🐟A review of the best bite activators for 2020


Fishing is the favorite pastime of many men. Even some ladies also like to spend time on the lake with a fishing rod. Of course, in order to catch a good catch, you need to spend a lot of time. But now there are three options for fishing. The first one is the simplest - we go to the store and buy a live fish. The second is a long way, when we come to a river or lake, throw in the fishing rods and wait for the first bite. But the third reliable option is when bite activators are used.

They will be discussed in this article. We will tell you what a bite activator is, how it works, how to choose it correctly. And we will compose the top 8 proven activators.

What is a bite activator

A bite activator is a certain consistency that is activated in water. Thus, it attracts a large number of fish, reduces fishing time, and increases the catch. Sold in the form of a spray, tablets, dry powder, in liquid form. There are all-season, for winter, summer fishing.

Properties and side effects

They have two properties:

  1. They attract fish.
  2. They stimulate appetite.

Advice, it is better to choose activators that have both of these properties.

However, you should be aware of the negative aspects.

For example, a person purchased an activator from an unknown store at a low price. Arriving on a fishing trip, he realizes that the tool does not work. And all because, firstly, they sold him a fake. The goods should be purchased only in specialized stores, on the official websites of the companies. But, before buying, it is advisable to read the reviews on various sites. Moreover, the reviews must be real people.

You can also oversaturated the fish, while it will swim, but not peck.

And it can also be frightened off by the obsessive unpleasant smell of the product.

Therefore, it is best to purchase a quality product. At the same time, carefully study not only the composition, but also the instructions for use.

How does the remedy work

Its operating principle is very simple. And it consists of three steps:

  1. This is attracting a lot of fish.
  2. Inducing her appetite.
  3. Helps to keep it in place of the bite.

The drug is diluted in a bait. First, it attracts prey by acting on receptors, then it induces appetite. The fish shows greed, vigilance is lost, it thinks only about food. Therefore it becomes easy prey.

Scientists have studied the biting characteristics of different fish species for many years. Over the years, they have empirically created unique products containing attractants, amino acids and fats. It is these substances that can not only attract attention, but also make the fish swallow the hook.

Previously, they were only used in fisheries. Used for fattening, and then began to be used for amateur fishing.

Interestingly, all activators are approved by European environmental organizations. It is an environmentally friendly product that is completely safe for humans and the aquatic environment.

It is important that not all activators are combined with bait.If there is little bait, and the activator has a strong effect on the receptors of the fry, then the catch will be small. And vice versa, if there is a lot of complementary foods, and the product has an insignificant effect, then the bite will also be weak.

Advice, choose products that are applied to the bait itself. This is how a good catch is achieved.

Benefits of using activators

  • Works well both in summer and winter.
  • It is active in stagnant water and in strong currents.
  • Can be used in salt and fresh water.
  • One package is enough for several applications.
  • It is used for various bait baits.
  • With its help, it is possible to raise predators in the fishing industry on natural, environmentally friendly feed.


Counterfeits are often sold that are much cheaper than the original and do not have a positive effect.

What to look for when choosing a product

For which season they are purchased. You can pick up all-season. This is indicated on the packaging.

What water is suitable for. This is also indicated by the manufacturer. But there are activators that work well in any water.

For lakes or rivers. You should also pay attention to this factor. In stagnant water, the action of the agent extends directly to the place of the bite. But when there is a current, it is necessary to apply the product just above the main bite.

They must be frugal. Used several times. Have a long shelf life. Store in a dry place.

Safe funds. Check the composition. It must have a safe composition that will not harm fish and all inhabitants of water bodies.

Convenient and practical. You can use not one type of bait, but with different components. With its help, you can not only catch, but also grow.

Top 8 best activators

Each fisherman has a different fishing preference. Someone likes to catch peaceful fish, while others are attracted only by hunting or predators. There are also fans of summer fishing and winter fishing. In order to satisfy the interest of all fishermen, we will divide the rating into all types of fishing. At the same time, there are only products tested by experienced fishermen.

Universal (for regular fish)

Any means containing natural ingredients are suitable here.

