock sensors, when triggered, a loud alarm is turned on.

The bike is equipped with a very soft seat, metal trunk. You can add your own accessories: a basket, a bicycle bag, to improve aerodynamics - an aviation fin and many other gadgets.



  • comfortable saddle;
  • functional;
  • value for money;
  • appearance;
  • smooth braking;
  • powerful motor;
  • large indicator of the reserve;
  • reliable protection;
  • withstands heavy loads;
  • charges quickly.


  • not identified.

The average cost is 49,900 Russian rubles.


The small dimensions of the aluminum alloy bicycle hybrids have many advantages over many competitive models in this segment. Its main difference is the ability to move on one throttle stick and in assistant mode to the pedal. The body can be presented in 3 colors: white, black or gray.

Gear motor with a power reserve of up to 80 km. The charging time takes about 5 hours. Integrated battery. Rear-wheel drive. There is no depreciation. Only one speed is provided. The wheelbase is 16 inches. The disc mechanical braking system provides smooth braking. There is an LCD screen. Control type - lever. The permissible load on the bike is 90 kg.

The bike hybrid is designed for those who value their time. Due to its size and light weight, it can be quickly folded, placed in the trunk of a car or carried by hand.

The display shows basic information: speed, power, mileage, charge level, and you can also configure the controller - an on-board computer with various functions. There are three keys: on / off, mode selection, other settings. A gas trigger is installed next to the screen. Among other things, the technology has front and rear lighting, which allows you to move safely at night.

electric bike NANO


  • mobile;
  • lightweight;
  • good technical equipment;
  • ergonomic frame shape;
  • agile;
  • high-speed;
  • the possibility of manual transfer;
  • power reserve;
  • simple control;
  • value for money.


  • not identified.

The average cost is 49,800 Russian rubles.


Folding model with lightweight aluminum frame. There are 3 speeds and a Shimano Nexus planetary hub. It is worth noting that this is an improved modification of the popular GOA-V bike in 2017.

The developers decided to call this model E-GOA, and the key goal of its creation was to preserve the feeling of riding, as on an ordinary bicycle. That is why the electric version has preserved the lightness and design of the younger "brother", however, at the same time, it stands out against its background with significant privileges in the form of additional electric traction.

From now on, riding a familiar bike, users are able to easily cover significant distances in a short time and without much difficulty. The model easily overcomes steep slopes and strong headwinds.

The model also unfolds and folds without much difficulty and any restrictions. In addition, it does not take up a lot of usable space. The electric bike is recharged using an ordinary outlet, and while driving, the engine operates with virtually no noise.

This bike may also appeal to those users who want to get to work without traffic jams and, at the same time, without getting tired.

SHULZ E-Goa electric bike


  • does not shake or rattle;
  • powerful electric motor;
  • a cruise control system is provided;
  • good autonomy;
  • it is possible to activate the auxiliary power.


  • braking system V-brake;
  • lack of a gas handle;
  • lack of headlights.

The average cost is 41,650 Russian rubles.

Expensive segment

This category includes electric bicycles worth over 50 thousand rubles.

Volteco Intro 500W

This model is available in black and white. It is intended for amateur long walks in the city and beyond. On a single charge, the unit is capable of covering 50 km. This is achieved through quality elements. These include:

  • built-in lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 8800 mAh with a nominal voltage of 36 V;
  • 500 W motor;
  • 2-suspension depreciation;
  • wheelbase 26-inch with Kenda tires;
  • 7-speed speed mode.

Foldable frame with quick-detachable front wheel, made of aluminum using a special technology, which provides for a significant thickening of pipes in places of increased load. The motor is hidden in the rear wheel hubs, the battery is in the frame cavity. The pedal assist system significantly reduces the stress on the knees when the engine is running.The on-board computer screen displays the speed of movement in real time, the distance traveled, the state of the battery, which can be easily obtained and recharged, if necessary. Safe handling in any weather is provided by front and rear disc brakes "WinZip", front shock absorber "SR Suntour" with adjustable preload and locking capabilities, and rear shock "HLT 620 LBS".

The unit can be controlled in several modes: on electric drive with the throttle stick, in hybrid or conventional. The equipment can withstand up to 100 kg of load. There is a possibility of mounting a disc brake (fork, frame, bushing). The rear derailleur of the initial type "Shimano Tourney RD-TX", single-lever shifters, non-integrated carriage. Stars in a cassette 7, in the system - 1 pc. The design of the steering wheel is straight, the pedals are classic. Steel saddle, covered with artificial leather. There is a footrest.

Volteco Intro 500W


  • economical power consumption;
  • the battery charges quickly;
  • well-readable backlit display;
  • high cross-country ability (tires do not slip even on icy road sections);
  • functional;
  • light weight;
  • brakes work well, are regulated without problems;
  • removable front wheel: a small-sized bike is obtained during transportation and storage;
  • battery built into the frame.


  • wide steering wheel, which makes cornering difficult;
  • expensive.

The average cost is 57,900 Russian rubles.

WELLNESS City Dual 700

Design features: 2 motors, four-wheel drive, 2-suspension shock absorption, maximum speed - 45 km / h.

A foldable aluminum frame paired with a brushless motor, 20 '' inflatable wheels, front and rear V-brakes and a lithium-ion battery is a high-speed rider's dream. Mileage on one charge - 40 km. It takes 8 hours to restore power. The maximum lifting capacity is 110 kg. The technique is capable of speeds up to 45 km / h.

The handlebars, frame, pedals are foldable, which makes the bike very compact for storage or transportation. There is a footrest, LED display, bell, front and rear lights, plastic wheel arch liners. The straight handlebars and spring saddle are height adjustable. The 2-suspension system smoothes the ride on uneven surfaces and makes the train as comfortable as possible. The wheelbase easily overcomes any obstacles, regardless of weather conditions.

Each built-in motor has a rated power of 350 W. The monitor displays the current speed, distance traveled and charge level - nothing more. There are 6 speeds for driving. You can ride at any time of the day, as the equipment is equipped with lighting devices.

WELLNESS City Dual 700


  • lasting;
  • stylish appearance;
  • powerful;
  • high-speed;
  • the product is easy to use;
  • compact;
  • capacious battery;
  • soft suspension;
  • good roll forward.


  • heavy;
  • expensive;
  • the rear wheel is often punctured.

The average cost is 79,900 Russian rubles.

Cyberbike Fat 500W

A powerful fat bike is able to amaze even the most picky riders with its cross-country ability and performance. The foldable, compact hybrid is designed to tackle the most impassable roads thanks to its engine and large battery. Thickened wheels provide firm traction in the most inclement weather conditions. Special fenders on wheels protect the user and his load from dirt and water drops.

The spacious trunk is designed not only for the transportation of bulky items, but also for the transportation of passengers. The bike can carry a maximum weight of 110 kg.

Cyberbike Fat 500W


  • patency;
  • sturdy construction;
  • capacious battery;
  • compactness.


  • heavy weight;
  • high price.

The average cost is 80,000 Russian rubles.

TOP of the best non-folding bike hybrids for 2020

The constructions represent a regular bicycle with technical stuffing. Their main drawback is the overall dimensions, so the review includes only the best representatives of this class with different price segments.

Twitter VS7.0-ER100

An affordable bike hybrid that's a great buy for people looking for a regular electric bike with a reliable build. If the user is looking for an e-bike for the first time or does not want to overpay for a more progressive model, then the VS7.0-ER100 of the Twitter brand is ideal.

Despite the affordable price tag, this model is equipped with a lightweight yet robust frame made of 6061 aluminum alloy. The front wheel is supported by a Retrospec suspension fork with the ability to lock.

The electric bike is equipped with a brake and derailleur from the renowned bicycle equipment manufacturer Shimano.