Fish Hungry (Fishhungry)

It is an expensive, reliable tool. Its cost is 990 rubles. The composition contains substances that can induce a strong appetite. Even a well-fed fish is ready to swallow the bait with a 99.9% probability. You can catch any kind of peaceful fish on it. It is used with live bait.

bite activator Fish Hungry (Fishhungry)


  • In most cases, the catch is 100%;
  • It can be used in any water body;
  • It is often used for raising various types of fish;
  • Its effectiveness is not affected by weather conditions;
  • Used for tackle and groundbait;
  • It is convenient to use small capsules;
  • Has no harmful substances;
  • Can be used for multiple applications.


  • Doesn't always work effectively;
  • The price often does not match the quality.

Fish hunt

This drug is much cheaper. Only 150 rubles. Interestingly, the finished product often makes large species feel hungry, thus creating a successful catch. It is a finished product with up to 90% efficiency.

bite activator Fish Hunt


  • Often used in bait;
  • The packaging is enough for 5 uses;
  • Essential oils are part of the preparation;
  • Active in summer and winter fishing;
  • Increases bite by 90%.


  • Directly in the water it loses all its properties, so it is better to add it to the bait;
  • In salt water, a 50% effect is rarely achieved;
  • Cannot be used for ice fishing.

Lucky fishing

This is the cheapest remedy. At the same time, it completely consists of substances that the fish feeds on in the aquatic environment. This is a bloodworm and maggot. They are ground. They are completely safe for humans and aquatic inhabitants. In addition, the price will surprise everyone. The tool costs 70 rubles.

bite activator Lucky Fishing


  • Completely safe product;
  • It has a pleasant scent;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Induces appetite in many species.


  • Not used for saltwater fishing;
  • Sometimes, it does not cause the attention of the fish, than the catch reduces to zero.

For predators

This is not even fishing, but mostly hunting. A good catch only gives confidence to the fisherman. At the same time, all drugs used should induce appetite in predators. They must lose caution, swim closer to the shore. In this case, the fishing is considered successful.

Dry blooder

The finished product costs 900 rubles. Contains pheromones, proteins and blood constituent. They cause a feeling of hunger, while they are quickly absorbed in the body of fish.

bite activator Dry Blooder


  • Added to groundbait;
  • can be used in any season;
  • high efficiency;
  • used for fishing in rivers, lakes;
  • it has a pleasant scent.


  • The price does not match the quality;
  • Loses its properties in winter;
  • Some species do not respond to it.

MegaMix (Megamix)

Cost - 280 rubles. It is considered the most effective activator of fishing with live bait. It includes pheromones - biologically active substances that are safe for others.

bite activator MegaMix (Megamix


  • Applicable at any time of the year;
  • Sold as a liquid;
  • Convenient use;
  • Economical, can be used several times;
  • An effective product in all waters.


  • Cannot be used for ice fishing;
  • 20% effective in salt water.

Delphi Predator

If you want to catch a perch, pike perch, pike, then this drug is simply irreplaceable. It has a reasonable price tag. Only 120 rubles. For this you get protein compounds plus substances of animal origin. They do not soften the food, but enhance the smell. It is used for barley, corn, bloodworms.

bite activator Predator Delphi


  • Completely safe composition;
  • High stickiness;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Economical packaging;
  • High efficiency;
  • Pleasant smell plus nutritional value.


  • Large bites are rarely achieved in sea water;
  • In winter, it often loses its properties.

For long distance fishing

Here, ordinary activators will no longer help. If you need to attract a fish, a special composition is needed from a distance of up to 500 meters. It will help not only attract attention, but also keep in place.

Monster fish

One of the best products, according to buyers. It is produced in capsule form. When in contact with water, they begin to dissolve. A strong aroma is created at the fishing site. Then the capsules slowly sink to the bottom of the reservoir. They form air bubbles that attract live bait.

bite activator Monster Fish


  • Completely natural composition;
  • It is used in all weather conditions, even in heavy rain does not lose its properties;
  • It includes lemon balm extract and shark hormone;
  • It is used for biting large and small species of predators, peaceful fish;
  • The catch increases threefold;
  • It is active in any body of water, in any water.


  • The fish rarely lingers in the place of the catch;
  • High cost - 990 rubles;
  • It is better not to use in salt water;
  • You need to choose the right place for fishing.

Dragon AROMA

Sold in powder form. Its cost is 400 rubles. Has biologically active substances that induce appetite.

bite activator Dragon AROMA


  • Natural product;
  • All-season activator;
  • It accelerates the metabolism of fish;
  • It is used in all reservoirs;
  • It is quickly absorbed;
  • It has a rich aroma;
  • 20 grams of the finished product is diluted in 1 liter of bait, which increases its efficiency.


  • No lasting effect;
  • Doesn't work in open water;
  • Only fish that swim close to the fishing spot react to it;
  • Means for increasing the feeling of hunger.

Ultrabite (Ultrabyte)

Sometimes the fish does not feel hunger during the catch. She has long been fed and does not pay attention to the bait. In order to induce a feeling of hunger in a well-fed fish, one proven remedy is used.

Its price is 380 rubles. It includes pheromones, natural plant extracts that can be used on any bait.This is a universal product that gives a 100% guarantee of a good catch in places with a large concentration of fishermen.

bite activator Ultrabite (Ultrabyte)


  • Made in the form of bubbles;
  • Convenient to use;
  • Economical, 12 bubbles per pack, only one is used for one fishing;
  • Environmentally friendly product;
  • It is quickly absorbed, causing an accelerated metabolism.


  • Not applicable in winter;
  • Not suitable for salt water;
  • No efficiency in windy conditions.

Do I need to use an activator

The fishermen have two opinions. Some argue that without activators fishing is more efficient, the catch is large. And money should not be spent on funds that do not work. Others, on the contrary, believe that there is no catch without such a tool. At the same time, everyone is right in their own way. In order for the activator to work properly, many factors must be considered.

For example, in the cold season, fish feed on small animals. The smells in such water are more intense, their effect is increased. Therefore, you should use natural activators, which include bloodworms, maggot. And preparations with the smell of fish oil will generally increase the bite by 5 times.

In summer, it is not advisable to use a large amount of activator. This can lead to a saturation of water aromas, which potentially scare off live bait. Sweet flavors will play well in this water.

Remember, you cannot mix more than two flavors with groundbait. It will not work. Everything should be in moderation.

DIY activator

You can buy it in the store, but it's better to do it yourself. This requires:

  • For crucian carp

Grind a clove of garlic, 1 spoon of liquid honey, 1 pack of vanillin, 1 tbsp. l. cocoa powder, anise, chopped dill seeds. Mix all this thoroughly. We apply it in the form of powder or lumps.

  • For roach

She doesn't like strong smells. Therefore, we take some cookies, you can replace them with bread crumbs. Mix the bran with the soil of the reservoir. Add the fodder bloodworm. You can add chopped nettle, garlic, cumin. We mix everything. Cooking balls. The activator can create a cloudy spot on the surface of the water. This also attracts the fish.

  • For carp

It is better to use finely chopped corn, undercooked potatoes, green peas. And the flavors can be thyme or garlic.

  • For pike

This lady hates bright smells and artificial baits. Therefore, any small fish is suitable for bait. It can be crushed, then scattered over the surface of the reservoir.

Sometimes various seasonings are used to make activators. For example: cinnamon, turmeric, dill and others.

Benefits of using essential oils for activator

The above listed activator ingredients can be easily replaced with essential oils. For example, oil of garlic, turmeric, basil, clove, star anise.

essential oil of garlic


  • Completely natural composition;
  • The most budgetary option;
  • Attracts almost all types of fish;
  • Improves efficiency by 99.9%;
  • They are used in any weather;
  • Used in all water bodies;
  • It is quickly absorbed.


  • For each type, its own essential oil is selected;
  • Rarely works well in cold water;
  • Not suitable for seawater.

Each fisherman selects the best activator option for himself. It can be expensive or budget-friendly. The main thing is to use it correctly. For this, it is important to study the instructions that are written on all packages. Choose them for your type of body of water, season and weather conditions. Only when these conditions are met can a good catch be achieved, which will be the envy of all neighbors.


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