A battery with a capacity of 360 W / h significantly extends the distance that can be covered on a single charge. Another advantage of this e-bike is that it comes with three riding modes:

  1. Bicycle - use of a model without an electric motor.
  2. Help - using pedals in conjunction with an electric motor. There are 5 levels.
  3. Electric scooter - no pedal assistance.

In the latter mode, in order to control the speed, there is a comfortable accelerator handle.

Electric bike Twitter VS7.0-ER100


  • speed;
  • controllability;
  • lightness;
  • reliability of the rear and front brakes;
  • excellent indicators of autonomy.


  • not detected.

The average cost is 42,000 Russian rubles.

Green City E-Alfa

An excellent option for people whose ecology is in the first place. Stylish appearance contains a convenient arrangement of the device filling, a beautiful basket in front and a spacious trunk in the back. The trunk is perfect for both cargo transportation and passenger transportation. The seat is easily adjustable, the shock absorber provides a soft ride. There is additional protection on the chains - now the bike will not be able to chew on the rider's clothes. A stable footrest will allow the hybrid to withstand prolonged parking with a load in the trunk.

The steel frame is designed to give the bike strength and support up to 130kg. The battery allows you to easily drive 35 km with additional pedaling. The technical equipment of the accessory is designed to develop high speed in a matter of seconds, and the braking system is equipped in such a way that it will allow you to easily stop even in the most emergency situation. Weight distribution ensures smooth turns and comfort when driving fast.

Green City E-Alfa


  • the ability to carry passengers;
  • stylish design;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • strength and shock resistance;
  • versatility;
  • good battery location.


  • requires obtaining a driving license of category A;
  • rattles violently when driving;
  • frequent breakdowns.

The average cost is 42,000 Russian rubles.

Twitter Mantis E0

Mountain (MTV) hybrid for cross-country with a chain drive, low weight compared to competitive models in this class, high mileage on a single charge (90 km) and fast charging lithium-ion battery (5 hours). It features an aluminum frame (two sizes: 15.5 or 17 "), Hard tail damping (oil-spring, sports fork) and 26" Kenda 1187 wheels with Retrospec RS300 aluminum rims.

Braking system - hydraulic disc, walking type Shimano Altus. A total of 27 speeds are provided. There are 9 stars in the cassette, in the system - 3 pcs. with the number of teeth 44/32/22. The landing part of the carriage shaft is square, the rear derailleur is sporty, the front derailleur is walking, the shifters are trigger 2-lever. The steering wheel is straight.The saddle is made of artificial leather. There is a USB port.

It is possible to adjust the rigidity of the fork spring and block its travel, as well as to mount the disc brake (fork, frame, bushing).

Twitter Mantis E0


  • Net weight;
  • lasting;
  • colors;
  • many speeds;
  • value for money;
  • huge cruising range - up to 90 km;
  • high load capacity;
  • functional.


  • not identified.

The average cost is 45,800 Russian rubles.

Merida ESpresso 300

2019 model for adults with chain drive, aluminum (material grade - 6061) frame size L = 55 cm (sizes available from 16.92 to 23.22 inches). The design provides for "Hard tail" shock absorption: spring-elastomer fork "SR Suntour NEX-PM-DS-700C" walking level with a fork travel of 63 mm and adjustable spring rate; 28-inch double-rim wheels with Continental AT Ride 622-42 tires; sports braking system (disc, hydraulic). Provides the ability to mount the brake (fork, frame, bushing).

The transmission is equipped with a 9-speed gearbox with a walking type rear derailleur. Shimano Altus RD-M2000 shifters are walking, trigger 2-lever. Sports cassette. Classic pedals. The steering wheel is curved. Stars in a cassette 1 pc. with the number of teeth - 38 pcs. Li-ion battery with a voltage of 36 V.

Merida ESpresso 300


  • reliable;
  • Beautiful design;
  • agile;
  • light weight;
  • high cross-country ability;
  • good technical base;
  • stable operation of the braking system;
  • durable;
  • the ability to choose the appropriate frame size for an individual user


  • very expensive.

Average cost - 129,600 Russian rubles

Airwheel R8 162.8Wh

A real mountain electric bike, which differs from the competition with oversized 26-inch wheels. An electric bike allows the owner to use pedals, an electric motor and all together while riding.

The model is equipped with a removable battery that can be easily changed, thus providing an opportunity to increase its operating time.

Oversized wheels guarantee comfortable movement on roads of various types of coverage and off-road. Since the bike is equipped with an on-board PC, the user is given the opportunity not only to adjust the model settings, but also to display all the data about his own travels.

This electric bike will be an excellent purchase for those who prefer to lead an active lifestyle and intend to operate the model not only on the road, but also in the countryside.

Electric bike Airwheel R8 162.8Wh


  • adequate cost;
  • quickly charges;
  • practicality;
  • fashionable performance;
  • weighs little.


  • only 1 speed.

The average cost is 43,500 Russian rubles.

Welt Rockfall 1.0 E-Drive (2018)

Rockfall 1.0 based model with an electric motor that is installed in the rear hub. The electric motor functions as a pedal assistant. The controller, which is located on the steering wheel, is equipped with a switch that allows you to adjust the engine power.

The e-bike features a shock-absorbing SR Suntour XCT fork with 100mm travel and hydraulic locking. The model is equipped with an 8-speed Shimano type transmission with rear Acera derailleur.

The model is equipped with a Shimano hydraulic braking system.

Welt Rockfall 1.0 E-Drive electric bike (2018)


  • fast;
  • proved to be excellent both on asphalt and off-road;
  • excellent battery capacity;
  • reliable frame;
  • high quality regular tires.


  • most users didn't like the included pedals;
  • uncomfortable seat;
  • lack of wings.

The average cost is 49,900 Russian rubles.

Comparative table of technical characteristics:

Name of productEngine powerMaximum speedBattery capacitytype of driveWeight
Xiaomi Himo C20250 watts25 km / h10 A ∙ hchain21 kg
Twitter VS7.0-ER100 250 watts35 km / h10 A ∙ hchain19.9 kg
Unimoto fly250 watts22 km / h10 A ∙ hrear29 kg
HIPER Engine BF200250 watts25 km / h8.5 A ∙ hchain25 Kg
Cyberbike Fat 500W500 watts30 km / h13 A ∙ hrear28 kg
Airwheel R8 162.8Wh200 watts27 km / h162 W / hchain19.5 kg
Green City E-Alfa500 watts35 km / h10.4 A / hchain34 kg
SHULZ E-Goa249 watts24 km / h7.8 A / hchain17.5 kg
Welt Rockfall 1.0 E-Drive (2018) 250 watts25 km / h6 A * hchain22 kg
iconBIT K7250 watts 25 km / h6 A * hchain 17.7 kg
Xiaomi QiCycle 250 watts25 km / h5.3 A * hchain 14.5 kg
Eltreco Kjing Single 250 watts25 km / h8 A * hchain21 kg
RABBIT "Bear"350 watts27 km / h10.4 A * hchain21 kg
NANO250 watts25 km / h7.8 A * hchain13 Kg
Ecoffect H-Slim 26350 watts40 km / h9 A * hchain23 kg
WELLNESS City Dual 700750 watts45 km / h12.5 A * hchain28.5 kg
Eltreco Leto350 watts25 km / h7.8 A * hchain21.5 kg
Twitter Mantis E0350 watts35 km / h10 A * hchain18.2 kg
Eltreco XT-700 350 watts35 km / h9 A * hchain22 kg
Volteco Intro 500W500 watts35 km / h8.8 A * hchain24 kg
Merida ESpresso 300 250 watts 25 km / h 14 A * hchain-
Hoverbot CB-7 Optimus 250 watts 25 km / h8 A * hchain22 kg

If you had experience using the products described in the rating, write your feedback in the comments.


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